Danone: the milk gets vegan competition

Danone converts its entire dairy factory to plant-based products from the Alpro brand!
As part of the global change in diet, Danone is converting one of its dairies to plant-based products from the Alpro brand

Danone recently announced that it will invest 43 million euros ($ 49 million) by 2022 to convert its dairy in Villecomtal-sur-Arros, southern France, into an Alpro-branded plant-based production facility.

This year, this was preceded by an investment of 16.5 million euros in the Alpro plant in Issenheim (Eastern France).

Danone, who also owns the Evian water and Activia yogurt brands, said the French plant-based food market has tripled in seven years and is expected to grow by another 50% by 2025.

A view taken on November 23, 2020 shows a part of the entrance to the Danone factory in Bailleul, northern France. – (Photo by DENIS CHARLET/AFP via Getty Images)

“We are seeing growing consumer interest in plant-based foods in the country.
Many consumers are looking for herbal solutions to have a more varied and varied diet, ” said François Eyraud from Danone France.

The factory is to be rebuilt in autumn 2022 and will start producing the first Alpro brand beverages from the second quarter of 2023.


And I mean…This decision does not come as a surprise.
Consumer trends changed rapidly during the corona pandemic.
In any case, the company has complained of a drop in sales of 70% in Bavaria over the past ten years.

In the past two years, its coveted Quark yogurt cream, Greek yogurt, Danone Mars chocolate yogurt and Danone Disney fruit yogurt… suddenly fell into disrepute; Corona had destroyed the illusion of safe dairy products.
Danone, unlike its competition, was hit much harder by the corona pandemic.

The Danone plant near Würzburg (Germany) wants to respond more quickly to consumer wishes and, according to the French company, also invest in plant-based products.
Well, yes … The global pandemic has accelerated some aspects of the upheaval in the food sector and changed others.

The new head of Danone Richard Trechman said: “We have had a massive rethinking! We want to become an” Activist Company “, Danone’s vision is: “One Planet. One Health “….

Of course, within the framework of a capitalist system, because Danone already terminated the supply contract with 46 dairy farmers in Bavaria at the end of January 2019, which has consequently greatly reduced the number of dairy farmers in the region.

Some talk about job losses, we talk about less animal suffering.
Because if there are no more animal products on the shelf, then the consumer will not buy them.
And we would not mind if Danone increased its sales through plant-based products.

My best regards to all, Venus

One thought on “Danone: the milk gets vegan competition”

  1. People aren’t normally traumatized when other people lose their jobs, which happens all the time, and nobody is smoking to sustain tobacco farmers or promoting asbestos, it’s only when animal agriculture employees lose their jobs that people get hotly emotional only BECAUSE they consume animals. They’re disgusting hypocrites,


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