Day: May 24, 2019

China: China Could Make Donkeys Extinct In 4 Years If Actions Are Not Taken. Watch the Video and Sign Petition.


WAV Comment – Does this not show that humans are the biggest shits on the planet !


Donkeys are being wiped out!


Donkeys will be extinct in four years if China is not stopped!


If the insatiable demand in China for donkey skins is not banned, donkeys could be extinct in four years.

It’s that simple and that frightening. The Chinese use donkey skins to make a phony medicine called Ejiao and they want TEN MILLION SKINS A YEAR to do so. You do the math: In four years, all the world’s donkeys could be gone. The Political Animal Lobby is trying to stop it and we need your help to do so.

Right now, the trade is centred in Africa. Like vampires, Chinese traders have fallen on unsophisticated rural people – buying and stealing donkeys on an unprecedented scale, often slaughtering donkeys while they are still alive and then shipping their skins to China.

The donkey genocide that is taking place is not only a massive tragedy for animals, it has a devastating effect on children. In Africa, people are poor and public transport is rare, so the people use donkeys to fetch water and wood and to take their children to school. If there are no donkeys, then the children can’t get to school and instead are used as child labour, carrying wood and water to remote villages.

Donkeys will be extinct in four years if China is not stopped! 1

Yet this tragedy is being virtually ignored by many African governments.



Kenya has even LEGALISED the trade and set up donkey slaughterhouses, where thousands of donkeys die each month. When donkeys are wiped out in one area, the slaughterhouse closes and moves to another. Recently, a smuggling trade has erupted bringing donkeys from Ethiopia to Kenya.

In South Africa, where lawlessness is common and police are corrupt and inefficient, the donkeys are bought on public auction and led into the bush, where impromptu, illegal slaughterhouses are set up and men, often drunk, hack the donkeys to death, while skinning them in their death agony.

The only way this can be stopped is if enough people publicly condemn the Chinese donkey skin trade and persuade African governments to ban it.  There are two important ways to do this…

Firstly, please if you possibly can, make a donation to the Political Animal Lobby today. We will use your donation to relentlessly pressure governments in every way we can, to ban the trade. We know that if we can bring enough pressure to bear, we will win, but we can’t do it without you.

Secondly, please sign our petition to the South African government today. The trade is particularly vicious there because of the extreme cruelty that is often involved in donkey slaughtering. Because it is so cruel, we will spearhead the African campaign in South Africa.

You can help save the world’s donkeys by both donating today and signing the petition. We will see it gets to the right people.

For the animals,

Andrea Matthee
Lead Campaigner
Political Animal Lobby



India: Ghandi Said That You Judge A Nation on The Way It Treats Its Animals. So, India Still Has A Lot To Learn !


WAV Comment – Does this not show that humans are the biggest shits on the planet !


SIGN: Justice for Bear Pelted with Stones to Fall to Terrifying Death


Petition Link –


SIGN: Justice for Bear Pelted with Stones to Fall to Terrifying Death

PETITION TARGET: Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Dr. Harsh Vardhan.

After a young brown bear wandered into a village in India’s Jammu and Kashmir state, locals terrorized, chased and pelted the animal with stones before the terrified bear fell 50 feet into a river to die, according to reports.

Smartphone footage from earlier in the day shows the panicked bear trying to flee from a mob of locals. The bear becomes painfully tangled in barbed wire, before pulling free and escaping.

Another video shared on Twitter shows the bear desperately clinging to the side of a steep mountain while people throw rocks at the petrified animal. One rock hits the bear on the head, causing them to lose balance and fall, tumbling and crashing down the cliff before disappearing into a river as the crowd cheers.

Wildlife conflict is an ongoing problem in India, as human populations grow and destroy precious habitat. This heartbreaking incident highlights the need to increase protections for the critically endangered brown bears in the country, along with other species at risk.

Sign this petition urging India’s Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change to not only find and prosecute all involved, but to increase education for villagers on how to deal with wild animal conflicts, so no more creatures suffer a similar fate to this bear.


World Turtle Day


sea shepard logo_n


We urgently need to do something to avoid this day becoming a day of remembrance!
Because it is high time:

Sea turtles have been living in the oceans for about 225 million years, now they are under more threat than ever before. All living seven species of sea turtles are at great risk: marine pollution and fishing cost lives to countless animals each year.

Particularly many sea turtles die in nets, on longlines or by plastic in their stomachs.
We must protect the sea turtles before it is too late for them!

turtle 5_logoFoto: Giorgia Doglioni


You know what to do?
Look at what Sea Shepherd is doing to protect sea turtles. With the app “getbaff” you can watch the video in full length
You can take this picture here on our website. In addition, we deposit all videos on our button and sticker “100% waiver = 100% marine protection”. This video will be available until Sunday.
Get the app and follow us! You can get the app “getbaff” for free in the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

Collect our messages … and getbaff!

And we mean: even if we can not directly participate in the excellent marine conservation of Shea Shepard, in everyday life  we ALL can do something for the animals.
Give to the slow, small, defenseless more mindfulness. In the garden, road traffic, grass mowing …

As the weather heats up, turtles are on the GO, but man-made obstacles often put them in danger 💔

This World Turtle Day, remember to look out for turtles and always help them cross if you see them in the road.

Protection and love for animals knows no limit, and is given without excuses.

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My best regards to all, Venus