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India: May – More Great Rescues From Animal Aid Unlimited.



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WAV Comment – we wish dear Erika all the very best with what sounds like a bad injury. Time will heal and she will soon be back to full strength saving the many animals as always with AAU. Please support them and give a donation if possible; follow the links below. Thanks – Mark and Venus – WAV.

For the team at AAU with thanks for their dedication and compassion: 



A special introduction to this newsletter from AAU Co-Founder Erika Abrams:

This is just a quick editorial, typed with my left hand, about a subject I can’t seem to escape this week: pain and comfort. I slipped in the house and crashed down on my elbow, fracturing my upper arm in jagged line that descended into the elbow joint. During the past few days I’ve had surgery, plates, screws, staples, you name it…and it hurts.  I’ve emerged from this mishap loving Animal Aid’s staff more than ever. I am deeply impressed by how gently they treat our patients. I would have felt lucky to have had them as nurses. And with this new, uninvited consciousness of pain, I deeply thank you so much for making it possible for us to give this gift of comfort and healing to the animals who are hurting. –Erika (even hitting the shift key and the e at the same time to ‘achieve’ a capital E was difficult!)


Birju was burned and left to die. But loving help was waiting…

This donkey’s heart-breaking abuse left him stranded in the road, unable to move with scalding burns on his back that were filled with thousands of maggots. His back was almost giving out and his lower legs shredded from rope burns by an unknown cruel owner. We rushed him into treatment that would last for 200 days and is still on-going, but today, gorgeous Birju is in our forever home, safe, recovering and full of cheerful personality. His wound is still not healed because of a condition called exuberant granulation, which can slow and prevent tissue re-growth in horses and donkeys. Managing this enormous wound has taken hundreds of caring hours but we’re seeing great progress in Birju’s overall condition, and his attitude suggests that he’s now free from pain. We tell him every day that he’ll never again see his abuser, and he’ll never be forced to work again. He seems to understand.
For abused animals, let there be help. Please donate.


Tiny kitten dying in drain, rescued and…Feisty! 

This wild little sweetheart was so ill he couldn’t move, collapsed in the water of a shallow drain. When rescuers arrived, they found his face covered in blood, too weak to resist being picked up. We treated him for pain, warmed him up, and watched in wonder as his resilient little body bounced back within just a few days. And food? Well just watch this teeny tiger transform, from doubting to devouring, and then, the play fights began. Meet Feisty now!

For little tigers who need help, please donate.


Encrusted bones hid a sparkling star named Rockstar!

Sores and scabs covered this terrified boy, but nothing could hide his adorable nature once the ravaging itching from mange was under treatment. Meet handsome Rockstar-and fall in love. Every. Single. Animal. Is. Precious.


Please donate to save the next one.


Sweet baby donkey covered in puncture wounds rescued 

This little angel must have been so bewildered when his gentle world of mother’s love was turned upside down by an animal attack. We don’t know if it was a dog or even possibly a young leopard from the size of the punctures and scratches covering his backside. Daily wound dressings for a month got him healed good as new, with his mother close by at every turn. A school bus driver had spotted him and called Animal Aid Unlimited to the rescue. Without help, he would have probably soon been plagued by maggots and infection; he wouldn’t have stood a chance. But wow. Meet Snuggles now.


Please donate for street animal rescue in India.


Celebrate the Care-givers: Bheru 


Bheru Singh is hailed by many as having a terrific sense of humor –he’s needed it because of the serious nature of his work as supervisor in Puppy Isolation–temporary home to the most gravely ill little sweethearts who are showing signs of contagious diseases. Bheru has become an expert nurse, giving drips, medicine, special feeds, lots of cleaning and comforting. Working in isolation is just that: once clad in special clothing workers must completely wash and change before entering any other area of the hospital. We thank Bheru for performing a very sensitive, difficult role with such loving kindness and–when needed–humor!






England: Our Vital Little Friend The Bee.



As you will know, we have posted on this site several times about the Beyer-Monsanto bee killing attitude they have with their products.

gegen Monsanto pg


So for something different, I want to give you a quick general insight into our little friend who is so essential for food pollination and the wellbeing of the planet.

Other than humans; the Bee has the most sophisticated form of communication. Honeybees tell each other the quality, distance and precise location of a food source by a series of complex sequence of movements and vibrations called the ‘waggle dance’. Each ‘waggle’ represents about 150 feet from its hive. This discovery was made in 1945 by Karl von Frisch; who went on to be awarded the Nobel prize for his study of animal behaviour.

bee 4



Bees are able to see in the ultraviolet range; which makes them more attracted to some kinds of flowers than others. They have a sense of time, and can even recognise the ‘human face’; which is pretty remarkable for a little creature who has a brain about the size of a pinhead ! In tests, bees have been rewarded with nectar when shown some familiar faces, and not when shown others. The ‘human faces’ tested, were actually different kinds of flowers; not pictures of human beings.

Bees don’t do smalltalk like us; instead they only really concentrate their communications on two subjects – food, and where the next hive should be established. Bees were considered sacred by the Greeks, Babylonians and Egyptians; the hive representing a well ordered society which is also full of drama.


A new Queen, will make her ‘nuptial flight’ after murdering all her sisters; and mate with around 15 drones in mid air. All of the drones then die; with their penises exploding (ouch), leaving the end inside of her. The Queen the returns with enough sperm inside of her to establish / stock an entire colony of her own. She can lay up to around 1,500 eggs per day; during her lifetime which lasts about 3 years. On odd occasions; chemical balances wobble and female worker bees may start to lay as well. Very quickly, these ‘rebels’ are destroyed and all the imposter eggs are eaten by fellow workers.

bee 1

The Bee provides us with honey; the only other secretion from animals that humans take without causing any natural harm or injury (we have to now question the milk process and abuses of cows and calves in its production). Honey is a food that does not spoil; and some over 3,000 years old has been found and tasted by archaeologists from the tombs of ancient Egyptian pharaohs. Honey is ‘hygroscopic’ which means that it can absorb and hold moisture so that any moulds or bacteria that touch it quickly lose their own moisture and then die.


In the USA alone, bees pollinate over $20 Billion worth of crops each years, and so they are vital; to human existence. Every 3rd mouthful we owe to our little friend the Bee – and without them there would be no agriculture.

bee 2

So, promote the establishment of bees into your area and provide them with flowers that will enable them to live long and well. Sadly, everyone in this world does not see the humble Bee as an essential tool in our existence. We do, so welcome them and most importantly; encourage and provide for them. They will provide for you in return.

Regards Mark – with help from ‘Animal Ignorance’.



beehotel 1

bee hotel usebee warning.png


Australia: A Message From Lyn (Animals Australia) Re Live Exports.



We stand united with Lyn and all the crew at Animals Australia in their continued fight to stop the (disgusting) live animal export trade from their shores.  Whatever the result of the recent elections; we know that the team at AA have the tenacity to carry on being a voice for voiceless regardless.  Politicians come and go; but the animal advocate is around for life ! – we wish them the very best with all their future strategies.  They will win ! – WAV.



I woke up yesterday morning, and my first thought was you.

The closer one gets to fulfilling a dream, the more disappointing or devastating it can be when something occurs to put it just out of reach again.

Numerous polls told us that we were on track to elect a government that would bring an end to the cruelty of live sheep export — so we were well-justified in our optimism that this outcome, that was years in the making, was within our grasp. The deep disappointment we feel is well-founded.

But while the celebration we had hoped for is, for now, on hold, I promise you that it will come. The foundation has been laid and the pathway to end live export paved, by you and other compassionate Australians.

As I walked my beloved dogs by the sea yesterday morning I looked up at the clear blue sky and consciously made the decision to reflect not on what might have been — but rather on how far, together, we have come.

Just 12 months ago, no-one would have thought it possible for a Coalition government to bring an end to the summer live sheep trade. But they did, and over 1 million sheep have been, and will be this year, saved from the worst of cruelties because of you. Just 12 months ago, no-one would have thought it possible that a Coalition government would dramatically reduce the numbers of animals who could be loaded on ships at any time of the year. But they did because of you.

Unprecedented changes have been made because of you.

In reflecting while I was walking on the significance of these achievements, determination replaced my disappointment and I was filled with the deepest sense of appreciation, in fact an overwhelming sense of gratitude … to you.

The diminishing of the Coalition’s previous ironclad support of the live trade over the past 12 months is proof that the force of human compassion can make the seemingly impossible, possible. The political wall that has for so long protected the operations of this trade — no matter the cruelty it inflicted — is being dismantled, and together we will continue to pull it apart, brick by brick.

As history shows, change is not easy for humanity to embrace. Fear of altering course can fuel self-interest, create separation and make maintaining the status quo desirable.

And therein lies the critical importance of the ‘path paving’ we are doing together…

Negotiating the challenges of the human journey is not easy as you know. But as we can also attest to, that evolutionary urge to grow into our best selves and to build a better and kinder world is nourished and strengthened by witnessing others embracing that path.

At this time in our history, I have never been more certain of the importance of every single kind act; of every single act of generosity. Because the antidote to fear is kindness. The antidote to separation is kindness. Doors are opened, bridges built and a new path is paved and illuminated, through kindness.

And so, you have never been more important than you are today.

I said prior to this election that it was your compassion, your commitment, your resilience and your heart-fuelled dedication that have sustained me throughout the years.

Not a single effort has been wasted. As you have inspired me, I know you will inspire and empower others to join us on this journey.

When the dust settles from this election and the make-up of the Senate is known, I will meet with our political allies and determine our next steps.

Our resolve is not diminished by this election result, it is only strengthened. The flame that burns within us all to end the live export trade and create that kinder future, only grows stronger and brighter. Brick by brick we will continue to dismantle the remaining support for this trade.

As always, my heartfelt gratitude goes to you. It is my great honour to serve and share this journey with you.

Onwards, dear friend…

For the animals,

Lyn White


Director of Strategy

Animals Australia.

Australia: great news!




From 1 July 2020, Australia will have a de facto ban on new animal testing for chemicals solely used in cosmetics.


Tierversuche stoppenn

Whilst the ban does not actually apply to animal testing as such, it targets the use of data from animal testing to prove that chemicals manufactured in or imported to Australia are safe to humans and the environment and is therefore, for all intents and purposes, a ban. Under the new legislation, industrial chemicals for sole use in cosmetics can be imported or manufactured only if they provide safety data that do not rely on new animal testing. This provides a disincentive for companies to conduct toxicity (safety) testing on animals, because such data will not be acceptable under the new legislation.

Kanninchen im labor1397913417

The new legislation

The Industrial Chemicals Act 2019 became legislation on 12 March 2019. It is part of a package of Acts and establishes a legislative framework for the Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS). It replaces the previous scheme, the Australian Government’s National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS).

From 1 July 2020, AICIS will regulate the introduction (importation and manufacture) of industrial chemicals. This will ensure that chemicals used in consumer products are safe for consumers and the environment.


Under the new Act, industrial chemicals do not include chemicals used for agricultural, veterinary or therapeutic purposes, or in food or feed. These are regulated by other legislation. Cosmetic products are considered industrial chemicals, and they will be regulated under AICIS.

The new legislation does not apply to historical animal test data. The restrictions only apply to data obtained by a test on animals conducted after 1 July 2020.


Ministerial Rules

The Act gives power to the Minister to make rules that guide the implementation of the Act. The Act provides an overarching framework, and Ministerial Rules will add much of the detail of how the scheme will operate. This is where Minister McKenzie’s 11 commitments made to Humane Society International (HSI) and the #BeCrueltyFree Australia Campaign will come into play.

The Minister’s commitments

Despite the fact that most ingredients for cosmetics have multiple end uses, we are encouraged that the Government has promised to look at the possibility of extending the ban to include multi-use cosmetics ingredients.

This promise is one of Minister McKenzie’s 11 commitments to HSI, which had lobbied for additional measures to strengthen the ban.

The 11 commitments, if adopted as Ministerial Rules, will reduce animal testing of cosmetics ingredients further, and will perhaps signpost the way towards a broader ban on animal testing of chemicals and drugs.


Animal testing can and must be banned when better, cruelty-free methods are available. Such  human-relevant, non-animal test methods are already available and are being used in other countries, for example in the European Union. But we need more of these methods, and government support is essential for further progress in this area.

So it is reassuring that Minister McKenzie has made a commitment to explore whether it is possible to make a portion of existing funding available to support the development and uptake of new animal-free testing methods that will be acceptable under the new legislation.

Other Ministerial commitments refer to encouraging the cosmetics industry not to use animal test data even if the legislation allows them to do so, to publish statistics on the use of animal test data, and generally consult with all stakeholders. For example, she committed to “Include representatives from HSI and other relevant stakeholders, in a governance arrangement to guide the implementation of its policy to ban cosmetic testing on animals”.


The new legislation is indeed good news. Although no animal testing of cosmetics has occurred in Australia for years, the new Act will ensure that we don’t slip backwards. The Minister has acknowledged the “general international trend away from reliance on the use of animals to determine the hazards and risks associated with the use of industrial chemicals”. Together with the Minister’s  11 commitments, this gives us hope for further progress on the slow road towards phasing out all animal research and testing, which will be replaced with better methods that are relevant to humans.

Our colleagues at HSI have worked tirelessly to negotiate and achieve commitments in addition to the Act, and we commend them on their hard work.

My comment: There was every reason to celebrate in 2013 : A ban on animal testing for cosmetics entered into force in the EU.

However, under certain circumstances, the authorities still require that cosmetic ingredients be tested on animals – under the guise of the REACH Regulation.

REACH is a regulation for Registration  Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction and  of Chemicals. That this continues to require animal testing is a clear violation of REACH itself and of the EU Cosmetics Regulation.

An EU court ruled that only tests without human animals should be used to meet the requirements for the safety assessment of cosmetic ingredients.

This means, that animal testing in the cosmetics industry with the aim of still testing ingredients that are allegedly harmful are insignificant.

Nevertheless! Even today, animals suffer and die in such experiments in EU countries.

We hope that Australia will act more consistently and honestly than the EU with the ban on animal testing.

PETA has an official list for animal-free cosmetics, it is unfortunately in German. If anyone is interested, I can post it.
I find cosmetics very important in our everyday lives.
And we all can not imagine living without soap, shampoo or toothpaste.
But just today we have NO excuse to use cosmetics that has been tested on animals.

tierfreie _kosmetik-tierschutz_cf6e31d1

We have information, knowledge, alternatives.
We just have to use it consistently.

My best regards, Venus