Day: March 25, 2019

Trophy Hunt: an industry of psychopaths



The demand for hunting trips is high. This year, even the hunt for a polar bear was offered by the Safari Club International in Las Vegas for a price of 72 000 US $.

Many animals are threatened with extinction. Nevertheless, they are killed out of sheer lust for murder. But these people are willing to pay a lot of money. The more threatening a species is, the more expensive it is the launch.

Even in the EU, the hunting lobby seems to have a mighty power, because the trophy hunt is even supported by the EU.
Botswana has been under pressure from the EU to lift the hunting ban. Botswana gained a notorious fame when Juan Carlos, who was WWF Honorary President and King of Spain at the time, broke his hip while hunting elephants. And so it became known that he “rang” the population density of African elephants also through safari !!
In November 2016, Chekedi Khama, Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment of Botswana, said his country was under unprecedented pressure from the pro-hunting lobby.

The EU and regional neighbors call for the lifting of the hunting ban, which was imposed in 2014.

Those who do not want to bid on Ebay can find out about trophy hunting from January 30 to February 4, 2018 at Europe’s largest hunting fair – HUNTING & DOG (JAGD & HUND). Elephant and rhino hunting was even offered at the last fair. Around 80,000 visitors and 800 companies from 41 nations participated in 2018. And the assumption is obvious that prominent hunters prevent the prohibition of hunting trophies.

EBAY8This is a hunting safari in the Kalahari of South Africa – This is a 7 day hunt. 5 full hunting days with a travel day on each end. The hunt will include Blue Wildebeest, Blesbok, warthog and zebra.  AUF EBAY 


Ebay 3Reduced price !!! Fall Trophy Alaska Grizzly Bear Hunt


Ebay5Auch eine Jagd in  Zimbabwe  ist möglich – HIER AUF EBAY 


Foto mit ermordete Hirafe und Kinder_nMore hunts, even photos with children, because the next generation should also learn to “hunt” – see here: on Ebay


Eisbären-Jagd aud E bayThere are also auctions where you can bid on hunts on polar bears – as you can see in the screenshot above.

The WWF claims that sustainable trophy hunting can be an effective conservation tool (!!!). The German Hunting Association (DJV) welcomed these position of the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) for hunting abroad.

Did you know that the European Parliament voted in favor of legal and sustainable trophy hunting despite protests from within its own ranks?
“The absolute ban on trophy hunting imposed by some members of parliament could be averted”, said Karl-Heinz Florenz (Germany), MEP,  in Hunter magazine.

So there is the Safari Club International in German!!. Here the hunting enthusiasts meet regularly for a regular’s table in Munich. By now you should be aware of why the EU does not want to ban the trophy trade.

Also in Germany you pay gladly for a shoot of a polar bear 40 000 Euro. Paradoxically, the ice bar is the hallmark of climate change!

In the following video, you can see an emaciated polar bear fighting desperately for survival.
His white coat covers the bony body.
He pulls a hind leg behind him. In search of food, the polar bear digs with his last strength in a nearby garbage bin, which is used by Inuit fishermen.
He finds nothing and falls resignedly back to the ground.

Did you know that Canada is forbidden to feed polar bears, but Canada is the only country where you can hunt polar bears?

The hunts take place in the areas of various Inuit communities, in the east as well as in the central Arctic region.

Petition to sign:

My comment: How sick does one have to be as a trophy hunter in order to “pose” next to the animal carcasses and to take pictures with the smile of a senile?
Or is there anything more awful than hanging heads from the sneaky-shot carcasses into the living room to show the world what a nasty, cowardly scum he is?

People who kill animals for fun are deranged. In today’s society, those who feel nothing about killing are seriously ill. This is confirmed by common sense.

This trophy hunting industry is the godchild of corrupt politicians, especially EU politicians. This industry is a corrupt business that also ruins an entire nation, if its society accepts the business because it has no civil courage to organize its forces against criminals.


My best regards, Venus