Latest Report Shows Companies Continue To Make Progress On Their Commitments To Source Cage-Free Eggs.

Latest report shows companies continue to make progress on their commitments to source cage-free eggs

24 November 2021


Eurogroup for Animals’ member Compassion in World Farming launched its latest GLOBAL EggTrack report which shows that, despite supply chain disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, companies continue to make progress on their commitments to source cage-free eggs.

According to the 2021 report, 156 of 219 (71%) tracked companies are reporting progress against their cage-free commitments – up from 63% in 2020. Of the 47 companies with global commitments, 26 (55%) reported progress against these commitments, and since last year, an additional 12 companies have expanded their commitments to cover their entire global egg supply.

Highlights from the report:

  • Overall, 71% of companies tracked are reporting progress against their cage-free commitments
  • 12 companies expanded their commitments to cover their entire global supply including CarrefourGroupe Holder and Restaurant Brands International
  • Two companies – Danone and Hormel Foods – met their global cage-free commitments this year
  • Of the 116 companies with European commitments (as part of a regional or global commitment), 84% reported progress
  • Two companies – Nestlé and Yum! Brands (for its KFC Western Europe Subsidiary) – met Europe-level commitments in 2021
  • 9 companies have recognised the need to eliminate combination systems from their egg supply chains including BarillaDomino’sEurovo and Metro Group
  • 13 companies met their country-level commitments within Europe including Aldi Sud (Hofer Italy), Domino’s (Ireland and UK), Greggs plc (UK), and Schwarz Group (Lidl Spain)

Find out more about EggTrack and read the full report here.

Read more at source

Compassion in World Farming

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