England: Geronimo, Serbian Strays and Badgers. All Policy Victims Of Governments That Will Not Accept The Evidence.

Further, we understand that Defra are refusing to let anyone independent be at the post mortem.  Is there a post mortem, or was Geronimo taken away to be destroyed and then burnt ?

A copy of a letter from Robert Andrews (for the Treasury Solicitor – the Government Legal department) dated 31st August states that Miss Macdonald’s request for Dr Heawood (a Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons – RCVS) will not be accommodated at any post-mortem due to ‘health and safety’ reasons, Covid 19, and ‘security reasons’.  Covid has become a very good excuse to hide all your dirty work under the carpet for a couple of years now.  What makes this any different when it originates at Defra we ask ?

Of course, as we would expect, the ‘experts’ undertaking an autopsy of Geronimo; if a body still exists, without independent monitoring in the form of Dr. Heawood, from the RCVS will obviously come to the conclusion and no doubt, an official government statement, that Geronimo was in fact carrying bTB, despite so much feeling to the contrary.  Now we await the results of the ‘hidden autopsy’ if it will ever be done, and seer exactly what it has to say.

The whole issue of Defra undertaking this autopsy without any outside observer, in the form of Dr. Heawood RCVS, is an already a failed ‘face saving’ attempt by them (Defra) to inform the masses that they, were right all along, and stuff the rest of the population.

Defra, if you do nothing wrong then why do you have to hide behind face masks, overalls and (wait for it) goggles ?; protected from the AR ‘mob’ by police officers who unlike the protesters on 31/8, were also fully kitted in face coveralls for what ?

At this point I would like to refer you to an earlier article of 31/8 which I posted on the murder of Geronimo.  You can read it via this link below, which also contains several photographs of the multi masked Defra officials, their police protection squad; in addition to Geronimo being taken away, manhandled and put into a horsebox, to be hauled away for his government incited destruction.

Link – England: ‘Geronimo’ Has Been Murdered By The British Government and Sucked Up To By Ministry Vets. A VERY Big Mistake For The Future, And Government Hopes Of Re Election. George Eustace and Vet Middlemiss Need Their Butts Kicked Hard – And They Will Get It. – World Animals Voice

The Government quite rightly states that 27,000 cattle were slaughtered in 2020 to curb the spread of the (bTB) disease.  That is certainly a lot less than the badgers slaughtered by the government currently in its current cull; or ‘sham’; whichever way you look at it.

England, Scotland and Wales have different legislation and systems for bTB compensation to farmers. The system of compensation applied depends on where the cattle were TB tested. For example, if the keeper’s main holding is in England, but the cattle were tested over the border in Wales, any compensation due would be determined by Welsh legislation

All animals removed and slaughtered due to positive bTB tests (ie. both reactors and in-contact animals) are compensated for at 100% of their market value. From 1 September 2012 brucellosis in-contact animals are compensated for in exactly the same way as brucellosis reactors.  So, for farmers it could be said it is a win – win situation.  You obtain market value if you sell non infected animals in market; and obtain full market value in the way of compensation if cattle are proven to have bTB

With this in mind, we would expect Miss Macdonald; Geronimo’s guardian, to be fully compensated in the same way.  Watch this space I hear you say.

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