England: It is nice to be important; but it is much more important to be nice.

We get lots of support for the site every day; and I thank everyone for making the effort to let us know they are with us on issues, – everywhere in the world.

Today, an e mail arrived which simply said the following – there was no ‘Hi’, or anything relating to friendly, nice advice – it simply said:

Cesar Millan: a torturer and not a dog whisperer

“You don’t carry much credibility when your article is full of grammatical errors”.

That’s fine – we always welcome negative comments for the site, as well as positive.  I have the following to say in response; and that is:

This article was posted by Venus.  She is a German citizen and operates out of Germany for WAV.  English is not her mother tongue by any means; but I personally fully support everything she produces (in English); as her articles are always varied, interesting and informative.

Venus writes some fantastic articles for WAV in English; which as I say, is not her native tongue.  Wherever possible; and if information (or articles) are from another source; we always attempt on the post to give a link or reference to the original source.

The e mail states ‘grammatical errors’ but fails to inform further on what they exactly are, or if applicable.  Regardless; the person who commented obviously has a right to express their (her) feelings about the article.  Myself; I fully support all the excellent work that Venus contributes to the site; and I very much appreciate that she is not writing anything in her own mother / native language.  Regardless of this; I am sure you will all support me that there are very few criticisms to be targetted at anything which relates to her work.  She is always professional with her approach, spending many hours of her time advancing the cause for animal rights; even though WAV is a volunteer run site and nobody takes any rewards for what they do. It exists because we care.

I finish by quoting the great Mick Ronson; who stated:

It is nice to be important; but it is much more important to be nice.

How very true;

Regards Mark – and please keep your comments arriving; however you feel about issues we cover.

A response comment from Jorge; one of our visitor friends; thanks Jorge:

Hi Daphne,

a grammar consists of formation and transformation rules that make it possible to build formally correct sentences from a given vocabulary (words). Grammars belong in the field of a science called syntactics.

Credibility, on the other hand, has to do with truth. That means, with the relation between formal systems and their models, or if you prefer, between language and reality. So it’s about whether what someone says is true or not. A science called semantics takes care of this problem.

So if you conclude a lack of credibility from incorrect grammar, you are making a so-called “category error”. So much for the brief introduction to semiotics.

As you have hopefully understood, mastering your mother tongue is not enough to understand anything about the world. For that you need a little more, something that you obviously don’t have.

By the way, English is not my mother tongue either, so if you prefer we can communicate in German, Spanish or Greek.



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