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China: This Little Piggy Bit Back. Incurable African Swine Fever Found Near To Chinese Border. Karma For The Way They Are Treated ?

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We, as an NGO, have very serious concerns about the welfare of the animals involved with this incident.

Lets go back to 2011 and an incident in South Korea. I remembering covering it at the time with SAV, and it disgusted me then, as it still does today.  Thousands of pigs BURIED ALIVE !

Lets face it and be truthful; I am not afraid to say; the Far East (China, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan etc) do not really give a damn when it comes to the welfare of animals. They claim to be modern and very ‘hip’ with their mobile phone technology; but with other issues such as the treatment of sentient beings; they still live in the dark ages.

I will be trying to get more info on exactly how these animals were culled and by what means. I will be publishing it as a separate post if and when I get answers. In the meantime have a look at what I covered way back in 2011. Have things changed ? – I have concerns that they have not. With the way that they intensively rear pigs, sadly I look at these nations as simple folk who will do the easiest and cheapest method of anything when it comes to keeping them and their welfare.

I don’t apologise for anything I say – to me, they are all heathens. I do see it as a kind of ‘Karma’ – the pig bites back; this is what happens when you cause them immense suffering in their pitiful; suffering ‘lives’; and treat them with the utmost disrespect.

Such is the Far east and animal ‘welfare’.

Regards Mark.


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Hong Kong culls 6,000 pigs after African swine fever found

Incurable virus detected in a pig imported from Guangdong province in mainland China

Hong Kong will cull 6,000 pigs after its first ever case of African swine fever was found in an animal at a slaughterhouse close to the border with mainland China.


African swine fever hits Chinese pork industry in run-up to New Year

Sophia Chan, Hong Kong’s secretary for food and health, said the incurable virus was found in a pig imported from a farm in Guangdong province on the mainland where an outbreak has devastated herds.

Pork is China’s staple meat and its price and availability is considered a matter of national concern. Shortfalls in supply have increased demand for pork from producers in the US, with whom China is locked in a tariff battle.

Chan said the culling was necessary so that thorough cleansing and disinfection could be conducted. Operations at the Sheung Shui slaughterhouse would be suspended until the disinfection work was completed, she said. “We will enhance the surveillance and also testing of pigs, and currently we collect samples from pigs with ASF symptoms for testing, and in the future we will step up the sampling of other pigs for testing.”

The territory’s fresh pork supply would be reduced in the near future but there would still be a limited supply of live pigs available from another slaughterhouse, she said.

Unlike swine flu, African swine fever cannot be transmitted to humans and Chan said well-cooked pork remained safe for consumption.

Concerns about the spread of African swine fever to the US recently led organisers to cancel the World Pork Expo scheduled for June in the state of Iowa. Denmark has begun erecting a 70km fence along the German border to keep out wild boars in an attempt to prevent the spread of the fever, which could jeopardise the country’s valuable pork industry. Russia has been hit hard and some have speculated the Chinese outbreak may have originated from there.


Germany: Elephants are still tormented in the Hannover Zoo




In the spring of 2017, PETA published images that showed how baby elephants in the Hannover Adventure Zoo have been beaten and tormented so that they can perform circus-like tricks for visitors. The zookeepers use the elephant hook – a stick with a pointed metal hook – to make the animals docile. PETA subsequently filed criminal charges.


During the ongoing investigation, an eyewitness told us about further maltreatment of elephants at the Hannover Zoo. She also watched the elephants being beaten arbitrarily and violently by the zookeepers. Here is an excerpt from her report:

“The orderlies entered the enclosure and immediately there was stress among the animals. What I saw then still makes me very angry and incredibly sad today. […] I saw a zoo keeper directly approach an elephant and forcefully (he hit his arm) rammed the hook into his skin. “


Peta has forwarded the eyewitness’s observations to the relevant prosecutor and filed a criminal complaint.

What happened after that?

August 2017: preliminary investigation is closed

The public prosecutor’s office had appointed three highly biased experts from zoo-close circles as experts.

First report:In the situations shown on the video sequences, however, it should be recognized that the animals would have suffered considerable pain, suffering and damage, although here are no signs of rawness recognizable.
The infliction of considerable pain or suffering, however, was repeated as evidenced by the evidence provided. “

Second report:Although it comes in some sequences to an exaggerated and inappropriate use of the elephant hook, the evidence for a very strict and hard training at the Zoo Hannover documented; the film scenes are too short overall to be able to make a comprehensive assessment. In addition, it was not conclusively shown to what extent it actually came to a significant physical impairment of an elephant”.


Even these statements and indicia were considered inadequate to bring charges against the elephant torments. In addition, the prosecution argues: Neither images nor on video sequences concrete injuries were recognizable.”


October 2017: PETA submits new expert opinion.
We laid the long-standing elephant curator and zoo vet of the Cologne zoo, Dr. med. Olaf Behlert, video recordings for review.

Dr. Olaf Behlert spent more than 25 years curating elephants and 30 years as a zoo veterinarian in the Cologne Zoo before retiring in 2016 due to age.

Complaint to the Attorney General
In his 18-page evaluation of the footage, which lasts several hours, the expert leaves no doubt that the elephants were intentionally causing considerable suffering by the staff and that “clear and serious violations of the animal protection law” exist.
PETA has lodged a complaint with the Prosecutor General’s Office against the termination of the preliminary investigation and the opinion of Dr. Ing. Behlert is now submitted as additional evidence.

January 2018:  termination of preliminary investigation confirmed
Attorney General in Celle has confirmed the termination of the preliminary investigation. The reason: It was not sufficiently proven that the elephants were treated by the violent handling in the zoo Hannover “significant pain and suffering”.

Zoo Hannover/ Elefantenhaken

Summer 2018: Attitude without elephant hook begins
In the summer of 2018, the Zoo Hannover has begun with provisional measures to switch to “protected contact” in which the elephants are no longer beaten with the elephant hook.
However, the zoo also sent a family of five Asian elephants to the Belgian zoo, Pairi Daiza, to make way for the enclosure.
For show performances and daily riding, the zoo in Brussels trains the elephants with the elephant hook – so they are exposed to further maltreatment there.


How do we proceed now??
We will continue to work to stop the maltreatment of elephants in German zoos! No matter what kind of housing a zoo practices, elephants can never live in an appropriate way in captivity.

You can also help us fight zoos in the zoo: Please visit no zoos and tell friends and acquaintances about the suffering lives of elephants in zoos.

My comment: The Hannover “Adventure” Zoo received grants worth three million euros from the city in 2010. New data on state subsidies are not available.
One thing is certain: this prison is (also) supported by the state.
The director must go – and the perpetrators must be punished. Because these do not work as a passion, they torture with enthusiasm.

To the pain of the animals comes the fear. The elephants are helplessly at the mercy of the psychopaths who torture them. The adult elephants can only watch their children being beaten. It stresses the life in the zoo anyway extremely. While hiking in freedom up to 80 kilometers a day, they are locked in these prisons in the smallest of spaces.
There are a few stupid parents who think that they can teach their children the life of the wild animals, when they visit with them the inmates and look into what a miserable life we ​​humans have condemned these animals.

The only animal that causes the captivity of other animals and still finds it great, is the human being!

My best regards to all, Venus



Video To Enjoy – Rescued Sun Bear ‘Aurora’ Makes First-Ever Friends.

We (WAV) have been showing the rescue work of Animals Asia on this site whenever we get new and updated information.

Here is the link to one of our past posts:


Well now we can bring you the first video footage of rescued bear ‘Aurora’ who was rescued back in December 2018 enjoying her new life with other friends at the AA sanctuary.


Rescued Sun Bear Makes First-Ever Friends

Posted by Dobi Finley | May 6, 2019


This lovely video update is from animal welfare group Animals Asia, and shows one of their rescued sun bears making her first-ever friends!

The adorable bear is named Aurora, and she was rescued in December 2018. Aurora had spent the first 15 years of her life in a barren cage, held in cruel captivity as someone’s exotic “pet.” When this sun bear was first found, she was in awful shape, both physically and emotionally.

After her rescue, Aurora had to spend several months in quarantine and at the wildlife hospital recovering from her injuries after so many years of neglect. Once she made a full recovery, she was transferred to Animals Asia’s rescue center in Vietnam.

Since Aurora was most likely poached from the wild as a cub, she had not been around other bears in over 15 years — and her caretakers were unsure how she would react, or if she even knew how to socialize.

Much to everyone’s delight, this sweet bear instantly began making friends with five other sun bears at the sanctuary. Aurora is so playful and loving that she is even helping some of the shier bears come out of their shells.

Now, all of the rescued sun bears — Aurora, Goldie, Sassy, Annemarie, Murphy, and Layla — are just one big happy family! They all get to live in an outdoor enclosure filled with trees, a swimming pool, and lots of toys and climbing enrichment. They are able to express natural behaviors such as foraging, and finally live their lives the way sun bears are meant to live.

Aurora loves to wrestle with her new friends, play with them on the grass, and eat and forage next to them — and she even likes sharing sleeping baskets. These darling sun bears were able to overcome their traumatic pasts, and as you can see in the video they are now having the time of their lives.

South Korea: Dismiss Veterinary Professor – Dog Abuser.

South Kores


South Korea: Dismiss Veterinary Professor – Dog Abuser.


Actions – English version of May 10th now available

by clicking on the following:

Once there, please click on ‘HERE’ to take further actions and to see the videos.!_English_Translation_Available_Now&utm_medium=email


Dismiss SNU’s Prof Lee Byeong-Chun for cruel experiments on retired cloned detection dogs

College of Veterinary Medicine professor Lee Byeong-Chun at the Seoul National University, who hides behind his researcher’s mask, must immediately be removed from his position, and the government agency who granted Lee Byeong-Chun with government funds and the authority to do research on companion animals  needs to take responsibility! The business of cloning dogs must be stopped.


You can sign the petition directly at:!_English_Translation_Available_Now&utm_medium=email