A Great Visitor Day So Far; and Growing All The Time.

polar bears alaska wild


As many of you ‘regulars’ will know, we operate 2 animal welfare sites

– ‘Serbian Animals Voice’ – https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/   and ‘this one ‘World Animals Voice’ – https://worldanimalsvoice.com/

Today (30/3), Venus and I have been very pleasantly surprised to see that we have had in excess of 2,323 visitors to the site, and that is SAV only, without the addition of visitors to this site, WAV.

Here is the link to our SAV visitor map where you can see where all our visitors are arriving from: https://clustrmaps.com/site/h5no

…. And here is the link to our WAV visitor map: https://clustrmaps.com/site/1a9kn


So we would like to say ‘Hi’ to all our new visitors from across the world and hope that they come back to see us on a very regular basis.

We do what we can to update the site every day with issues, news, videos and actions for you to take to help us reach out in being a voice for animal suffering everywhere.

So, come back and see us again real soon !

We are both chuffed the sites are doing so well.

Regards – Venus and Mark (WAV and SAV)


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