Australia: A Message From Lyn (Animals Australia) Re Live Exports.



We stand united with Lyn and all the crew at Animals Australia in their continued fight to stop the (disgusting) live animal export trade from their shores.  Whatever the result of the recent elections; we know that the team at AA have the tenacity to carry on being a voice for voiceless regardless.  Politicians come and go; but the animal advocate is around for life ! – we wish them the very best with all their future strategies.  They will win ! – WAV.



I woke up yesterday morning, and my first thought was you.

The closer one gets to fulfilling a dream, the more disappointing or devastating it can be when something occurs to put it just out of reach again.

Numerous polls told us that we were on track to elect a government that would bring an end to the cruelty of live sheep export — so we were well-justified in our optimism that this outcome, that was years in the making, was within our grasp. The deep disappointment we feel is well-founded.

But while the celebration we had hoped for is, for now, on hold, I promise you that it will come. The foundation has been laid and the pathway to end live export paved, by you and other compassionate Australians.

As I walked my beloved dogs by the sea yesterday morning I looked up at the clear blue sky and consciously made the decision to reflect not on what might have been — but rather on how far, together, we have come.

Just 12 months ago, no-one would have thought it possible for a Coalition government to bring an end to the summer live sheep trade. But they did, and over 1 million sheep have been, and will be this year, saved from the worst of cruelties because of you. Just 12 months ago, no-one would have thought it possible that a Coalition government would dramatically reduce the numbers of animals who could be loaded on ships at any time of the year. But they did because of you.

Unprecedented changes have been made because of you.

In reflecting while I was walking on the significance of these achievements, determination replaced my disappointment and I was filled with the deepest sense of appreciation, in fact an overwhelming sense of gratitude … to you.

The diminishing of the Coalition’s previous ironclad support of the live trade over the past 12 months is proof that the force of human compassion can make the seemingly impossible, possible. The political wall that has for so long protected the operations of this trade — no matter the cruelty it inflicted — is being dismantled, and together we will continue to pull it apart, brick by brick.

As history shows, change is not easy for humanity to embrace. Fear of altering course can fuel self-interest, create separation and make maintaining the status quo desirable.

And therein lies the critical importance of the ‘path paving’ we are doing together…

Negotiating the challenges of the human journey is not easy as you know. But as we can also attest to, that evolutionary urge to grow into our best selves and to build a better and kinder world is nourished and strengthened by witnessing others embracing that path.

At this time in our history, I have never been more certain of the importance of every single kind act; of every single act of generosity. Because the antidote to fear is kindness. The antidote to separation is kindness. Doors are opened, bridges built and a new path is paved and illuminated, through kindness.

And so, you have never been more important than you are today.

I said prior to this election that it was your compassion, your commitment, your resilience and your heart-fuelled dedication that have sustained me throughout the years.

Not a single effort has been wasted. As you have inspired me, I know you will inspire and empower others to join us on this journey.

When the dust settles from this election and the make-up of the Senate is known, I will meet with our political allies and determine our next steps.

Our resolve is not diminished by this election result, it is only strengthened. The flame that burns within us all to end the live export trade and create that kinder future, only grows stronger and brighter. Brick by brick we will continue to dismantle the remaining support for this trade.

As always, my heartfelt gratitude goes to you. It is my great honour to serve and share this journey with you.

Onwards, dear friend…

For the animals,

Lyn White


Director of Strategy

Animals Australia.

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