Germany: the show with the animal protection


The current federal government makes an animal protection scandal after another!


deutsche flagge


Scandal number 1: piglet castration without anesthesia

Ferkel kastrieren 12

The federal government castrates piglets without anesthesia! Resolved laws are unlawfully changed back to the worse in order to satisfy the pig industry.
Extension of the term for piglet castration was extended for another 2 years. For many years there have been sufficient alternatives that are already being implemented in other EU Member States.
Thus, the Federal Government objects to Article 20a of the Basic Law and the associated so-called prohibition of deterioration.

Scandal number 2: Illegal practices with sow box


An existing judgment since 2015 states that existing crates are illegal.
These boxes have not met the requirements of the Regulation since 1992. Instead of ensuring the final implementation of the current law, the federal government wants the illegal cartons to last for another 17 years.!!!
So that’s how Germany treats the Animal Welfare Law!
Violation of Article 20a of the Basic Law and the so-called prohibition of deterioration.

Scandal number 3: illegally cut piglets` tails

schwanz kupieren schweine
The federal government has broken EU law since 1994 and routinely mutilates piglets!

Since 1994, it has been banned throughout the EU to cut the ring tails of piglets routinely. Nevertheless, in 95% of all piglets in Germany the ringlet tail is separated with a hot cautery.

Germany has not complied with EU regulations since 1994. To top it off, the Federal Minister of Agriculture, the stupid Klöckner, plans to reward pigs with illegally reduced tails as “more animal welfare”.

Scandal number 4: animal transports to third countries

Hängende Kuh-KarremannFoto: Karremann

EU breach of law and animal cruelty on animal transports are part of everyday life! Federal Government prevents ban on animal transports to third countries!
Veterinarians are forced to aid animal cruelty.

Long-term animal transports to third countries are extremely painful and violate existing EU law. The European Court of Justice decided in 2015 that the requirements for animal transports have to be complied with even beyond EU borders. Nevertheless, official veterinarians are being forced by court to authorize preliminary goods for transport.

Animals, mostly pregnant cattle, are sent to 6000 kilometers long trips to third countries. The Federal Government actively prevents such torturous transports being banned. In 2018, for example, it rejected a request from the Greens to stop animal transports to third countries.
This means that the animal transports continue unchecked.

The money earned from animal transport seems to be the more important argument for the federal government than the immense animal suffering that must be prevented.

Scandal number 5: Animal transports are paid with our tax money

schweine gucken durch transporten
The federal government promotes cruel animal transports with millions of guarantees!
Is it even worse? Yes! things are getting worse when it comes to the federal government and animal welfare.
Because it not only advocates painful animal transports to third countries that do not have animal welfare standards, but it also supports them – with our taxpayers’ money!

My comment: The meat mafia has all politicians under control!

Animals are usually at the mercy of the violence and sadism of the meat mafia. Especially in the live export this is extremely dramatic.

But this is not just about the often tormenting transport itself.
EU countries send cattle to countries where there is no animal welfare law, and they know it!

There, cutting out the eyes or severing the tendons of the front and hind legs are common ways to tame the animals and then kill them with a neck cut – fully conscious. All of this happens in distant places, far from our eyes.

At a time when we are trying to reduce animal suffering through information and education, EU countries are doing everything in their power to export more and more animals, driving up meat consumption in third countries.
Thanks to the European criminal agricultural policy, there are plenty of cattle for which customers are urgently sought. We send them to the third countries.

And nobody is responsible, nobody wants to take responsibility and action. The German actors point with their fingers to Brussels, Brussels says animal transport is country thing.

It is an industry of animal cruelty, officially approved.

My best regards to all, Venus


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