France: Tell Eurotunnel to stop shipping game birds for shooting.


lacs eurotunnel

Dear Mark,

Pheasant chicks are being shipped through Eurotunnel, destined to be gunned down for entertainment on British shooting estates. These birds were born on factory farms in France, where their parents remain incarcerated in barren battery cages.

Every year, 35 million birds are released into the countryside for the sole purpose of being shot, of which half are imported from overseas. Many of these day-old birds will suffer and die in transport boxes from exhaustion and stress, only metres away from passengers on Eurotunnel’s trains.

Together, with help from our supporters, the League Against Cruel Sports has already successfully stopped ferry companies P&O, Brittany Ferries and DFDS importing chicks on their ships.

Without Eurotunnel this cruel trade would struggle to continue. We’re urging you to publicly tweet Eurotunnel today to demand the company bans transport of game birds for shooting.

Take Action:

Thank you for giving animals a voice,

Head of Campaigns

PS: Twitter is a great way to make a difference, as it highlights these issues in the public. However, if you do not use Twitter then you can still contact the Eurotunnel CEO Jacques Gounon via email at jacques.gounon­

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