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USA: Petition Update – Scum Has Now Been Now Charged For Taping A Dogs Mouth Shut and Almost Killing It.


Dog with his mouth taped shut

Petition update.

We covered the petition in early March re a dog in Florida USA who had had its mouth shut and duck taped; nearly killing it – here is the original post:

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The great news is that your voice has been heard.


PETITION UPDATE: Suspect Arrested and Charged For Cruelly Taping Dog’s Mouth Shut

Posted by Carly Day | May 27, 2019


The Lee County Sheriff’s Office in Florida has arrested and charged the man who sadistically taped a dog’s mouth shut in February, nearly suffocating him to death.

A Lady Freethinker petition urging local police to track down and apprehend the perpetrator garnered more than 29,500 signatures. Thank you to everyone who signed for supporting the investigation which resulted in this arrest.

In a live news briefing on Facebook, Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno announced the arrest, stating that 18-year-old Oscar Lee Thompson III from Lehigh Acres was in the Lee County Jail facing a charge of aggravated animal cruelty.

Over 70 percent of the people who hurt animals will eventually abuse a human being,” said Marceno. “If you hurt an animal in this county, you will go to jail. I have a zero tolerance for any kind of abuse, and I will dedicate whatever resources necessary to enforce exactly that.”

The dog at the centre of this heartbreaking case, now named Chance, is lucky to be alive after Thompson taped his mouth tightly shut with duct tape, suffocating him. By the time rescuers got to Chance, he was near death. He was panting, drooling, dehydrated and malnourished, as well as bleeding from wounds on his leg and chest.

Marceno — an animal lover himself — had vowed that his department would use all possible resources to track down the person responsible. He was so touched by the case that he adopted and deputized Chance, who made a full recovery and is now a “spokesdog” for the department.

Thompson was tracked down by a series of anonymous tips, which led to his DNA being found on the tape used to suffocate Chance. He will be arraigned on June 24.

We applaud the dedication of the Sheriff’s Office in tracking down animal abusers and treating Chance with the respect and love he deserves. Lee County is setting the standard for the rest of the country when it comes taking animal cruelty seriously.

PETITION UPDATE: Suspect Arrested and Charged For Cruelly Taping Dog’s Mouth Shut

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Germany: the show with the animal protection


The current federal government makes an animal protection scandal after another!


deutsche flagge


Scandal number 1: piglet castration without anesthesia

Ferkel kastrieren 12

The federal government castrates piglets without anesthesia! Resolved laws are unlawfully changed back to the worse in order to satisfy the pig industry.
Extension of the term for piglet castration was extended for another 2 years. For many years there have been sufficient alternatives that are already being implemented in other EU Member States.
Thus, the Federal Government objects to Article 20a of the Basic Law and the associated so-called prohibition of deterioration.

Scandal number 2: Illegal practices with sow box


An existing judgment since 2015 states that existing crates are illegal.
These boxes have not met the requirements of the Regulation since 1992. Instead of ensuring the final implementation of the current law, the federal government wants the illegal cartons to last for another 17 years.!!!
So that’s how Germany treats the Animal Welfare Law!
Violation of Article 20a of the Basic Law and the so-called prohibition of deterioration.

Scandal number 3: illegally cut piglets` tails

schwanz kupieren schweine
The federal government has broken EU law since 1994 and routinely mutilates piglets!

Since 1994, it has been banned throughout the EU to cut the ring tails of piglets routinely. Nevertheless, in 95% of all piglets in Germany the ringlet tail is separated with a hot cautery.

Germany has not complied with EU regulations since 1994. To top it off, the Federal Minister of Agriculture, the stupid Klöckner, plans to reward pigs with illegally reduced tails as “more animal welfare”.

Scandal number 4: animal transports to third countries

Hängende Kuh-KarremannFoto: Karremann

EU breach of law and animal cruelty on animal transports are part of everyday life! Federal Government prevents ban on animal transports to third countries!
Veterinarians are forced to aid animal cruelty.

Long-term animal transports to third countries are extremely painful and violate existing EU law. The European Court of Justice decided in 2015 that the requirements for animal transports have to be complied with even beyond EU borders. Nevertheless, official veterinarians are being forced by court to authorize preliminary goods for transport.

Animals, mostly pregnant cattle, are sent to 6000 kilometers long trips to third countries. The Federal Government actively prevents such torturous transports being banned. In 2018, for example, it rejected a request from the Greens to stop animal transports to third countries.
This means that the animal transports continue unchecked.

The money earned from animal transport seems to be the more important argument for the federal government than the immense animal suffering that must be prevented.

Scandal number 5: Animal transports are paid with our tax money

schweine gucken durch transporten
The federal government promotes cruel animal transports with millions of guarantees!
Is it even worse? Yes! things are getting worse when it comes to the federal government and animal welfare.
Because it not only advocates painful animal transports to third countries that do not have animal welfare standards, but it also supports them – with our taxpayers’ money!

My comment: The meat mafia has all politicians under control!

Animals are usually at the mercy of the violence and sadism of the meat mafia. Especially in the live export this is extremely dramatic.

But this is not just about the often tormenting transport itself.
EU countries send cattle to countries where there is no animal welfare law, and they know it!

There, cutting out the eyes or severing the tendons of the front and hind legs are common ways to tame the animals and then kill them with a neck cut – fully conscious. All of this happens in distant places, far from our eyes.

At a time when we are trying to reduce animal suffering through information and education, EU countries are doing everything in their power to export more and more animals, driving up meat consumption in third countries.
Thanks to the European criminal agricultural policy, there are plenty of cattle for which customers are urgently sought. We send them to the third countries.

And nobody is responsible, nobody wants to take responsibility and action. The German actors point with their fingers to Brussels, Brussels says animal transport is country thing.

It is an industry of animal cruelty, officially approved.

My best regards to all, Venus


Spain: Ass accident to matador!!




Men thing! A bull victim has shown a French bull-murderer on May 25th that this job is for asses


For the French bullfighter Juan Leal it came at the weekend at a bullfighting event in Spain to a painful encounter with a bull. Leal had already injected the animal into the body with several banderillas (short, barbed spiked skewers) when it “hit back”. Although the animal stung the Frenchman in the asse!

Matador am Arsch gespitzt jpg
In video you can see how the matador first leads the bull around him, but then he is levered off and impaled at the butt.

Leal falls to the ground, visibly in pain and bleeding on the ass.

Immediately, three more matadors intervene and drive the bull away from his “victim”. Leal ends the fight with bared ass and presented the audience with loud applause the cut off ear of the bull.

However, as the Spanish newspaper El Pais reports, the 26-year-old Frenchman resumed his fight against the bull after a short break in treatment, killing him and cutting off the animal’s ear.

This is always the case when the audience is satisfied with the performance of the Toreros.

juan-leal-mit-abgeschnittenem-ohr-stier jpgJuan Leal holds up the cut off ear of the bull

Leal himself is unlikely to be satisfied with his appearance. According to “Marca” his butt was pierced over a length of 25 centimeters and there is a suspicion that his tailbone is broken. All in all a day to forget for the matador.

Máximo García Leirado, who operated on Leal after the fight, said, “It’s a miracle that he was able to end the fight and kill the bull. A normal person could not even walk with the injury. “

My comment: and a normal person would not torture a bull and then present his bloody ear to a cheered audience …
Only psychopaths do that.

My best regards to al, Venus


England: I Went To Europe, and All I Got Was Slaughtered! – Who am I ? – David or Goliath ?

zerissene EU-Flagge am Stock


This was an e mail sent to me on 27/5/19 by the EU Commission regarding a recent gripe I made that live animal transports across the EU, and to nations such as Turkey, from existing EU member states, were not being enforced in accordance with EU Regulation 1/2005 for the welfare of animals during transport. Here is what they said to me in response:


Dear Mr Johnson,

Regarding the enforcement of Regulation 1/2005 on animal transport, you should be aware that the control and enforcement is – with very few exceptions, such as EU competition law – a matter for the Member States. In the area of animal transport, however, the Commission does do audits of Member State inspection systems (“inspect the inspectors”). The resulting audit reports lead to recommendations which, in turn, are followed-up by the Commission. If you are interested in these audit reports, they are all publicly available here:

As of the withdrawal of the UK, the EU rules on animal transport will cease to apply to the UK. However, these rules will still impact the transport of live animals between the EU and the UK, for example the mandatory check of live animals – including as regards the control of animal welfare aspects – upon entry into the EU at “border inspection posts”.

Yours sincerely,

European Commission

Task Force for the Preparation and Conduct of the Negotiations
with the United Kingdom under Article 50 TEU (GDR)

B-1049 Brussels/Belgium

Click here for our webpage


I think, as someone who has investigated live animal transport over the past 25+ years; I am fully aware of the legislative situation within the EU and the fact that they want to ‘pass the buck’ for Regulation enforcement to each individual member state. This is one way to approach it; but if nations such as Romania act the way they do with stray animals, then are we to expect anything better from them when it comes to enforcing the rules for live animal transport ? – they don’t really care much about animal welfare; full stop. So by passing responsibility for enforcement from the Commission in Brussels to individual nations, is rather like the national fire officer putting the arsonist as the chief of the local fire station ! – it kind of does not work.

What exactly do the EU mean by the words ‘audit reports lead to recommendations, which in turn are followed up by the Commission’ ?

This in my opinion is where the EU totally falls down over regulations. It is all very ‘recommend and suggest’; rather than hitting member states hard and directly for their failures of the enforcement of EU rules. We don’t want to have to wait another 3 years for a follow up to what was found to be wrong; only to find that the rules are still not being enforced. I personally say no second chances; strike whilst the iron is hot – hit hard with prosecutions when the problems are first reared.

I will show you investigations undertaken years ago by animal welfare organisations. Today, 2019, what exactly has changed since the investigations were undertaken originally between 2010 and 2015 ? – not much, if anything.

Have we not seen countless investigations showing where the EU regulations are being flouted for the live animals being exported to Turkey ? – as the following video says, 352 livestock transporters were inspected and 247 were found to be in violation of existing EU regulations (1/2005 on the welfare of animals during transport).

Have a look for yourselves:


It is not just live animals from the EU to Turkey – similar things are happening every day right across the EU. Existing EU Regulations are not being enforced.


The following can be found on this link:

Brussels, Belgium (EU) 15 March 2012: The European Parliament adopted Written Declaration 49/2011 on the establishment of a maximum 8-hour journey limit for animals transported in the European Union for the purpose of being slaughtered.
378 (half of the total number of MEPs plus one) was the number required for the Written Declaration to become an official position of the Parliament, and this number was reached one day in advance.

The document, which “calls on the Commission and the Council to review Regulation 1/2005 to establish a maximum 8-hour limit for the journeys of animals transported for the purpose of being slaughtered“, will now be transmitted to the European Commission and the governments of the Member States.

This document directly refers to over one million signatures registered on the website. This massive mobilisation of European citizens is calling for an end to long-distance journeys for animals sent for slaughter in the European Union.

The long duration of the journeys of animals destined for slaughter in the EU often causes them intense suffering, as has been consistently reported over the years by Animals’ Angels investigators. Current EU legislation makes it possible for animals to be transported for several days, even though it is scientifically proven and acknowledged by the Commission that the suffering of the animals increases with the duration of the journey.
“This is a historic moment for all those who care about animals. The call of one million citizens cannot be easily ignored by the EU institutions” – said Christa Blanke, Founder of Animals’ Angels. “But this is just a fundamental milestone in a campaign that will end only when long-distance journeys of animals sent for slaughter are banned in the EU. We have been documenting the suffering caused by animal transports around Europe over many years, and we have seen that all improvements of transport rules are insufficient if long-distance journeys continue to be allowed”.

“In reality what goes on today on the European roads is animal cruelty. This has to be stopped. The European Commission has so far disregarded the demand for new rules for animal transports.

But it will be difficult for the Commission to ignore the demands of the European Parliament, which joins over one million citizens asking for long-distance live transports to stop” – said Danish MEP Dan Jørgensen, and adds: “I have made the signal to the responsible commissioner for animal welfare, John Dalli, many times, that the rules for animal transports need to be changed. Unfortunately he does not see the need to respond properly to this call.

But he is wrong, and he should act now. If not he will have to explain to the European parliament and to EU citizens why he insists on letting this cruelty go on”.
“We live in the 21st century in a society which we became used to calling a humane society. It is time to prove it” – said Czech MEP Pavel Poc, one of the promoters of Written Declaration 49/2011. “I am glad that the European Parliament took on the challenge by adopting this written declaration. An adopted declaration might still be far away from real actions and needed changes, but it is a significant message and I hope that all these initiatives will together create a strong enough pressure for the much needed policy change.”

Written Declaration 49/2011 and the collection of one million signatures from EU citizens are part of a larger campaign ( calling for a maximum overall 8-hour limit for journeys of animals sent for slaughter. The campaign is also supported by 126 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from 19 member states and all political groups.

See a recent video of animals being transported from the EU to Turkey on YouTube.

See the text of Written Declaration 49/2011 on the European Parliament’s website


So, I close by asking the following:

  • 15 March 2012: The European Parliament adopted Written Declaration 49/2011 on the establishment of a maximum 8-hour journey limit for animals transported in the European Union for the purpose of being slaughtered. Why, 7 years later, are we still NOT having a max 8 hour limit, but still working to the 2005 regulation 1/2005 ?
  • We had EU elections last week (23-26/5/19) to vote for new members of the European Parliament. Ie those who adopted the written declaration above which is still not in actions 7 years later.
  • Why are the EU Commissioners who should be doing something about this and the will of EU citizens and the EU Parliament, not doing anything to introduce new legislation ?
  • We often talk about the ‘meat mafia’. The situation is a David and Goliath thing – and the welfare lobby is very much the ‘David’. Is the meat mafia doing things with our EU representatives in the Commission to ensure that the will of the Parliament and the EU citizens are NOT enforced ?
  • Finally; EU Commissioners SHOULD act in their positions without being influenced by outside parties – and – so, why, after the Written Declaration for an 8 hour limit on animal journey times was adopted by the EU Parliament on 15 March 2012, are we in mid 2019 still not witnessing the legislation being enforced ? – seems to me like Goliath is getting his way with the Commission, and David, regardless of electing EU parliamentarians in May 2019; really means nothing !!

Regards Mark.
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