Governments and hunters: a brotherhood




After years of drought and recent bush fires, conditions have never been more dire for native waterbirds. Rather than follow the advice of expert scientists, Premier Dan Andrews instead has again allowed another duck shooting season to go ahead this year — albeit a shortened one, with restrictions on how many ducks can be shot.

erschossenen Ente in Australien_n

But that didn’t help this beautiful Caspian Stern. So clearly not a ‘game bird’ but shot in the head and left to rot by shooters anyway.

This happened at one of 1000 locations where shooting can take place. Our friends at the Coalition Against Duck Shooting do their best to monitor wetlands, because they know — as does Premier Andrews — that enforcement of laws is impossible during duck shooting season. He knows that even when legal complaints are made, prosecutions rarely follow.

And yet he continues to defend this blood sport as ‘safe, humane and sustainable'(!)

erschossenene Ente Australia_n

Is it ‘safe’ to allow access to those wielding shotguns, who think it’s fun to slaughter defenseless wildlife, into 1000 mostly unmonitored locations across the state?

Is it ‘humane’ to allow waterbirds to be sprayed with shotgun pellets?

Entenj Jagd in Australien jpg

For these terrified and wounded animals to be pursued through the water, and then swung around by their necks until they die?

Is it ‘sustainable’ to allow hundreds of thousands of native waterbirds that are already struggling to survive, that are not breeding, that are in decline, to be blasted out of the sky for fun? The only way to protect our precious native waterbirds, is to ban this brutality permanently. Speak up here

Petition, please sign:

My comment: The hunters have a strong lobby, not in the population, but in the government of their country.
We are rather governed by the lobbyists, is there an area that has not been lobby contaminated? As a voter, you can vote for all holy times, but the rest of the time the lobbyists say so.

It`s time to hunt the hunters 2jpg

In this case, the prime minister and the hunters sold the murder of innocent beings as a safe, humane and sustainable solution!!
That’s what I mean by fascism!

My best regards, Venus




One thought on “Governments and hunters: a brotherhood”

  1. Thankyou for explaining. As a species we need to learn how to deal with such abject crass stupidity and cruelty. More later! Thanks. Dawn


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