Day: March 6, 2019

Spain: Galgos Hunting Dogs – Thrown Down Wells to Die. Petition to Sign.



Thrown Down Wells to Die

Sign: Stop the Mass Killing of Spain’s Greyhounds

Tens of thousands of Spanish greyhounds (called galgos) suffer a horrific fate after obediently serving their masters during hunting season. 

Some dogs are hanged, left to dangle from the noose for days while they slowly starve. Some are burned with painful acid. Other dogs are thrown down wells, left to die slowly with broken bones and a crushed spirit.

Even though animal torture is illegal under Spanish law, there is shockingly little regulation of the Galgueros who breed these dogs.  Competition training involves tying a dozen dogs to the back of a car and dragging them down the road. Since the dogs are deemed disposable, there is little concern if they are injured or killed.

Spain can no longer ignore the cruelty. It’s time to stop the torture and death.



Sign the Petition at:


Contact Spanish Ambassador Mr. Santiago Cabanas Ansorena

E mail at: 

and urge him to do everything in his power to outlaw all use of dogs in hunting and competitions before the next season begins — so that no more innocent greyhounds suffer.



aufgehängter Galgon

jäger mit galgospg

Turtle Island Restoration Network’s shark research in Costa Rica – Watch the Very Interesting Video Below.

turtle island



A documentary film highlighting Turtle Island Restoration Network’s shark research in Costa Rica was released this morning, and it’s well worth the watch.

The film, “What Sharks Reveal About the State of the Ocean,” follows Turtle Island to one of the world’s most premiere dive sites where we have researched sea turtle and shark migration for more than 10 years. 

The film debuted today at the World Ocean Summit in Abu Dhabi, where political leaders, policymakers, heads of global business, scientists, NGOs and multilaterals from across the globe gathered to connect the world to new ideas and perspectives. 

Experience a firsthand look at our shark research in Costa Rica by watching the film today.


A film crew from The Economist joined Turtle Island on our December 2018 Cocos Island Dive Expedition, where they spent 10 days witnessing expedition participants accomplish a number of important objectives surrounding shark research in the area, including the tagging of a 14-foot female tiger shark.

The film also shows chilling footage of the shark fin trade, as well as efforts to stop illegal fishing in the protected waters surrounding Cocos Island.

Every year, TIRN takes scuba divers to Cocos Island, one of the world’s most stunning marine protected areas, to view and photograph the most diverse marine life in the world, as well as the exclusive opportunity to assist TIRN with various levels of shark migration research. 

Our research is setting the basis for enlarging protections for highly migratory marine species by creating the world’s first marine protected area between two sovereign nations. If you are interested in supporting our research, please consider coming on an expedition, or making a donation.

I hope you enjoy the film.


Todd Steiner
Founder & Executive Director
Turtle Island Restoration Network

turtle logoturtle 3

Germany: the land of semblance democracy




As a reminder for all:  About five months ago, undercover investigations by the organization SOKO documented the following illegal conditions in a slaughterhouse in northern Germany, Saxony: The cattle got electric shocks. They got them if they did not go to the slaughterhouse by themselves, they got them if they did not want to get up. If they could not get up at all, they put a chain around their forelegs and drag them down the trailer with a kind of winch. Calves were thrown from the trailer into the slaughterhouse. And also dead animals should have been delivered there.

Such animals, which are no longer transportable, the farmer may no longer bring to the slaughterhouse, they may not be used by the slaughterhouse itself. But the disposal of a dead farm animal costs money, the slaughterhouse may bring a few euros. Dead animals must not be brought to a slaughterhouse at all. These are cruel scenes. But what shocks even more: that’s illegal!

Bad Iburg, Geheim AufnahmenA cattle is pulled by cable winch from a transporter. It is a so-called downer. Thus, “spent” dairy cows from intensive farming are called.


Veterinary Officers have not intervened, when cattle trampled and bellowed because they were obviously not sufficiently stunne, and because  lame and sick animals are illegally transported to slaughterhouses by cattle dealers.The responsible veterinarians looked away.

Bad Iburg 3

And now the reaction of “responsible” politicians!

The Lower Saxony  regional chief, ( also minister of economics in Saxony), called Bernd Althusmann, did not understand the problem.

In a press statement, he speaks of the fact that the previous animal welfare measures at slaughterhouses, the animal cruelty “would not have prevented”.
Now the state should take responsibilityand not these “criminal burglars”. This is what Althusmann calls the animal rights activists who have uncovered scandals in three slaughterhouses in Lower Saxony!!

When the responsible veterinary service is confronted with the pictures from the slaughterhouse, confirmed: “The pictures show indeed serious animal protection offenses.” The prosecutor has ordered that in the factory initially no longer allowed to be slaughtered.

This mistreatment does not happen isolated. Their frequency reveals a deliberately organized system that goes far beyond the single case of this slaughterhouse. The proportion of “bad” animals here is oversized, that’s what they have purposefully operated.

And the minister Althusmann?

In his statement, he does not criticize the farmers, who wear the dairy cows so badly that they lack the strength to take a single step.
He does not criticize the transport companies, who still cart these animals into the slaughterhouses.
He also does not criticize the slaughterhouses, which slaughter the animals instead of slaughtering them in the transporter, with full awareness of chains in the slaughter room.
No!! He criminalized the animal rights activists, he calls them “criminal burglars”, without whose commitment, the slaughterhouse -for example-  in Bad Iburg would not have been closed.

Actually, he should be grateful to them.!5567495/–heimliche-aufnahmen-entlarven-ein-zynisches-system-8407796.html

My comment: Who benefits from this criminal system?  Lots!
The farmer  gets hardly a penny for such a cow. But that’s not what it’s about. He calculates differently: for him, it counts that the animal costs nothing more – no food and no fee for the disposal of the carcass, if the cattle were killed in the yard.

Most animals are so emaciated that they hardly give more juicy steaks. These are so-called downer – “spent” dairy cows from intensive farming, who have not lived even 5 years. Their meat goes to low margins to the sausage industry, and also to the dog food.

A lot of people are making money from this illegal animal cruelty. Until a courageous group of people with civil courage documents their crime, and introduces them to the public as an illegal slaughterhouse operators.

And that the Saxon Minister Althusmann is a ridiculous puppet of the criminal agricultural lobby, we would not have known without the animal rights activists!!

My best regards, Venus