EU: 2/12/21: Time When The EU Should Finally Step Up To The Plate and Introduce Major Reforms For Live Animals In Transport.

United appeal from NGOs and MEPs: live animal transport must be stopped

30 November 2021

Press Release

Eurogroup for Animals organised an action in front of the European Parliament ahead of the ANIT Committee vote. From its members investigators reports to the several MEPs who intervened, the call is unanimous: live animal transport over long distances and live export must be stopped.

For the past year the Committee of Inquiry on the Protection of Animals during Transport (ANIT) analysed the implementation of EU rules by Member States and its correct enforcement by the European Commission. 

The draft Report and relevant recommendations are going to be voted in Committee on December 2nd and put forward for adoption in January 2022. The Inquiry Recommendations are a relevant document especially in view of the Transport Regulation’s revision process, for which a new legislative proposal is expected in 2023.

Eurogroup for Animals and its members have been campaigning for decades to stop live transport and in the white paper Live animal transport: time to change the rules we outlined how the new Transport Regulation should adhere to the basic principles of reducing, refining and replacing live transport with meat/carcasses and genetic materialtrade, in line with the recommendations made by the European Food Safety Authority, the World Animal Health Organisation and the Federation of the Veterinarians of Europe.

Yet,every year over one billion animals are transported in the EU and from the EU to third countries and the current Transport Regulation doesn’t guarantee their effective protection.

Over the years we witnessed endless and avoidable suffering: animals crammed on overcrowded and unsuitable trucks and vessels, and animals unfit for transport, such as pregnant, young or injured ones. The tragedies at sea and on the road have given the ANIT Committee plenty of evidence to stop live transport.

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