Cesar Millan: a torturer and not a dog whisperer




The self-proclaimed “Dog Whisperer” became known through his eponymous TV series. To help dogs with behavioral problems, their owners keep turning to Cesar Millan. We’ll explain why this is not a good idea.

1. Cesar Millan’s “Help means”
Millan uses electric shock and choke collars so the dogs do what they want. The result is mostly frightened and panicked animals.

cesar millann

2. Pressure and violence
Cesar Millan works with the idea of being a pack leader. Therefore, he uses intimidating and violent education methods that can turn dogs into ticking time bombs. Why Millans methods are not agreed with the Animal Protection Act, the Administrative Court of Hanover (Germany) has made clear.


3. Troubled relationships of trust
Although Millan speaks of “communication and understanding,” he does everything to make the dogs react out of sheer fear. He tells in his book how great it is when the dog crawls on the floor in fear as soon as the owner approaches. A relationship of trust between dog and human can not arise in this way when dogs are punished and maltreated.

hund mit collarjpg

4. Outdated methods
Millan’s methods, based on the pack theory, are ancient and have long been obsolete. Dogs are family members and should be treated like this.

5. Animal protection merchandise
Cesar Millan distributes a choke collar and a dog box, which he recommends for the “storage” of the charges – not only for transport, but also for the night or when the holder leaves the house. But when you take a dog with you, you also have to spend the time looking after it.


6. Animal cruelty on video
There are many videos on the internet that show that Cesar Millan scares the dogs and puts animals at risk.
In such a video he “trains” a dog who has killed a pig before. He lets go of the dog without a leash or muzzle on a pig that is held by an assistant. At least one animal is injured by the dog.

7. No idea about dog training
Serious dog trainers work with positive reinforcement and can, unlike Cesar Millan, have successfully passed a proficiency test.
Millan did not pass this test despite interpreters in Lower Saxony.

cesar millan 2jpg

In autumn 2019 Cesar Millan returns to Germany tour.

Please do not visit any shows of Cesar Millan and also clarify your environment on the animal tormenting methods of self-proclaimed “dog whisperer” on.


My comment: Millan claims that the dog is the only creature in the world whose life purpose is to make his masters happy.
This is somewhat reminiscent of the times of slavery in which the slave was completely subordinate to the master because the slave-owner had demanded that of him.

In his book Millan then explains the actual motive for this absurdly animal-hostile behavior: it only gives him the feeling of superiority. It’s a wonderful amusement to be able to control a dog and tell him to stay on foot and do that and the other.
How nice, he says, when the dog crawls on the floor in fear when the owner approaches. So the desire to dominate. “I am the born alpha animal, the pack leader, the lord,” is Millan’s motto.

According to his theory we could then accept the dressage of the circus animals and call the cruel tamer “wild animal whisperer”!
For me, Cesar Millan is an abnormal animal tormentor, an inferior sadist is Cesar Millan, nothing else.

My best regards, Venus

19 thoughts on “Cesar Millan: a torturer and not a dog whisperer”

  1. Alright I saw this it makes me mad that I just found out about this please these are all clearly humanoid fungicides at work putting a stop to Caesar Milan humanoid fungicide is an unintelligent dead organism that’s able to live in a living body with dead minds and cripple thoughts. Calm down humanoid fungicide you are all a disgrace to life humanoid fungicides love to stay stuck in the past influence violence and they let violence advance.I mean come there are 7 billion plus people on this planet and 7 billion happen to be humanoid fungicides the plus intelligent living organism that live in living bodies with orb like minds with the brightest thoughts PAY ATTENTION HUMANOID FUNGICIDES. Just because you’re not violent does not mean anything you all keep going along with bs and it allows other humanoid fungicides to do what they got to do to keep their ancestor happy witch is the Humungus fungicide it can only kill plant life that’s what humanoid fungicides are for to take care of the rest in destroying life in any way possible look at the video again PAY ATTENTION but you are all to unintelligent to see the truth.


    1. Querida Elizabeth, los fungicidas son sustancias tóxicas que se emplean para impedir el crecimiento o eliminar los hongos y mohos perjudiciales para las plantas, o los animales. En qué medida una sustancia química en forma de polvo o pomada puede ser humanoide, es un secreto guardado en tu cráneo vacío. En lugar de exponer tu debilidad mental deplorable escribiendo tanto sinsentido, deberías visitar um médico que te ayude a liberarte de los hongos, que parecen ser tu problema más agudo,… aparte de la oligofrenia, por supuesto.


      1. I can see you how you can see as negativity we are supposed to strive to be intelligent living organisms like I’ve said I’m all for life and you all know nothing about it there are people in the world who believe they are dumb and stupid and they are not it’s the way that this fancy plan was set up and a fancy paper and a fancy pen fancy writing on a paper and a fancy stamp and that’s all it took to throw a lot of minds off you know nothing I’m telling you you know nothing about positive energy you see it bad because you let your mind slips and got hi-jacked the best intelligent living organisms to me are Detectives because of the humanoid fungicides taking lives for no reason.


      2. Elizabeth Ramirez,
        It is clear, you want to defend Cesar Millan.
        This is your business.
        But if you want to convince other people that you are right, you have to make arguments like I did in my article.
        Because until now you’ve only shown writing diarrhea, nothing more.

        In addition, your tone is aggressive and offensive, and that does not fit the rules of our communication
        If you want to continue your business with advertising for Cesar Millan in the same way, that is, without arguments and only offensive, you will be blocked from this blog.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Seek a therapist immediately. You sound like a psychopath, trying to degrade life so you can abuse people because they’re lesser to you.


  2. This was all about Cesar Milan and look how this fungicide changed everything about what I was talking about and it was supposed to be about Cesar Milan this is exactly what I mean In how we can’t move forward your going back to the past.


  3. If she didn’t like what was going on she should have just stopped them and say you know what I just want my money back. But apparently she I believe she was giving him a chance to do something to train her dog but it didn’t work not all the situations are going to be successful. Not all the dogs are trainable sometimes it takes longer than others. It looked terrible but look at all the other successes that he’s had. There’s too many people that judge so quickly that think their s*** don’t stink.


    1. if by “success” is meant the absolute submission of a dog, then we cannot speak of success, but of animal abuse.
      “You are the pack leader” is his method and the name of his book.

      Means: The dog must never go through the door in front of its human; he is not allowed to eat without being allowed to do so by the human being; he is not allowed to sniff or loosen up on walks without having been allowed to do so.
      Turning the dog on its back, growling at it, and pinching its side are the icing on the dominance cocktail.

      And there are many dog owners who go to him because they want to play the dog leader. They have just such a shit brain like him.
      The only difference is that it made him rich.


      1. Is your suggestion to let your dog run amuck? Allow them to jump on your guests? See how quick people stop visiting you. Should you allow your dog to shove past you to get in the door first, possibly knocking you down? What if it’s your grandmother getting knocked down? What you just described is basic proper dog behavior. Stop telling people that it’s ok to have an uncontrollable dog. Because it isn’t.


      2. The drama scenario of a dog running amok jumping on guests and knocking down the grandmother is your last, desperate attempt to save your favorite star (and compatriot?) Cesar Millan from who he is.
        Namely … an animal abuser, a charlatan!

        His training method prescribes: when a person approaches a dog less than 3.6 m, the dog must begin to crouch, when approaching less than 1.2 m, the tail must retract and be “ready to be subordinate”.
        A dog that behaves in this way towards people is mentally disturbed.
        Dogs of this type actually become unpredictable and could suddenly bite. Whoever is threatened will strike back at some point. Millan’s method is used to make dogs mentally crippled, with broken personalities.
        This is dangerous for everyone involved, especially for the dog.

        Millan’s method is based on breaking the dog’s will.
        Millan says in his book, “Dogs would not feel pain in spite of screaming in pain from an electric shock because they could not think logically like humans”!!
        If they couldn’t think logically, they wouldn’t understand how to avoid the pain.

        I advocate giving dogs as much autonomy as possible.
        I don’t know what kind of problem should arise when dogs live autonomously and are allowed to develop their personality freely.


    1. Your address is invalid, unfortunately I cannot reach you privately, so I have to answer publicly, namely the following:

      You want to defend Cesar Millan, that’s obvious.
      You can do that, it is your right.
      Unfortunately you lack the appropriate arguments, so try to show the article as implausible because of a few (but few) language errors.

      If English is your mother tongue, try to use good (credible) arguments to prove that my article is unbelievable.
      My article, not my English.
      Mastering a language perfectly does not automatically mean that you are reporting seriously and truthfully


    2. Hi Daphne,

      a grammar consists of formation and transformation rules that make it possible to build formally correct sentences from a given vocabulary (words). Grammars belong in the field of a science called syntactics.

      Credibility, on the other hand, has to do with truth. That means, with the relation between formal systems and their models, or if you prefer, between language and reality. So it’s about whether what someone says is true or not. A science called semantics takes care of this problem.

      So if you conclude a lack of credibility from incorrect grammar, you are making a so-called “category error”. So much for the brief introduction to semiotics.

      As you have hopefully understood, mastering your mother tongue is not enough to understand anything about the world. For that you need a little more, something that you obviously don’t have.

      By the way, English is not my mother tongue either, so if you prefer we can communicate in German, Spanish or Greek.




  4. I cannot believe what I’m reading here. Animal abuse???? My dog is not allowed to go out the door without me allowing him (obedience and SAFETY), my dog does not touch his food without me giving him is ok (and omg the kicker – it was achieved without animal abuse but by positive re-inforcement). Caesar Millan‘s methods are not animal abuse. The collar he uses is only abuse if not used correctly (just like a gun of a police officer). Dogs (even modern dogs) do not communicate with treats – they communicate with….. oh surprise….. punishement – ever seen a dog bringing another dog a treat for being cute???!!!! I am a vegan and I would never hurt an animal – but going out in the city where people only train their dogs with positive re-inforcement? A nightmare when you have a difficult dog and what they are doing is animal abuse. I visit my parents on the countryside and dogs are being trained the way they were trained 20-30 years ago – what a relaxed walk. Dogs are relaxed and know how to behave. In the city dogs are not trained or only trained with love and food and they are a nightmare!!!!


    1. All “measures” that humans take against their pets are (mostly) for the benefit of humans, not for the benefit of animals.
      This is what Cesar Millan wants to achieve with his cruel methods: Submissive dogs, because he is the oar leader (his words)

      In addition: the kollar is a kollar, a weapon is a weapon.
      People use both in their favor.
      With the difference that weapons are the work tools for police officers, but collars (at least in Germany) are banned.

      In his book he tells how great it is when the dog crawls on the floor in fear as soon as the owner approaches.
      Under the pattern you have described, which you practice for your dog (I refer to your description in the commentary), you seem to approve of this pattern, even to practice it, and therefore give reason to diagnose a disturbed relationship between you and the animals.
      Because if you want to keep your animals under slave rules, then you have a psychological problem and not the animals.

      I am very happy that you are vegan.
      Unfortunately, one has nothing to do with the other


  5. Dogs that are already aggressive need to learn their place in the dominance hierarchy. Think about the wolf pack. As soon as an individual of the pack dares to raise his head above his rank, he receives a thrashing. Our dogs are essentially domesticated wolves. They are hardwired to understand aggressivity and dominance behavior. As soon as the problematic dog understands that you are the alpha and your wife, kids and the other members of your family are higher in rank than him, he may receive the love he deserves. Until then, Cesar Milan needs to force him into submission. Our society is also built on a dominance hierarchy system. If a human tries to force his way up the ladder, he gets punished. I don’ hear you complaining about it… Maybe you’re a bit over attached to dogs?


    1. Quote 1: “As soon as the problematic dog understands that you are the alpha and your wife, kids and the other members of your family are higher in rank than him, he may receive the love he deserves”.

      Otherwise, he will not receive love, only beatings.
      Until he learned that only obedient slaves will be tolerated in this household, subservient to the will of Mr. Nick and his stupid family.
      Your arguments border on racist principles, and one wonders from which political corner do you actually come?

      Quote 2: “Until then, Cesar Milan needs to force him into submission.”.
      Cesar Millan has no authority to force any animal into submission.
      He does it only because stupid and also power-hungry pet owners want their animals to be obedient slaves instead of friends for life

      Quote 3: “Our society is also built on a dominance hierarchy system”.
      Dominance in our society plays a totally subordinate role as a tool for human domestication and exploitation.
      Because people have rights simply because they belong to the “human” species.
      Any attempt by a person to use force to dominate or subdue another person of the same kind will be sanctioned, because that is what the Basic Law says.
      Apparently never heard of what democracy?

      Glad to see the Cesar Millan followers busy commenting.
      Not that you’re wasting your talent anywhere else.


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