Day: March 18, 2019

UK: The Campaign To Ban Trophy Hunting. Read More; See More; Learn More …..




The campaign to ban trophy hunting.


It’s time to END trophy hunting.

Killing animals for pleasure is cruel, unnecessary, and has no place in a civilised society.

Humans have no right to take the life of an animal for recreation. Animals experience suffering and pain when they are hunted for trophies. Killing endangered wildlife for pleasure only helps push them even further towards extinction.


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The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting calls for:

  1. Governments to ban trophy hunting and the import and export of hunting trophies
  2. Effective enforcement of existing national and international laws against trophy hunting, with tough penalties for offenders
  3. An immediate halt to the trade in trophies of vulnerable, threatened or endangered species
  4. Trophy hunting exemptions to be removed from existing international conservation agreements
  5. Negotiations to commence on a comprehensive global agreement banning trophy hunting

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trpohy hunter 1


Pepsi’s Business Partner Indofood Has Been Kicked Off The Roundtable On Sustainable Palm Oil – Send A Message To The Forest Abusers.


Pepsi has nowhere to hide now: its business partner Indofood has been kicked out of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), the world’s largest sustainable palm oil authority, for mistreating workers on its environment-wrecking plantations.

Over 100,000 SumOfUs members like you have already told PepsiCo to cut ties with this palm oil villain, but the snack food giant has resisted so far, hiding behind those RSPO certificates. Nowthough, Pepsi’s surely going to drop Indofood like a hot Cheeto… right?

pepsi 5

Wrong. Pepsi’s still cashing obscene profits from its partnership with Indofood, and reacted to the RSPO decision only with “We are very disappointed”.

“Disappointed”, Pepsi?! Indofood isn’t a misbehaving toddler — it’s a corporation that destroys rainforests, mistreats female staff, uses illegal child labour, and exposes its workers to hazardous pesticides.

Tell Pepsi: Stop disappointing us and cut ALL your ties with toxic palm oil company Indofood!

palm oil greenpeace uk

Indofood’s abuses were always an open secret. But in 2016, our partners at Rainforest Action Network exposed Indofood and filed an official complaint with the RSPO. Together, SumOfUs members used our collective power to drive up pressure last summer and get the RSPO to first sanction — and now kick out entirely — the palm oil giant.

Now it’s official: Indofood’s palm oil cannot be called sustainable, even by the subpar RSPO standards. Meaning that if Pepsi’s ‘sustainable’ palm oil policy is to retain any scrap of credibility, it must end its joint venture partnership with the corporation — NOW.

Please sign the petition and help force Pepsi to terminate its business partnership with Indofood once and for all!

We know our people-powered campaigning can push big brands into action. After sustained pressure from SumOfUs members, Nestlé ended its own 13-year business partnership with Indofood. Showing that if PepsiCo really wanted to, it could too.

Palm Oil Harvest in Riau

And after 150,000 SumOfUs members put pressure on Pepsi’s departing CEO, Pepsi responded and stopped sourcing palm oil from Indofood — but failed to cut ties completely, keeping its business partnership in Indonesia.

Unless we use this moment to double down on our campaign, with the threats of reputation damage, negative media coverage, and lost customers, Pepsi may hope to weather out the storm. So we need to act fast.

Let’s tell Pepsi’s CEO there’s no excuse for inaction on exploitation and rainforest destruction — it’s time to drop Indofood.

 Sign the petition 

Thanks for all that you do,
Fatah, Rebecca and the team at SumOfUs

Governments and hunters: a brotherhood




After years of drought and recent bush fires, conditions have never been more dire for native waterbirds. Rather than follow the advice of expert scientists, Premier Dan Andrews instead has again allowed another duck shooting season to go ahead this year — albeit a shortened one, with restrictions on how many ducks can be shot.

erschossenen Ente in Australien_n

But that didn’t help this beautiful Caspian Stern. So clearly not a ‘game bird’ but shot in the head and left to rot by shooters anyway.

This happened at one of 1000 locations where shooting can take place. Our friends at the Coalition Against Duck Shooting do their best to monitor wetlands, because they know — as does Premier Andrews — that enforcement of laws is impossible during duck shooting season. He knows that even when legal complaints are made, prosecutions rarely follow.

And yet he continues to defend this blood sport as ‘safe, humane and sustainable'(!)

erschossenene Ente Australia_n

Is it ‘safe’ to allow access to those wielding shotguns, who think it’s fun to slaughter defenseless wildlife, into 1000 mostly unmonitored locations across the state?

Is it ‘humane’ to allow waterbirds to be sprayed with shotgun pellets?

Entenj Jagd in Australien jpg

For these terrified and wounded animals to be pursued through the water, and then swung around by their necks until they die?

Is it ‘sustainable’ to allow hundreds of thousands of native waterbirds that are already struggling to survive, that are not breeding, that are in decline, to be blasted out of the sky for fun? The only way to protect our precious native waterbirds, is to ban this brutality permanently. Speak up here

Petition, please sign:

My comment: The hunters have a strong lobby, not in the population, but in the government of their country.
We are rather governed by the lobbyists, is there an area that has not been lobby contaminated? As a voter, you can vote for all holy times, but the rest of the time the lobbyists say so.

It`s time to hunt the hunters 2jpg

In this case, the prime minister and the hunters sold the murder of innocent beings as a safe, humane and sustainable solution!!
That’s what I mean by fascism!

My best regards, Venus