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USA: Biology isn’t hard. It’s the managing of the people that’s difficult.


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“Biology isn’t hard. It’s the managing of the people that’s difficult.”


WAV Comment – very true; as our recent post shows:


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USA: Looks Like You DID F*** Around – You Got Caught. Shocking moment vile dad and son are caught shooting hibernating black bear and her two newborn cubs before high-fiving.




Shocking moment vile dad and son are caught shooting hibernating black bear and her two newborn cubs before high-fiving

alas killers 2

Above – Dickhead Hunter 1 (son) – Below:  Dickhead Hunter 2 (father)

alas killers 3


THIS below is the sick moment a dad and son high-five after slaying a defenceless bear and cubs as they hibernate in their den. 

The footage which captured the illegal killing on Esther Island, in the Gulf of Alaska, comes from a camera which had been set up to study the animals.


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Read the rest of the article; complete with video footage of the event, at:


In January, the father and son were brought to court and sentenced for killing the bears, and then lying to officials after they found out the bear was collared.

They both pleaded guilty to multiple misdemeanour counts including the illegal killing of the bears.

Andrew was sentenced to five months in jail with two months suspended, a fine of $20,000 (£15,300).

Owen was sentenced to suspended jail time and community service.

Both had their hunting licenses revoked, Andrew for 10 years, and Owen’s for two years.


WAV Comment:  They must be real men – they shoot animals ! – or should that be ‘try to look tough real assholes’ ?

alas killers 1

alas killers 4


USA: Mr ‘Money Above All Else’ vs The Bear – Trump Has No Problem With Destroying Polar Bears.




Dear Mark,

Picture the iconic, snowy landscape of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge … without polar bears.

It’s an unsettling thought. But as the Trump administration barrels closer to tearing open the Arctic Refuge to invasive oil and gas exploration, it could become reality sooner than we think.

Rapidly melting sea ice from climate change is already forcing more pregnant polar bears to move off the ice to den in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. But if their dens are overrun with 90,000-pound “thumper” trucks and oil drilling rigs, these majestic bears will be left with nowhere to nurse and protect their cubs. And we’re running out of time to save them.

polar bears alaska wild
Photo – Alaska wild.

NRDC is fighting to protect America’s polar bears and other threatened wildlife, but we need your support. Become a Monthly Partner now to power our ongoing legal battles and help save the Arctic Refuge and its wildlife from destruction. If you start your gift before March 31, NRDC will receive an extra $75 for the environment!

Polar bears need us to protect their habitat and save them from extinction. And as a scientist in the Marine Mammal Protection Project and Oceans Division at NRDC, I can tell you that we need them, too. Polar bears are one of our best barometers for understanding our overheating planet.

That’s because their Arctic home is warming twice as fast as the planet’s average … melting sea ice, softening the land, and threatening Alaska’s fragile ecosystems.

Mark, we’re up against an administration that flat-out denies the dangers of our warming planet — and moreover, an industry that sees melting sea ice as an opportunity to expand offshore drilling to the Arctic Ocean’s Beaufort and Chukchi Seas.

NRDC is working to protect the Arctic’s polar bears and fight disastrous drilling in their home — but we can’t do it without you. Please, support our work now.

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If the Trump administration succeeds in auctioning off Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas companies like ConocoPhillips or ExxonMobil, it will drive even faster global warming. And the polar bears? Tractors and massive thumper trucks will swarm the land, threatening their denning grounds and their cubs, making it even harder for them to survive.

That’s why NRDC is battling in court to block the Trump Administration from starting oil and gas leasing in the Beaufort Sea, which sits right off the coast of the Arctic Refuge. We also sued the administration to stop Big Oil from raiding the Western Arctic — and we’re preparing to jump into action the moment the Interior Department moves to begin leasing the Arctic Refuge.

We must be ready to haul this administration to court. And with your help, we can be. NRDC needs 300 committed supporters to join as Monthly Partners and come to the defense of the Arctic Refuge before it’s too late. Please, donate now >>

For everyone that joins with a monthly gift before the deadline, a donor will kick in an extra $75 to NRDC to help power our fight to protect the Arctic Refuge and our environment.

Trump alaska wildlife refuse


Stand with us right now — on the right side of history — as we face one of the biggest environmental battles of our lifetimes. If we’re going to win this fight, we need as much help as we can possibly get.


Francine Kershaw, Ph.D.
Project Scientist, Marine Mammal Protection Project and Oceans Division, NRDC


Regards Mark.



USA: California Leads The Way Again – Petition: Ban Animal Slavery for Entertainment in California.



SIGN: Ban Animal Slavery for Entertainment in California

Posted by Carly Day

SIGN: Ban Animal Slavery for Entertainment in California

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons – chensiyuan

Currently 6237 Signatures Collected


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Petition link –


PETITION TARGET: Senator Henry Stern, Chair of the California Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water

Babies torn from their mothers, trapped in cramped, dirty cages, and tortured to perform tricks out of fear. This is the reality of the cruel circus industry — and every day, animals are suffering for this so-called “entertainment.”

These animals deserve better.

And a new bill proposed in California could help save them from the cruelty.

Authored by State Senator Ben Hueso (D-San Diego), SB-313 would ban the use of elephants, tigers, lions and other exotic animals in any traveling act performing in the state. If passed, the bill would spare animals from abuse and show that we are no longer willing to tolerate cruelty for human amusement.

These animals may be whipped until they bleed, choked with tight collars, and forced to jump through rings of fire that leave horrific burns on their bodies.  They are left physically, mentally, and emotionally scarred. The abuse has to stop.



The bill is scheduled for a hearing with the California Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water on April 9, 2019.

No animal should suffer at the hands of humans for any reason – least of all for our entertainment.

Sign this petition urging Senator Henry Stern, Chair of the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water, to work to pass this bill, and help bring an end to animal exploitation everywhere.



Cyprus: Politician on the side of the bird mafia!




One-time Disy MP Evgenios Hamboullas sparked outrage on Friday after he urged people in Famagusta (a city on the east coast Cyprus) to attack and beat up foreign activists fighting the illegal hunting of songbirds.


His outburst came after a statement by the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (Cabs) said 29 of its volunteers had collected 2,596 limesticks and 53 nets in the district, one of two main hotspots for bird trapping, a lucrative business that fetches millions to poachers.


In a rant on his Facebook page Hamboullas accused the authorities of treason and urged residents to attack the activists.

“They are not  aktivists, they are shit ruffians!! Break their bones wherever you find them and if you can’t, call me and I will help,” said Hamboullas.


The remark sparked outrage elsewhere on the island with people calling on Disy chief Averof Neophytou to oust Hamboullas from the party.

“It was an unacceptable post. There is no excuse. He ought to withdraw and apologise in public,” Neophytou said on Twitter.

Hamboullas has since removed the post.

This was not the first time Hamboullas caused a stir regarding the issue.

While in parliament in January 2016, he had posted a photo on social media of himself at a dinner table with a platter of songbirds.

Evgenios Hamboulas-Zypern Arschloch nMP Hamboullas seen here enjoying ambelopoulia


He claimed he did it because he supported legalisation of hunting blackcaps, or ambelopoulia as they are known locally, albeit not with limesticks and nets, as is the current practice.

The attorney-general chose not to press charges at the time because putting together a criminal against a sitting MP for eating illegal game was difficult.

Vogelgang in Zypern

My comment: In no other country in the European Union does poaching go to such an extent. 4,000 poachers (at 1,120,489 island inhabitants) are said to have contributed to the cruel killing  last year and more than 2 million birds were killed.

And this is how the serial killers act: Rods are smeared with an odorless and colorless glue and placed on attractive -for the birds- landing sites; the birds stick to it and are at the mercy of their tormentors – the fishing method was already used in the Stone Age.

And in no other country are the authorities so powerless and inactive. The captured birds have become a big business for catchers, butchers and restaurats. The police pushes more than one eye – glue rods and nets are considered at best as a trivial offense, if not a venerable tradition!

The illegal hunters earn about 15 million euros annuallyof course, black. The estimate is from the year 2010 and should not have changed downwards.

“The illegal activities are open and more often supported by high-ranking politicians and administrative employees,” says a report about  “the Bird Mafia in Cyprus”.

We believe that immediately! if the kickback Hamboullas from the affair comes unpunished only with the deletion of a line in his Facebook page, then we have again learned something from corruption in politics.

On the other hand, they are all directly or indirectly supported by a society of lackeys. A population that lets such murders happen in front of their eyes and does so with the justification, there is always something more important in life than the murder and suffering of other beings.

My best regards, Venus