Nepal: a performance video against the mass murder in Gadhimai


Check out this awesome Nepalese band’s anti-religion animal rights video

EXCLUSIVE: Nepalese metallers, Underside, premiere their brilliant new video for track Gadhimai


nepalesisches Band jpgthe Underside Band group from Nepal


Nepal isn’t known for its metal scene, but Underside have emerged nonetheless and they aren’t just playing awesomely heavy music – they are also protesting the beliefs of the country and religious doctrine they grew up with.

Their latest track and subsequent video is specifically targeting religious festival, Gadhimai, where thousands of animals are killed in the name of a god.


“We play metal and it’s not native to where we come from. That’s why we decided to use our native instruments as well as tell story from Nepal. You could say this is us redefining our sound. Gadhimai is the beginning of new era for Underside,” the band explain.

“Gadhimai is a festival where hundreds of thousands of animals are sacrificed in the name of god. If you put that in perspective, it’s hard to imagine that it’s still happening you know.

“We see it as ignorance and a perfect example of how religious doctrines blinds you and that killing innocent animals are justified.

abkehäpfte Gadhimai Opfer

“We don’t want to offend anybody’s religious faith and have no intention to make comments on that but if it involves killing of innocent animals for whatever ‘holy’ reason that you might consider, you are sick and fucked in your head.

“We want to send our message that we don’t support killing of animals and this video is rather symbolic where Gadhimai (goddess) finally wakes up and kills all her ignorant followers. The whole concept started from challenging the existing practice and us imagining would ‘God’ really want blood of these innocent animals if all the creatures were created by god as they say?”

Underside will be playing Download festival this summer. Check out the full video below!

My comment: The Gadhimai Temple Committee in Nepal announced that there will be no more animal sacrifices at the festival in the future! During the festival, which takes place every five years in southern Nepal, tens of thousands of animals were brutally killed last year in the name of tradition.

We are incredibly pleased with the decision of the temple committees and sincerely hope that the committee will stick to its word and will not revoke the decision before the next festival. (Animal Equality)

I firmly reject such traditions that violate the rights of animals.
The butchers run as fast as they can to catch and behead an animal. They believe that if they kill many animals they prove their devotion to their religion. They do not realize that what they are doing today is a crime and a sin on the 21st century.

For my morale, all this is ridiculous and 100% superstition. In the course of time and with the progress that the world makes, we need to change ourselves and the way we think. The good sides of all religions, cultures, traditions and customs should be continued, the negative aspects, which are associated with massacre of animals, however, must be abolished.
We all hope and wish that this year the blood orgies in Gadhimai will be missed.

My best regards to all, Venus


Further pictures of the slaughter – and links to when we campaigned about this on SAV – Regards Mark



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