Mallorca: the bullfight in Alcúdia gets the fatal blow!

There will be no more corridas in the oldest bullring in Mallorca!!
Instead, it should be transformed into a socio-cultural center.

The bullring in Alcúdia is the oldest of its kind in Mallorca. Photo: Amalia Estabén

This has now been confirmed by the mayor of the municipality, Bàrbara Rebassa, on request in a municipal council meeting.
A company had been managing the community square for years.
But now his license has expired.

As the “Ultima Hora” reports, the concession is not to be put out to tender again.
If Mayor Rebassa has his way, the arena will in future be used as a center for the activities of clubs and cultural institutions.
If possible, the community also wants to set up rehearsal rooms for musicians.

The Alcúdia bullring was built in 1892 in the Sant Ferran bastion, which is part of the 17th century city walls. It has 1037 seats.
Traditionally, two bullfights were held here every year.

In recent years these corridas have been accompanied by anti-bullfighting demonstrations outside the gates of the bullring.

But there are also headwinds from the advocates of bullfighting.

On October 12, the community received a letter from a law firm.
According to Rebassa, it pointed out that the corrida is a cultural asset and that the law obliges the community to maintain bullfighting.
The mayor rejected this with the argument that the system no longer complies with the applicable regulations.

And I mean…There is still … the good news…

And the brave, civilized authorities of Spain, who view bullfighting as a disgrace to the country rather than a cultural asset.
There are still those too.
Time is ticking against the bullfight and we know… it will end!

My best regards to all, Venus

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