Germany: The last horror fur farm is closed




Unfortunately, fur is still a widely used product – especially in winter you can see many people, consciously or unconsciously wearing fur products. These are associated with an incredible amount of animal suffering and just unnecessary! A large proportion of fur farms are located in the Far East, Finland and Poland – and thus in parts of countries where animal welfare laws are even less adequate than in Germany. What many do not know is that animals in Germany still suffer on a fur farm.

And in the last of its kind in the Westphalian Rahden.


letzte Pelzfarma deutschland pg

For years, we have dealt with this system, organized demonstrations and filed charges against the operator for various violations. And now we have unique and scary new pictures from the factory. Because for the first time videos were made with a drone over and within the farm, which make the cruel life of the approximately 4000 minks that are held there first hand.

letzte Farma in Deutschland

The images show how the animals must live in confined spaces in cages and grid floors – and understandably suffer from behavioral disorders! The quality of the recordings can feel the suffering of the animals formally.


Why is this possible in Germany at all?

Theoretically, the keeping of animals for fur production is still completely legal today.

However, a new law was passed in 2017, which has tightened the minimum housing conditions and so the operation of fur farms in Germany has become unprofitable.
Also, if there are economic and less animal welfare reasons, the result was after all a small success.

letzte Pelzfarma deutschlandpg
Because of this change, all other businesses in Germany closedexcept for those in Rahden. Because this was awarded a five-year transitional period, in which he could continue working as before. The year 2022 should be over in Rahden at the latest – at the sight of the video material, we hope, however, that it will be so soon! Because no animal is allowed to suffer for fur!


Today, good news reached us regarding the last mink farm in Germany in North Rhine-Westphalia Rahden! According to the latest information, the facility now seems to have finally closed the operation and thus put an end to the miserable fur production, at least in Germany!

According to the responsible veterinary office, there are no more animals in the area and no mink has to suffer more there under agonizing conditions. But even if this is a great success for the animals, millions of them around the world still have to suffer for fur production – and of course we will continue to fight against that!

My comment: Between the years 2005 and 2015, the sales of the European fur industry have almost doubled: According to the European Fur Association Fur Europe 2015, they sold just under US $ 7 billion through fur sales. In 2005 there were still 3.6 billion.

A survey by the University of Ravensburg (Germany) revealed in 2017: About one third buys real fur, although the vast majority of reports on the attitude of animals in fur farms knows.


Pelztier am Bankjpg

“I’m wearing fur. People have worn furs for thousands of years, and I do not see that they do not use this natural resource. I have a real silver fox hat. The animals are bred in Russia. She keeps nice and warm and looks super chic”,  one has written on “die Zeit” electronic newspaper

An example of unbridled cynicism towards living and feeling animal beings!
Just like hunting and mass animal husbandry, fur farming also belongs in the dustbin of civilization history.
Consider !! we live in the 21st century and there are still people with survival convictions dating from before the neolithic revolution!!.
Never heard of the dangers of anthropocentrism?
Oh, Germany, your basic education…
This debate really needs more spirit, ethics and self-responsibility.

My best regards, Venus






6 thoughts on “Germany: The last horror fur farm is closed”

  1. NO MORE FUR we have petitions when read this we have them,petitions to close down deathcamps for animals out right now from end 2018 and we´ll keep them we work on abolish these deathcamps via so if you can spread the word and check it out and sign all signs matter we work on it all petitioners and plus activists and it sure must end stop abolish ban all hunt for fur and all deathscamps for fur so we have petitions out several via for the minks they just treat all animals the “same” when they are after their profit that is why they lie and don´t buy it Boycott it and don´t buy their lies they found out they cab hint down animals for fur fpr centuries to make profit and that´s what they do still until it´s banned just like ivory just like animal abuse and laws for that then there are rotten eggs that can´t handla animals and those are crazy Go to right now right away and keep signing under the animal rights


    1. Dear Monaco,
      The mink farm in Rahden, was the last existing fur farm in Germany. It was finally closed in March 2019, three years before the expiry of the temporary transitional permit until 2022.
      This is not due to the sudden love of the farm owner for fur animals, but the tightened minimum housing conditions made the observance of fur farms at all uneconomic, and that was also the reason for the closure of all other fur farms in Germany.
      The last remaining animals has sold the owner to Finland, where they are exposed to the animal tormenting conditions of the fur industry.

      A vegan bakery as next business I also think that is unlikely.
      But surely a new fur farm in Germany will not be his next business.
      Unless he does it in the Far East, Finland and Poland, ie in countries where there is only a very bad or no animal welfare law at all.


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