Italy: New investigation reveals cruelty and illegalities on an Italian egg farm.

Essere Animali

New investigation reveals cruelty and illegalities on an Italian egg farm

20 December 2021

Essere Animali

NewsAn Essere Animali investigator worked undercover on an egg producing hen farm and witnessed, among others, covert slaughter, cruel killing of sick hens and violent loading procedures.

For years, through investigations carried out in a random selection of farms and slaughterhouses, Essere Animali has documented frequent violations which were reported to the relevant authorities. 

Yet their latest investigation in an egg farm adds on additional evidence that an urgent change in animal protection is needed. Essere Animali calls on more controls, severe sanctions for those who act in violation of these laws, and also a plan for a transition towards ending intensive farming.

The images reveal several unacceptable behaviors such as:

  • Illegal slaughter of hundreds of hens without prior stunning;
  • Repeated violent behavior towards animals;
  • Images and testimonies of eggs produced by caged hens being marketed as free range eggs.

INVESTIGATION IN A HEN FARM: covert slaughter, possible fraud and illegal work Read more at source

Essere Animali

Regards Mark

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