Turtle Island Restoration Network’s shark research in Costa Rica – Watch the Very Interesting Video Below.

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A documentary film highlighting Turtle Island Restoration Network’s shark research in Costa Rica was released this morning, and it’s well worth the watch.

The film, “What Sharks Reveal About the State of the Ocean,” follows Turtle Island to one of the world’s most premiere dive sites where we have researched sea turtle and shark migration for more than 10 years. 

The film debuted today at the World Ocean Summit in Abu Dhabi, where political leaders, policymakers, heads of global business, scientists, NGOs and multilaterals from across the globe gathered to connect the world to new ideas and perspectives. 

Experience a firsthand look at our shark research in Costa Rica by watching the film today.


A film crew from The Economist joined Turtle Island on our December 2018 Cocos Island Dive Expedition, where they spent 10 days witnessing expedition participants accomplish a number of important objectives surrounding shark research in the area, including the tagging of a 14-foot female tiger shark.

The film also shows chilling footage of the shark fin trade, as well as efforts to stop illegal fishing in the protected waters surrounding Cocos Island.

Every year, TIRN takes scuba divers to Cocos Island, one of the world’s most stunning marine protected areas, to view and photograph the most diverse marine life in the world, as well as the exclusive opportunity to assist TIRN with various levels of shark migration research. 

Our research is setting the basis for enlarging protections for highly migratory marine species by creating the world’s first marine protected area between two sovereign nations. If you are interested in supporting our research, please consider coming on an expedition, or making a donation.

I hope you enjoy the film.


Todd Steiner
Founder & Executive Director
Turtle Island Restoration Network

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