South Korea: Some Positive News – Seoul to offer subsidized insurance for stray dog adoptions.

South Kores

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Some great news coming out of South Korea re the dog issue.


Click here to read all the news and to take further actions.!__We_can_make_Seoul_stop_the_dog_meat_trade&utm_medium=email



Probably the most important news is:

Breaking News
Seoul to offer subsidized insurance
for stray dog adoptions

Seoul Metropolitan City, the capital of South Korea, where quarter of Korean citizens reside is now taking action to improve animal welfare and reduce pet abandonment.

The Korea Times reported on March 19, 2019, “Starting late March, Seoul residents who adopt stray dogs from shelters can enroll in a city-subsidized insurance plan regardless of the dog’s age, breed and medical history, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced.“

Click HERE to learn more.

This is proof that our campaigns work. We need the city of Seoul and all of South Korea to stop consuming dog meat. So let’s keep up the pressure by taking action! Thank you.


CALL for ACTION!__We_can_make_Seoul_stop_the_dog_meat_trade&utm_medium=email


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