India: May – More Great Rescues From Animal Aid Unlimited.



animal aid unlimited india

WAV Comment – we wish dear Erika all the very best with what sounds like a bad injury. Time will heal and she will soon be back to full strength saving the many animals as always with AAU. Please support them and give a donation if possible; follow the links below. Thanks – Mark and Venus – WAV.

For the team at AAU with thanks for their dedication and compassion: 



A special introduction to this newsletter from AAU Co-Founder Erika Abrams:

This is just a quick editorial, typed with my left hand, about a subject I can’t seem to escape this week: pain and comfort. I slipped in the house and crashed down on my elbow, fracturing my upper arm in jagged line that descended into the elbow joint. During the past few days I’ve had surgery, plates, screws, staples, you name it…and it hurts.  I’ve emerged from this mishap loving Animal Aid’s staff more than ever. I am deeply impressed by how gently they treat our patients. I would have felt lucky to have had them as nurses. And with this new, uninvited consciousness of pain, I deeply thank you so much for making it possible for us to give this gift of comfort and healing to the animals who are hurting. –Erika (even hitting the shift key and the e at the same time to ‘achieve’ a capital E was difficult!)


Birju was burned and left to die. But loving help was waiting…

This donkey’s heart-breaking abuse left him stranded in the road, unable to move with scalding burns on his back that were filled with thousands of maggots. His back was almost giving out and his lower legs shredded from rope burns by an unknown cruel owner. We rushed him into treatment that would last for 200 days and is still on-going, but today, gorgeous Birju is in our forever home, safe, recovering and full of cheerful personality. His wound is still not healed because of a condition called exuberant granulation, which can slow and prevent tissue re-growth in horses and donkeys. Managing this enormous wound has taken hundreds of caring hours but we’re seeing great progress in Birju’s overall condition, and his attitude suggests that he’s now free from pain. We tell him every day that he’ll never again see his abuser, and he’ll never be forced to work again. He seems to understand.
For abused animals, let there be help. Please donate.


Tiny kitten dying in drain, rescued and…Feisty! 

This wild little sweetheart was so ill he couldn’t move, collapsed in the water of a shallow drain. When rescuers arrived, they found his face covered in blood, too weak to resist being picked up. We treated him for pain, warmed him up, and watched in wonder as his resilient little body bounced back within just a few days. And food? Well just watch this teeny tiger transform, from doubting to devouring, and then, the play fights began. Meet Feisty now!

For little tigers who need help, please donate.


Encrusted bones hid a sparkling star named Rockstar!

Sores and scabs covered this terrified boy, but nothing could hide his adorable nature once the ravaging itching from mange was under treatment. Meet handsome Rockstar-and fall in love. Every. Single. Animal. Is. Precious.


Please donate to save the next one.


Sweet baby donkey covered in puncture wounds rescued 

This little angel must have been so bewildered when his gentle world of mother’s love was turned upside down by an animal attack. We don’t know if it was a dog or even possibly a young leopard from the size of the punctures and scratches covering his backside. Daily wound dressings for a month got him healed good as new, with his mother close by at every turn. A school bus driver had spotted him and called Animal Aid Unlimited to the rescue. Without help, he would have probably soon been plagued by maggots and infection; he wouldn’t have stood a chance. But wow. Meet Snuggles now.


Please donate for street animal rescue in India.


Celebrate the Care-givers: Bheru 


Bheru Singh is hailed by many as having a terrific sense of humor –he’s needed it because of the serious nature of his work as supervisor in Puppy Isolation–temporary home to the most gravely ill little sweethearts who are showing signs of contagious diseases. Bheru has become an expert nurse, giving drips, medicine, special feeds, lots of cleaning and comforting. Working in isolation is just that: once clad in special clothing workers must completely wash and change before entering any other area of the hospital. We thank Bheru for performing a very sensitive, difficult role with such loving kindness and–when needed–humor!






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