Live Animal Transport – A New Petition has Been Launched in the Czech Republic by Animal Campaigner Friends – Please Support.

WAV Comment – As many of you know. The stopping of live animal transport is one of our main issues.  It is great to see our Czech Republic friends have now set up a petition to support the stopping.  Below we have given all the links to the petition; please add your voice by supporting it.  Note – a ‘translate’ message should automatically appear when you go to the petition.

Regards Mark

Open petition to end long-distance live animal transport in Czech Republic

18 November 2021

Společnost pro zvířata

A new petition has been launched in Czech Republic by Společnost pro zvířata to demand a ban on long-distance live animal transport. They already have collected 4.000 signatures and they need to reach 10.000.

Back in June, our Member Organisation Společnost pro zvířata lit candles for the animals, victims of cruel transport practices, in front of the Czech Republic Ministry of Agriculture sending a strong message to the representatives. 

MEP Jiří Pospíšil, member of the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of animals, also sent his support and lit a candle for the animals. 

The ceremony was also an opportunity to launch a petition calling the Czech government to :

  • Ensure maximum journey times of 4 hours for chickens and 6 to 8 hours for cattle, pigs, sheep and other mammal (including waiting, loading and unloading hours),
  • Work on a strategy to shift from live transport to a trade of meat and carcasses as well as genetic material only,
  • Ensure the protection of animals at the time of slaughter or killing by enforcing mandatory stunning.

The petition is nearing its goal of achieving 10,000 signatures. 

Read more and support the petition here.


Petition for an end to long-distance transports with animals and for the export
of meat, for the breeding and life of animals as close as possible to their place of birth

for the Government and Parliament of the Czech Republic

motto: Animals are living sentient creatures, just like we humans. They are not goods.

Therefore, we, the undersigned citizens of the Czech Republic, ask the Government and Parliament of the Czech Republic to adopt legislation and its implementation in practice, which will ensure:

  • that the animals (used for farming purposes) live and live in or near the place of birth;
  • a maximum limit of 4 h (poultry) and 6 to 8 h (bovine, pig, sheep and other mammals) for transport to slaughterhouses, fattening and rearing/rearing, without exception and including waiting, loading and unloading;
  • the replacement of long-lasting transport of animals by the transport of meat, half-carcases and other animal products;
  • the creation of economic incentive tools for the above requirements;
  • the slaughter and killing of animals at their place of birth, as quickly as possible and brought unconscious by prior stunning, without exceptions;
  • severely penalise natural and legal persons for infringements relating to the protection of animals during transport and during the slaughter/killing of animals.

Regards Mark

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