Day: May 25, 2019

Instructions for Reporting Animal Abusers and Pedophiles to INTERPOL.

This is a very important link for normal, decent people to use.

Thanks to Stacey at Our Compass – we need to share this – Check out full information at:



If you witness cruelty on Facebook, abuse to children or animals in videos or pictures, please do not report to Facebook; if you report to Facebook the evidence may be destroyed.

Please contact local authorities immediately.


The following link which we have posted today would be an ideal candidate for this.


Regards Mark.

USA: Record High Sea Turtle Strandings.


A deceased Kemp’s ridley sea turtle found stranded on the Texas coast.

turtle island



A record-breaking number of sea turtles stranded off the Texas coast in April and May during the height of nesting season. Sadly most turtles were found dead.

Turtle Island Restoration Network is concerned the increase in strandings (when sea turtles are found dead, injured, sick, or exhibit abnormal behavior) is caused by illegal fishing in the coastal waters. We need your help right now to save endangered sea turtles and ensure wildlife officers can detect and apprehend illegal vessels in waters off the Texas coast.

Please take a few moments to urge Congress to protect endangered sea turtles and request additional enforcement against illegal fishing in federal waters.

A total of 159 stranded sea turtles were recorded in April – the highest number of strandings since monitoring began in 1980. Strandings continue at a rapid pace, and the latest data shows 186 turtles stranded in Texas through May 21.

Among those found were 75 dead Kemp’s ridley sea turtles: the Texas state sea turtle and the world’s most endangered sea turtle, with a nesting population of only 7,000 – 9,000 female turtles. The death of even one Kemp’s ridley sea turtle is of grave concern.

It is often difficult to determine why a sea turtle strands, but we do know turtles are drowning in illegal longline and gillnet fishing operations along the United States – Mexico border in southern Texas. We need government agencies on both sides of the border to take action now.

Fishing vessels are illegally longlining and gillnetting in both state and federal waters – catching, maiming and drowning sea turtles as well as other marine life in their hooks and nets.

We need stricter federal laws for anyone caught illegally fishing in federal waters since current penalties have not been a deterrence and strandings are at an all-time high in Texas. Please urge Congress to stand up for marine wildlife and request additional enforcement in federal waters to save sea turtles from suffering and death.

Without adequate enforcement, it is difficult for federal and state wildlife officers to detect and apprehend illegal fishing operations – in waters off the Texas coast and throughout the country. Tell Congress you are outraged at the record high numbers of sea turtle strandings, and please ask your representatives to take a stand against destructive and illegal commercial fishing in federal waters.

We must act now. Without swift action, we are headed for another record number of standed turtles for May and beyond.

Thank you,


Joanie Steinhaus
Gulf Program Director
Turtle Island Restoration Network 

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More About Fur Free Prada.



Following on from our recent post about Prada going fur free:


.. we can now bring you more from ‘Respect for Animals’ in England.

Here is a link to their post, and below we have reproduced below what is said:


May 22, 2019 – Today, the Prada Group has announced that it will no longer use animal fur in its designs or new products, starting from their 2020 Spring/Summer Women’s collections. In collaboration with the Fur Free Alliance (FFA), a coalition of more than 50 animal protection organizations from over 40 countries, the Prada Group announcement follows positive dialogue between the luxury brand and FFA members, LAV and The Humane Society of the United States.

“The Prada Group is committed to innovation and social responsibility, and our fur-free policy – reached following a positive dialogue with the Fur Free Alliance, in particular with LAV and the Humane Society of the United States – is an extension of that engagement,” said Miuccia Prada. “Focusing on innovative materials will allow the company to explore new boundaries of creative design while meeting the demand for ethical products.”

Mark Glover, Campaigns Director for Respect for Animals which leads the FFA’s Fur Free Retailer programme in the UK said: “This announcement by Prada is great news and testament to the strength of the compelling anti-fur campaign. 100 million animals are killed every year just for their fur – a product nobody needs. The suffering these animals endure is extreme and completely unnecessary. Today’s announcement is another step towards the day when this appalling treatment of the animals we share the planet with is finally brought to an end.”

“The Fur Free Alliance applauds the Prada Group for going fur-free”, said Joh Vinding, Chairman of the Fur Free Alliance. “The Prada Group with its brands now joins a growing list of fur-free brands that are responding to consumers’ changing attitudes towards animals.”

 “The Prada Group’s decision to go fur-free is consistent with the new concept of ethical luxury and meets the expectations of new consumers who are more careful in choosing sustainable products that respect the environment and animals”, said Simone Pavesi, manager of the Animal Free Fashion Area for LAV.

Brigit Oele, program manager for Fur Free Alliance, said: “Prada Group was one of the fastest companies to go fur-free once positive dialogue began a little more than a year ago. The Fur Free Retailer Program includes 1,000 companies, showing that this global movement is gaining momentum fast, and it’s very unlikely that fur will ever return as an acceptable trend.

This is a great day for animals!”


Thailand: Disgusting Tourism Elephant Rides; Baby Collapses In The Heat; Another Dies When It Becomes So Skeletal, Its Back Legs Snap. Boycott Thailand.


WAV Comment – Please don’t even talk to me about shit thick tourists who have to do this; ‘I have to get a selfie’ type thing.  This is what your brain dead heads lead to for animals – suffering and death.  No wonder the world is in crisis when we have to have shit crap business like this – Thailand is a disgrace – boycott it.  Mark.

UPDATE – Please sign to close the zoo.

The Tragic Story of “Dumbo”, the Real-Life Performing Baby Elephant –

Help close Phuket Zoo – PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE

If stupid, ignorant, uncaring idiots would refuse to pay to go to these horrific places, take “selfies” with wild animals,  it would stop because there would be no money to be made from abusing animals.  As we say, in despair (again).

Elephant calf ‘collapses with exhaustion’ while tied to its mother giving rides to tourists in Thailand

  • Clip shows animal, believed to be age one, attached to mother by a chain 
  • Elephant calf rolled on the ground as temperature approached 40C in Pattaya 
  • Incident was filmed by concerned tourist at Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens

An elephant calf collapsed ‘with exhaustion’ while tied to its mother as she gave rides to tourists in eastern Thailand last week.

The animal, believed to be around a year old, was attached to its mother by the neck with a length of rope in Pattaya.

This elephant calf, believed to be around a year old, was filmed after reportedly collapsing with exhaustion

In the clip, filmed by a concerned tourist, onlookers can be heard saying ‘oh no he’s tired’ as the baby rolls on the ground as temperatures approached 40C.

He then stands up and scampers away to keep up with the adult at the Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens.


In the clip, he then stands up and scampers away to keep up with the adult at the Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens, who have denied that the elephant was tired or mistreated


Earlier this month a baby elephant nicknamed Dumbo died at a show in Phuket, southern Thailand, became so skeletal its back legs snapped while performing.

His keepers took him to a veterinary clinic on April 17 where a scan showed that he had broken both of his back legs, and he died three days later.