England: Geronimo, Serbian Strays and Badgers. All Policy Victims Of Governments That Will Not Accept The Evidence.

UK badgers form tight family groups which may live in the same area for centuries.

Read more at England: The Badger. – World Animals Voice

In an identical way, UK government / Defra murder of badgers commences the initial break up of the tight knit family groups.  Survivors spread out over a much wider area than before, as there will be the opportunity (like the Serbian strays) for more un contested food from animals that have already been slaughtered.  And so, there is the chance that some of these wandering badgers could take new disease (lets call it bTB) into areas previously free from ‘that’ disease.

Is this a good policy to control the spread of disease ? – we say no; but then Defra claim to be the experts and undertake mass killing ! – or face saving for the benefit of themselves  make your choice !

Whatever, the name of ‘Geronimo’ and the government farce around his death will ride with the government for years to come; the welfare lobby will ensure that.  As stated at the start, within a day there is now a petition calling for the resignation of the Defra Minister, George Eustace.  It will be our duty to bring this issue, along with the mass murder of badgers, up with you, the public,. As and when the next UK general Election takes place.

Geronimo is now gone; but the events of 31/8 are just the tip od a huge iceberg hinging round bTB and the way it is being approached.  The murder of Geronimo will be a nemesis for the British government; you can make sure we will make them remember their failings.

Regards Mark

Uniformed officers wearing facemasks could be seen speaking to three people dressed in blue overalls and goggles outside the farm in Wickwar at 10.45am and tying a rope around Geronimo
Citizens Remember – and They Have Votes !

Reference data – remember this is from the government, so may be biased a little in what it says.

Ref – https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm199899/cmselect/cmagric/233/23305.htm

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