Day: May 9, 2019

Nepal: a performance video against the mass murder in Gadhimai


Check out this awesome Nepalese band’s anti-religion animal rights video

EXCLUSIVE: Nepalese metallers, Underside, premiere their brilliant new video for track Gadhimai


nepalesisches Band jpgthe Underside Band group from Nepal


Nepal isn’t known for its metal scene, but Underside have emerged nonetheless and they aren’t just playing awesomely heavy music – they are also protesting the beliefs of the country and religious doctrine they grew up with.

Their latest track and subsequent video is specifically targeting religious festival, Gadhimai, where thousands of animals are killed in the name of a god.


“We play metal and it’s not native to where we come from. That’s why we decided to use our native instruments as well as tell story from Nepal. You could say this is us redefining our sound. Gadhimai is the beginning of new era for Underside,” the band explain.

“Gadhimai is a festival where hundreds of thousands of animals are sacrificed in the name of god. If you put that in perspective, it’s hard to imagine that it’s still happening you know.

“We see it as ignorance and a perfect example of how religious doctrines blinds you and that killing innocent animals are justified.

abkehäpfte Gadhimai Opfer

“We don’t want to offend anybody’s religious faith and have no intention to make comments on that but if it involves killing of innocent animals for whatever ‘holy’ reason that you might consider, you are sick and fucked in your head.

“We want to send our message that we don’t support killing of animals and this video is rather symbolic where Gadhimai (goddess) finally wakes up and kills all her ignorant followers. The whole concept started from challenging the existing practice and us imagining would ‘God’ really want blood of these innocent animals if all the creatures were created by god as they say?”

Underside will be playing Download festival this summer. Check out the full video below!

My comment: The Gadhimai Temple Committee in Nepal announced that there will be no more animal sacrifices at the festival in the future! During the festival, which takes place every five years in southern Nepal, tens of thousands of animals were brutally killed last year in the name of tradition.

We are incredibly pleased with the decision of the temple committees and sincerely hope that the committee will stick to its word and will not revoke the decision before the next festival. (Animal Equality)

I firmly reject such traditions that violate the rights of animals.
The butchers run as fast as they can to catch and behead an animal. They believe that if they kill many animals they prove their devotion to their religion. They do not realize that what they are doing today is a crime and a sin on the 21st century.

For my morale, all this is ridiculous and 100% superstition. In the course of time and with the progress that the world makes, we need to change ourselves and the way we think. The good sides of all religions, cultures, traditions and customs should be continued, the negative aspects, which are associated with massacre of animals, however, must be abolished.
We all hope and wish that this year the blood orgies in Gadhimai will be missed.

My best regards to all, Venus


Further pictures of the slaughter – and links to when we campaigned about this on SAV – Regards Mark



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‘Is the microphone really on?’: watch Greta Thunberg address UK MPs



‘Is the microphone really on?’: watch Greta Thunberg address UK MPs

Greta Thunberg (born 3 January 2003) is a school girl in Sweden who, at age 15, began protesting about the need for immediate action to combat climate change outside the Swedish parliament and has since become an outspoken climate activist.[1][2][3][4] She is known for having initiated the school strike for climate movement that formed in November 2018 and surged globally after the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP24) in December the same year. Her personal activism began in August 2018, when her recurring and solitary Skolstrejk för klimatet (“School strike for the climate”) protesting outside the Swedish parliament in Stockholm began attracting media coverage.

On 15 March 2019, an estimated 1.4 million students in 112 countries around the world joined her call in the striking and protesting. Another event is scheduled for 24 May 2019.

Thunberg has received various prizes and awards for her activism. In March 2019, three members of the Norwegian parliament nominated Thunberg for the Nobel Peace Prize.

She recently visited London and addressed Members of Parliament.

See her speech here:


USA: Arizona – Ban Wildlife Killing Contests – Take Action Now !

Proj coy action alert

Dear Mark,
If you’ve already submitted comments to the Arizona Game and Fish (AZGF) Commission in support of their proposed rule to ban wildlife killing contests in the state – thank you!

If not, there’s still time to submit your comments. The Commission is accepting public comments on the proposed rule through this Sunday, May 12th.

There is also an opportunity to speak at the Commission’s June 21st meeting in Phoenix. Details below.

Wildlife killing contests are cruel and senseless events where participants compete to kill the greatest number, the largest, the smallest, or even the youngest of the targeted animal for prizes and entertainment. Hundreds of bobcats, coyotes, cougars, foxes, rabbits, badgers and other species are killed in these contests every year in Arizona.
Please write to the Commission TODAY urging them to support the proposed rule to prohibit wildlife killing contests.

Email comments to the Arizona Game and Fish Department:

You may also mail written comments to:
Arizona Game and Fish Department
Attn.: Rules Section
5000 W. Carefree Highway
Phoenix, AZ 85086

You can simply say, “Please adopt a rule change to Article 3, R12-4-303 that bans wildlife killing contests in Arizona. As someone who cares deeply about Arizona’s wildlife, people, and pets, I strongly support this proposed rule and changes to it that will remove loopholes, enhance enforcement, and broaden protections to all unprotected animals. Thank you for considering a ban on these barbaric events.”

To be most effective, we strongly encourage you to personalize your message, expressing why abolishing wildlife killing contests is so important to you.When taking into account the public’s opinion, the Commission sorts comments by original letters and form letters – original, personalized letters will have much more impact.

If you live out of state, you may also submit written comments for the official record but it is especially important to personalize your letter. Consider discussing how you do not wish to spend tourism dollars in a state that allows wildlife killing contests.

Additional Talking Points:
● Banning wildlife killing contests will prevent a small minority of the population from recklessly slaughtering our wild animals for private gain.
● Killing contests are ethically and ecologically indefensible.
● Killing contests are a bloodsport like dogfighting and cockfighting. Killing wildlife for thrills and prizes–with no respect for their intrinsic or ecological value–is senseless violence and waste.
● Killing contests damage the reputation of responsible hunters by violating fundamental hunting ethics – threatening the future of hunting. Countless animals are injured or orphaned during killing contests.The events put non-target species (including imperiled wolves) at risk. Participants use electronic calling devices, which mimic the sounds of prey or young in distress, to lure the target animals in for an easy kill.
● The public will no longer tolerate wildlife killing contests. Six city and county governments in Arizona – Tucson, Dewey-Humboldt, Flagstaff, Coconino County, Pima County, and Yavapai County – have passed resolutions condemning wildlife killing contests. New Mexico banned coyote killing contests in April, and California and Vermont have taken similar actions in recent years.
● There is no scientific evidence that indiscriminately killing wild animals reduces their populations, increases populations of game animals like deer, or protects livestock. Randomly killing coyotes, for example, disrupts their pack structure, which can increase their populations and increase conflicts with coyotes. Preventing conflicts with the use of humane, non-lethal methods is more effective.
● Wild animals play an important ecological role in healthy ecosystems. Native carnivores control rabbit and rodent populations, keep environments free of animal carcasses, and increase biodiversity.
● We do not seek a ban on hunting. We simply call for an end to organized events where participants compete to kill animals for “fun” and prizes.

Learn more about wildlife killing contests here, the scientific reasons behind why killing coyotes doesn’t solve problems here and here, and the National Coalition to End Wildlife Killing Contests here.
Save the date!
You will have an opportunity to speak in support of the proposed rule in June at the Commission’s telephonic meeting. We encourage you to attend – your voice speaks volumes.
What: Arizona Game and Fish Commission Telephonic Meeting
Date: June 21, 2019
Time: 9:00 a.m.
Location: 5000 W. Carefree Hwy., Phoenix, AZ 85086

Thank you for speaking up for the voiceless animals who need your help.