Animals Asia – New Rescues In Vietnam -Your Help Needed – Please Donate Today Thank You (WAV).

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We are putting out this appeal for Animals Asia; as I (Mark) have a real problem with bear bile farming – I want to do all I can to stop it asap with your help.

“Over my dead body will you get the rest of those bears…”

…that’s what the bile farmer said.


Authorities were forcing him to give us two of the eight bears on his ‘farm’.

Of course, he chose the weakest, sickest bears. The ones whose emaciated little bodies he’d plundered almost to death… Myrtle (pictured) and Amelia. AA March 1 19

By 2022, bear bile farming will be illegal in Vietnam. No loopholes. No exceptions.

Now the race to save the last bile bears in Vietnam has begun. It’s why I’m turning to you today…

Because ‘bile bears’ like Myrtle are in more grave danger than ever.

Today you can help ensure that as many of Vietnam’s last bile bears make it out of this dirty trade with their precious lives as possible.

Will you join the fight to save Vietnam’s
last bile bears with a donation today?

donations 2

Please, give now. Before it’s too late for even one more bear.


AA March 2 19

Myrtle was dying.

Too weak to eat. A single claw remained on her right paw, she was the long-ago victim of a bone-crushing snare.

But nothing… not even the agony of steel on bone and nursing her raw stump alone…

Nothing could have prepared gentle Myrtle for the torture she suffered since the moment they captured her.

Only with your generous love and gifts of hope could we take Myrtle away that day. Without you, who knows what could have happened to her…

Because some farmers could try to kill and sell their bears before they can be rescued.

gall bladder,
and bones…
all can be harvested to sell on the black market.

Half of bile farmers have admitted doing it. They see this blood money as compensation for their soon-to-be ‘worthless’ bears.


AA March 3 19

Because when our emergency response team receives a call about a bear, or two, or ten, in urgent need… we must act fast.

Your gift could fund the urgent rescue missions to help save as many of Vietnam’s last bile bears as possible.

Your cherished gift could fund the trucks to rush survivors to safety…
or the urgent pain relief these battered bears desperately need…
or the fresh food and water after a lifetime of eating grey sludge…
or our amazing team who undertake these difficult, urgent rescues…

…No bear left behind.

Please donate what you can today.

The coming months and years will be filled with uncertainty, as we try to save Vietnam’s last bile bears. But one thing I do know for certain is this…

Your dedication and love for these magical animals has already saved the sweet lives of Myrtle, Amelia, and hundreds more beautiful bears.

No bear should die alone. Unnamed and unloved. And if your gift today saves even one more gentle bile bear, yours will be a blessing like nothing they’ve ever known before…Just ask our little Myrtle.

Please give today and help save Vietnam’s last bile bears, before it’s too late.

With the very warmest bear hugs of hope,

jill rob

Jill Robinson MBE, Dr med vet hc, Hon LLD
Founder and CEO

PS I promised the rest of the bears we would be back for them. And you made that promise come true. Because every rescue starts with you.

As Vietnam’s bear bile industry collapses, we cannot allow the very victims of this disgusting trade to be the victims of its downfall too. Please, donate now and help save the last bile bears in Vietnam. Thank you so much for caring.


WAV Comment –

We have done our bit today by giving to help this rescue mission; we ask please that you try to don the same.

Thanks on behalf of the bears in need; Bear hugs

Regards Mark


Dear Mark,

When bears like Myrtle need you… there you are.

Your gifts of love and hope send healing hands… life-saving medicines… fresh, nutritious food… and above all, the rare and precious chance to escape the torture of bile farming.

Thank you so very much for your recent donation.

Without you, gentle souls like Myrtle would have no hope. But today, Myrtle, who lost a paw in the bile-wars, is surrounded by love and joy. Her gentle brown eyes, once filled with such fear and sorrow, today twinkle like stars… all because of you.

To bears like Myrtle, your kind gift brings salvation. Sanctuary. Everything.

Below is a summary of your generous gift for your records:

Xxx xxx xxx


With bear hugs filled with gratitude,

Jill Robinson,
Animals Asia, Founder and CEO

PS Visit to see the impact of your treasured donation and a serious dose of cuteness! Thank you again for your wonderful gift.


Here are just a few videos from AA regarding their superb work to rescue Vietnam bears in the past.

These DO NOT relate to the current rescues which we are now asking you to support.  Please use the above links to give a donation for the latest work. – Mark (WAV).




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