Serbia: Land of collective animal torment


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A few days ago, the Austrian organization “RespekTiere” published a shocking report on the situation of animals in Serbia.

“How many times have we been in Serbia and always have we not only heard unbelievable stories of animal cruelty but also had to testify again and again.
An end to the violence against the most helpless in our society, against the animals, is not foreseeable, quite the contrary – the situation seems to be getting worse and worse! ”

That’s how the report starts.
Because it is quite long, only the main points of this report are told.

“There are quite wonderful people in Serbia, with an open heart and a lot of animal love, no question.
But there is another side that is fighting brutality, even against such people, and is constantly waging a merciless and cruel war on animals – we do not want to leave that unspoken!

Already in the course of our first trips to the center of the Balkan Peninsula, we were overwhelmed by the sheer dimension of violence against the animals – yes, in Romania, Bulgaria or similar countries, terrible things happen in relation to the so helplessly delivered animals.

serbien 1pgPhoto: Mountains of dead dogs – who is responsible ???


But while elsewhere in the majority, individual offenders let their madness run wild, they happen in the country on the Danube in the collective, and so the quality and quantity of animal cruelty is probably unique. In fact, the crime on animals is such a widespread phenomenon that one must already speak of a pattern; or a virus, nestled in the DNA of certain groupings, inherited by the bloodline.

In addition, animal cruelty is always accompanied by a second, at least as devastating social weakness: the lack of empathy. Only this mating allows the release of the beast in us – and makes the inner monster so dangerous, because it can be unleashed without any approach and completely unpredictable! By the way, the symptomatology can only be fought by itself, there is no panacea, no cure, no antidote.

serbien 2pgPhotos: terrible conditions: Wolf in the zoo …

Only very few examples support the accusation, discuss the situation; These are examples that we were able to list in our short visits, which of course probably represented only the smallest possible tip of the iceberg. Knowing the circumstances, the mentality, the places of the offenses, spreads a dizzying overall picture (and even the worst case is no exaggeration, believe us).

A few years ago huge containers were found in the landfills, where trapped stray dogs were thrown –  alive! Several of them were in one place, at any time, scattered throughout the land, a testimony of absolute inhumanity.
The poor animals were literally at 35 degrees in the shade, without water and without food, stacked on top of each other. Without escape.
Until the huge steel containers overflowed  and released corpses of thirsty, starving, self-tormenting, crazy dogs.
No pity, no tear. Not even a regret.
That’s just how it happens. Solution to the Street Dog Problem. Daily craft of dog slayerers who surpass any perversity.

serbien Gräberpg

So much at the moment; But what is the situation today? There is only one answer: shattering as ever!
Well, the containers in the dumps may have disappeared, that’s right. But the mass graves still exist; and the open, deep trenches still want to feed them.
Hellmouth is waiting for food.
And they are nourished by the corpses of the voiceless. In the pictures you can see such places of death, and the harrowing shots were taken less than two months ago.

serbien 4Photo: the charred corpse of a dog at the field; note the rope around the forefoot – the anonymous victim had been dragged onto the open ground …


There are even very good laws regarding the handling of animals, for the protection of stray dogs, for example. But what good does the text on the paper, if the implementation does not work, the theory with the practice never and never keeps pace?

Serbien 5jpg

In the photo you can see a dog, recently tied up in barbed wire; only the use of bolt cutters was able to free the poor animal from the grip of the metal monster, which pulls all the more tightly with each movement and cuts in deeper and deeper with a thousand knives. Horrible open wounds were left behind on the maltreated body, a whole team fought for hours for the survival of the poor animal.



Such examples show only too well that animal welfare has remained a foreign word in large parts of the population. Even in the third millennium, in the middle of Europe.
He is at best smiled at, but often even directly threatened those who want to help, they are stones placed in the way and in fact thrown after them.
Activists are beaten up, a trivial offense; because where there is no knowledge, a crime can not be perceived as a crime. That’s the problem: animal cruelty is not recognized as an offense; even if the law says something else a hundred times. Perpetrators are completely surprised when their actions are sometimes branded as an offense – when … and then almost exclusively under pressure from the public.

serbien 8jpg


serbien 9jpg


serbien 10Photos: Traces of brutal violence against dogs in the shelter – recorded in hiding, current time witnesses … All this did not happen many years ago, the pictures show the here and now !!!!


We no longer want to torture her with terrible individual cases; The fact is, we have to act. Do not allow such a concentrated madness right outside the front door no longer ignored. By the way, Serbia is a candidate for EU membership; a connection to the Union is envisaged for 2025.

But as long as such terrible things happen to the animals, the country can not and will not be ready for the EU, the question of accesion cannot even be asked. Cruelty to animals is a most terrible crime and can not be tolerated under any circumstances, as a trivial offense belonging to the “agenda”.

We ask you with all our heart, write to the representations of Serbia in your country. Ask the ambassadors to finally take real steps in the topic; Help them all to inform Serbian policy that, as long as such conditions prevail and nothing is done, Serbia can not be welcomed into the EU. Protest, NOW !!!

“RespekTiere” will soon, as much as we can tell, set with a spectacular action the starting point for a related campaign!

My comment: Romania, Greece and Spain have been members of the EU for years.

There, it’s also about collective murder against animals, we could even talk about a national sport.

Galgos mass graves also reach us every day on Facebook. Horror Shelters in Romania with unimaginable torture for dogs have become a business in this EU country.

What do we learn from this?
WITH or WITHOUT being a member of the EU, the Middle Ages for animals remain the same (almost) everywhere.

And when the situation with the animals in one of these countries has improved, it is not because they have become EU members, but because animal rights activists have fought hard for the rights of animals.

According to EU law, each country is responsible for animal welfare!! And most crimes against animals (any kind of animals) are subsidized with EU funds.

Therefore, the best would be if all (still) EU member countries would go out of this crime syndicate, called EU. How England did it.

My best regards to all, Venus

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