England: Our Vital Little Friend The Bee.



As you will know, we have posted on this site several times about the Beyer-Monsanto bee killing attitude they have with their products.

gegen Monsanto pg


So for something different, I want to give you a quick general insight into our little friend who is so essential for food pollination and the wellbeing of the planet.

Other than humans; the Bee has the most sophisticated form of communication. Honeybees tell each other the quality, distance and precise location of a food source by a series of complex sequence of movements and vibrations called the ‘waggle dance’. Each ‘waggle’ represents about 150 feet from its hive. This discovery was made in 1945 by Karl von Frisch; who went on to be awarded the Nobel prize for his study of animal behaviour.

bee 4



Bees are able to see in the ultraviolet range; which makes them more attracted to some kinds of flowers than others. They have a sense of time, and can even recognise the ‘human face’; which is pretty remarkable for a little creature who has a brain about the size of a pinhead ! In tests, bees have been rewarded with nectar when shown some familiar faces, and not when shown others. The ‘human faces’ tested, were actually different kinds of flowers; not pictures of human beings.

Bees don’t do smalltalk like us; instead they only really concentrate their communications on two subjects – food, and where the next hive should be established. Bees were considered sacred by the Greeks, Babylonians and Egyptians; the hive representing a well ordered society which is also full of drama.


A new Queen, will make her ‘nuptial flight’ after murdering all her sisters; and mate with around 15 drones in mid air. All of the drones then die; with their penises exploding (ouch), leaving the end inside of her. The Queen the returns with enough sperm inside of her to establish / stock an entire colony of her own. She can lay up to around 1,500 eggs per day; during her lifetime which lasts about 3 years. On odd occasions; chemical balances wobble and female worker bees may start to lay as well. Very quickly, these ‘rebels’ are destroyed and all the imposter eggs are eaten by fellow workers.

bee 1

The Bee provides us with honey; the only other secretion from animals that humans take without causing any natural harm or injury (we have to now question the milk process and abuses of cows and calves in its production). Honey is a food that does not spoil; and some over 3,000 years old has been found and tasted by archaeologists from the tombs of ancient Egyptian pharaohs. Honey is ‘hygroscopic’ which means that it can absorb and hold moisture so that any moulds or bacteria that touch it quickly lose their own moisture and then die.


In the USA alone, bees pollinate over $20 Billion worth of crops each years, and so they are vital; to human existence. Every 3rd mouthful we owe to our little friend the Bee – and without them there would be no agriculture.

bee 2

So, promote the establishment of bees into your area and provide them with flowers that will enable them to live long and well. Sadly, everyone in this world does not see the humble Bee as an essential tool in our existence. We do, so welcome them and most importantly; encourage and provide for them. They will provide for you in return.

Regards Mark – with help from ‘Animal Ignorance’.



beehotel 1

bee hotel usebee warning.png


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