Day: March 10, 2019

Turkey: Comparing Slaughterhouses – ‘Eyes on Animals’ Investigation.



From good friend Lesley at ‘Eyes on Animals’ – The Netherlands.

Working in Turkish slaughterhouses is always frustrating. It is crucial that we are there, because the animals suffer horrendously and need help. It is also not hopeless; numerous improvements are now in place and a shift in thinking has begun. However, after hundreds of years of bad habits, religious traditions and a lack of information on new, more humane slaughter techniques in the Turkish language, change is slow and unpredictable… Never before was that so evident as last week.

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Bulgaria: Battle to get to Snowbound Shelter for the Dogs. 6 Travellers Arrive In the UK.



Battle to get to Snowbound Shelter for the Dogs… Plus more puppies than ever and our 6 travellers arrive! 


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We are thrilled to update you all that thanks to all your donations, our 6 travellers from Mimi’s sanctuary have now arrived with us in the UK!

They will now begin the long process of slowly being adjusted from the isolated life in a mountain top shelter with only Mimi for human company to the hustle and bustle of western life, adjusting to traffic and walks on a lead on a pavement as well as the gradual introduction to social gatherings of groups of people, and many other social activities that are common place for dogs with their families in the west.


UPDATE: 100 Animals to Be Released from Russia’s ‘Whale Prison’.

Russian federation


UPDATE: 100 Animals to Be Released from Russia’s ‘Whale Prison’

Posted by Katie Valentine | March 5, 2019


UPDATE: 100 Animals to Be Released from Russia’s ‘Whale Prison’

Russian authorities have ordered the release of nearly 100 captive beluga and orca whales, following months of public outrage and activism.

The public first gained access to photographs of the cruel, cramped conditions at the ‘whale prison’ last November when drone footage of the facility made headlines. At the time, 90 beluga whales and 12 orca whales were confined to the jail’s tiny cages — and most are still there.

In an interview with the Associated Press, activist Nina Zyryanova described the cramped confines the whales have been forced to endure, adding: “Although these animals are native to the Arctic, they must move, [a] hundred kilometers a day, to stay warm.”

Animal rights advocates worked tirelessly to convince Russian authorities to free the whales. Lady Freethinker was a voice in the protest. Our petition to Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak garnered over 20,000 signatures:

Celebrities Leonardo DiCaprio and Pamela Anderson used their influence to support the cause. On February 24, Anderson posted an open letter to President Vladimir Putin on her website, urging him to release the whales.

The widespread efforts caught the attention of the president, and Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov reported that Putin personally intervened.

Four companies were charged by Russian officials for violating a worldwide ban on commercial whale hunting that has been in effect since 1982, which only allows the capture of whales for certain scientific and educational purposes. The companies are suspected to have caught the whales for sale to China’s growing amusement park industry, where one whale sells for up to $6 million.

Authorities are currently determining the safest way to release the whales. Representatives from Russia’s Ministry of Natural Resources recently met to discuss the matter and agreed the whales should be returned to their natural environment.


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Germany: Solidarity to the hunt saboteure!




This is what the collaborative media say on 8th of March:

Hannover (capital of Lower Saxony):  Animal rights activists apparently want to obstruct the hunt for the Rodewalder Wolf. According to the Department of the Environment, they also try to publicize the identities of alleged wolf hunters.

“People walk around and take pictures of everything,” a ministry spokeswoman said.
It would be pictures of people who are supposed to shoot the animal after the speculation of the wolf guards.
These recordings ended up in social networks.
The actions were mainly to bring a lot of movement in the forest, so as to drive out the wolf and stop the shooting.

Wolfs Kopf

Environment Minister Olaf Lies sharply criticized the riots: “There are people who walk with cameras through the forest, photograph and mercilessly put on the Internet,” said the SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany) politician in the “North West newspaper”.

It is a nuisance if local institutions and executives are approached in the exercise of their rule of law (!!!) “said Lies.

Wolf’s protectors had tried in vain to stop the license to launch the Rodewalder Leit Wolf. It has recently been extended until March 31st.

“I’m confident we’ll have him until the deadline” (!!!), Lies said.

The released wolf is said to have torn more than 40 farm animals, including cattle and ponies. However, most pastures were not secured with wolf-proof fences.

My comment: The wolf was there first.
We need him to regulate the wildlife.
He is on this earth for that.
In contrast to the agricultural lobbyist Minister Lies, the sausage esser, who is devoid of any value for politics, nature and animals, and only occupies the place on this earth.

The biggest pests for nature and animals are the lackeys of Lies, the livestock owners and the hunters.

They hold sheep to cut their necks a few months later, or (best of all) to execute them with a bolt shot!
Only hunters, farmers, butchers and their disgusting supporters in politics, (say Model Lies), find joy and benefit in the blood rush.

This is not about protecting the animals.
This is about the wolf as a competitor to the murderers, the hunters, and about money, a lot of money for a few corrupt.

Solidarity, respect and thanks to the animal rights activists in Hannover!

Best regards to all, Venus