Day: March 30, 2019

Florida: Family day with rape lessons!





The University of Florida held an event called “Family Day at the Dairy Farm” where – among other horrors – they taught kids how to sexually inseminate dairy cows.

“That’s the vagina;
Now put that down in there and push it in.”
says  the “educator” to the child!


It is not enough that children grow up with lies and fairy tales about the lives of animals, which are treated only as dairy machines on farms. Now the Milchmafia tries to justify the children the rape of the cattle as necessary practice and therefore the farmer trivializes this criminal practice, as naturally and without problems.

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But as soon as one speaks of rape in animals public, one is a misanthrope. Rape is a word for humans, not for animals.  As appropriate, carcass is a word for animals and corpses for human animals.

And with this language we concretize a position of power and an inequality. That is the language of the rulers.

I adopt the definition of rape from the about Rape:

“Illegal sexual intercourse or any other form of sexual penetration of the vagina, anus or mouth, with or without violence, through a sexual organ or other body part or an object without the victim’s consent”.

In the special case of dairy cows, these criminal practices follow after the rape:

In insemination centers, bulls are usually masturbated manually by a farmer twice a week, with 2 or 3 ejaculates per collection day. All forms of dairy farming involve the forced feeding of cows. In this procedure, a person puts his arm deep into the rectum of the cow to determine the location of the uterus and then drive a seed-filled instrument into her vagina.

1) Year after year, to ensure uninterrupted milk production, the cows are forced into an endless cycle of pregnancy and childbirth, and their newborn calves are taken away from them. Mother cow and calf are crying after being separated. 21 million male calves are killed worldwide every year. They are considered “waste products” of the dairy industry.

Kalb in Traktorjpg

2) Dairy cows are forced into slavery to produce milk for humans throughout their lives. They have no freedom.


3) After only 4 to 6 years, the dairy cows are exhausted from the constant forced milk production. Often they are already weak and ill when transported to the slaughterhouse, traumatic to these docile animals. Under normal circumstances – without exploitation and slaughterhouse – cows can become at least 25 years old.

tote Kuh im Schlachthof_n

Parents! Tell your children the truth:

Today’s milk production is a story of cruel human barbarism. These cruelties only happen because consumers demand milk and dairy products whose devastating effects on human health have been substantiated by scientific studies.

Whenever we say humans are very different from animals, and that rape, suffering, slavery, and torture in the animal factories do not have the same weight as they do for humans – even though we all have similar brain structures and physiological mechanisms – we do it to reassure our conscience and to justify our complicity in these criminals’ practices.

Animals are not property, no objects and no slaves, machines or products.

Say that to your children!

My best regards to all, Venus



MeatOut 2019 Was a Huge Success!


MeatOut 2019 Was a Huge Success!

Posted by Katie Valentine | March 28, 2019

MeatOut 2019 Was a Huge Success!

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On March 20, MeatOut celebrated its 35th, and perhaps most successful, year.

MeatOut is an annual international campaign supported by the non-profit organization Compassion Over Killing. The event encourages people to explore vegan eating and learn about the benefits of a plant-based diet on personal health, the environment, and animals.

Additionally, vegan food samples are given out and restaurants are encouraged to offer vegan menu options. This year, over 100 events were held around the world by restaurants, advocates, and organizations.

MeatOut was also celebrated on social media this year. Jessica Carter, COK’s Vegan Food and Lifestyle Coach, hosted a live Facebook cooking tutorial demonstrating a variety of delicious vegan recipes, including sloppy joes, loaded tater tots, and coney dogs.

To show their support for a vegan lifestyle, social media users included the hashtag #MeatOut on their posts.

Multiple cities and one county around the U.S. declared March 20 as official MeatOut Day, including Philadelphia, PA; Pittsburgh, PA; Montgomery County, MD; Takoma Park, MD; Ithaca, NY; Kent, OH; and Albuquerque and Santa Fe, NM.

COK’s Director of Outreach and Education Simone de Lima summarized MeatOut’s success in a recent press release: “MeatOut 2019 has empowered thousands to spring into action by trying vegan eating or helping others in their community to choose healthy and sustainable vegan foods — and engaging their local governments to do the same.”

MeatOut was first celebrated in 1985 and occurs on the first day of Spring every year. It has spread to over two dozen countries throughout the world, including Germany, France, Spain, and Israel, and has gained the support of numerous celebrities, including Joaquin Phoenix, Alicia Silverstone, and Bill Maher.

A Great Visitor Day So Far; and Growing All The Time.

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As many of you ‘regulars’ will know, we operate 2 animal welfare sites

– ‘Serbian Animals Voice’ –   and ‘this one ‘World Animals Voice’ –

Today (30/3), Venus and I have been very pleasantly surprised to see that we have had in excess of 2,323 visitors to the site, and that is SAV only, without the addition of visitors to this site, WAV.

Here is the link to our SAV visitor map where you can see where all our visitors are arriving from:

…. And here is the link to our WAV visitor map:


So we would like to say ‘Hi’ to all our new visitors from across the world and hope that they come back to see us on a very regular basis.

We do what we can to update the site every day with issues, news, videos and actions for you to take to help us reach out in being a voice for animal suffering everywhere.

So, come back and see us again real soon !

We are both chuffed the sites are doing so well.

Regards – Venus and Mark (WAV and SAV)