Spain: Galgos Hunting Dogs – Thrown Down Wells to Die. Petition to Sign.



Thrown Down Wells to Die

Sign: Stop the Mass Killing of Spain’s Greyhounds

Tens of thousands of Spanish greyhounds (called galgos) suffer a horrific fate after obediently serving their masters during hunting season. 

Some dogs are hanged, left to dangle from the noose for days while they slowly starve. Some are burned with painful acid. Other dogs are thrown down wells, left to die slowly with broken bones and a crushed spirit.

Even though animal torture is illegal under Spanish law, there is shockingly little regulation of the Galgueros who breed these dogs.  Competition training involves tying a dozen dogs to the back of a car and dragging them down the road. Since the dogs are deemed disposable, there is little concern if they are injured or killed.

Spain can no longer ignore the cruelty. It’s time to stop the torture and death.



Sign the Petition at:


Contact Spanish Ambassador Mr. Santiago Cabanas Ansorena

E mail at: 

and urge him to do everything in his power to outlaw all use of dogs in hunting and competitions before the next season begins — so that no more innocent greyhounds suffer.



aufgehängter Galgon

jäger mit galgospg

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