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Serbia: An EU ‘Candidate Country’ – and They Do This !

The Massacre of Animals in Serbia

(From WAV friends Branka and Pavel).

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During the past several weeks we have been contacted by countless Serbians concerned about the startling escalation of blatant animal abuse in their country, who requested that we tell their story while keeping their identities secret. Following, are facts and observations recounted by Serbian citizens to the writers of this article.

Ever since the end of the war, Serbia has been inundated with abandoned street animals, the majority of whom are brutally murdered. Like so many other places in the world, most citizens and civil authorities are not educated in humane animal issues and furthermore do not care. Sterilization (spay/neuter) is not practiced. The animal welfare laws that do exist are not enforced and improving animal welfare is not a priority of Serbian government officials.

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While it is understandable that the country is still in transition due to its history of war, Serbian citizens reporting the injustices to us, rumor that ample documentation exists detailing rampant corruption not only among Serbian authorities but even within some of the non governmental organizations (NGOs) purportedly engaged in animal welfare. Thankfully, a small minority of compassionate people are working diligently to bring about positive change for both companion and farmed animals. Obviously and sadly, they cannot do it alone.

Ten years have passed since Serbian hostilities were laid to rest It is absurd and unacceptable to use the war as an excuse for abuse, neglect, indifference and inaction. Yet, torturing, poisoning and brutally killing dogs and cats is still occurring without punishment for the perpetrators of these vicious animal related crimes. The ‘Serbian scene’ is of growing concern to civilized people everywhere. Serbian animal welfare advocates have witnessed brutal trapping methods, the ruthless beatings of dogs to death and poisonings, resulting in agonizing deaths. Hunters wantonly shoot abandoned companion animals for sport.

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Our sources estimate that the city of Belgrade savagely destroys about six thousand dogs annually. The city ‘fathers’ hire the ‘professional pest’ control firm, EKOSAN to exterminate the unwanted animals–innocent victims of human animal cruelty. The government claims that humane practices are exercised yet documentation and verbal reports from animal workers detail graphic images of dogs in Belgrade’s ‘OVCA’ dog kill shelter being viciously destroyed. So much for official Serbian credibility!

Other Serbian observers report that many of the so called humane societies work in ‘close’ relationship with authorities who advocate destroying the stray animals. Witnesses have observed dogs and cats being destroyed using brutal methods by ‘dog catchers’. ‘Workers’ at kill shelters lack training in humane animal care and control and legal issues pertaining to animal rights. Witnesses have observed dogs and cats being destroyed using viciousl methods within these same ‘shelters’. There are also reports of the ‘disappearances’ of sterilization and euthanasia equipment. Furthermore, documentation is available showing dead dogs, skinned and heaped together – the victims of mass execution. All this, in a Belgrade shelter! Is this what the Serbian hierarchy terms humane euthanasia?

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Equally as sad and reprehensible is the Belgrade zoo, one of the oldest zoos in Europe. Housing approximately two thousand animals, the zoo has acquired a notorious reputation due to the unacceptable treatment of the animals in their ‘care’. The zoo director has close ties to the Serbian hunting lobby as well as Belgrade’s city hall. Documentation is available from Serbian animal welfare advocates showing these animals confined within squalid living conditions and consequently ill and distressed. Many of these animals exhibit abnormal behaviour, such as bar biting, over-grooming, self mutilation, head bashing, circling, leg chewing, etc. Furthermore, many animals that were born in the zoo throughout the years have disappeared. The zoo claimed that new tigers, bears and a hippo were born recently but the animals appear to have vanished.

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Cheers Mr EU for Taking No action about animal welfare in EU Candidate Nations !

PS – Happy Retirement.


Belgrade Zoo – Serbia:

The Cruelty Transport of Unweaned Calves Direct From Ireland to France, and From Scotland; Via Ramsgate England; For Further Fattening in Spain.

The following video allows you to see just what happens to the tiny calves exported by Cassidy and McCreery from Ewing’s staging post at Dunbretton farm, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, via Ramsgate (England) on the Export ship ‘Joline’ (2 pictures below) owned and operated by J. Onderwater the Dutchman.  It also shows Irish calves exported directly from Ireland via Sea Link ferries to Cherbourg in France.

Yet another ‘animal issue’ that the EU wants to wipe it hands of.

EU elections 23-26 May 2019.  Are they worth it ? — NO.



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Prior to the EU Elections In Late May 2019; We Will Be Exposing EU Animal ‘Welfare’ Failures By A System Which Does Not Care.

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5/5/19 – Today Venus and I have discussed Serbia and the EU Parliamentary elections which will take place between 23-26/5/19.

We will be publishing more on the EU and its failures for animal welfare in the coming weeks. We will also link in to Serbia’s wish to become an EU member state; but at the moment I would like you to see and read Venus’s excellent post on Serbia which she published a few days ago –

We have experience with Serbia and animal ‘welfare’ going back to 2005 when we formed ‘Serbian Animals Voice’ (SAV. Here is the link to SAV and the specific ‘Serbian’ sector –

Here is the link to Serbian animals and the failures by the Serbian government to enforce it own legislation –

Officially, to become an EU member state, any nation wishing to join the EU must show (under the Copenhagen Agreement) that it IS enforcing its own national ‘Rules of Law’. Serbia does not do this with animal welfare; thus we consider that Serbia should NOT be allowed to join the EU, as it is non-compliant. More on this about the law in the link

But we all know that existing EU member states such as Romania are not enforcing EU legislation anyway. Despite numerous reports and visits by MEP’s to Romania to document their terrible animal welfare status, the EU simply walks away from the data. It is the same with EU wide live animal transport legislation; the EU simply does not accept any of the hard evidence presented to them showing that EU rules on live animal transport are NOT being enforced.

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We will go deeper into these issues over the next few weeks, before the EU elections; where ‘EU citizens’ supposedly have their vote on the EU system and the people (MEP’s) that represent them. We know from bee killing pesticides through to animal transport, the voice of the ‘EU man’ is not really listened to; but the voice of lobbyists for the ‘Mafia’s’ which seem to run the EU are always listened to. They have the money to lobby to get what they want; so they always win.

For now, I leave you with a few more links and videos for your review; which shows the ‘EU system’ for animals and their ‘welfare’ does not work:


Croatia joined the EU in 2013 – this is ‘EU animal welfare’  !

More to come in the next few weeks;

Regards Mark



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