India: 2 Latest Rescues From ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’. Please Donate If Possible.

Dear Mark,

Give a sponsorship gift of an Animal Aid Unlimited sweetheart as a Christmas present this year. Your gift will include special edition certificate of your sponsored animal sporting a cheerful Santa hat, sharing with the recipient that this life-loving gift comes from YOU.

Oh, and our newest sponsorship dogs Sammy, (blind and adorable), Kitu (partially disabled and filled with play) wish you Happy Holidays from Animal Aid.

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Milky Way is not “just” a donkey. Shy, a little inward, and an essential part of the universe!

A passing vehicle must have hit this boy we named Milky Way. The laceration was very deep, and if the injury had been lower on his leg he would have surely died. Fortunately, we could give him a chance.

The bandaging was very tricky. We useda bandaging technique in which a few stitches are placed around the wound, and padded bandages are then tied down protecting the wound. This kept the wound clean and eased his pain as his healing journey began.

He’s not a very social boy, remaining quite independent and inward, but Milky Way’s eyes shine like stars.

Rescue. Heal. Love. Donate today

Snuggler’s mother “told” his rescuers that she was desperately worried…

The mother of a collapsed, comatose puppy told us everything we needed to know.

She held her anxiety in her shoulders, but most of all in her eyes, which were filled with the greatest sorrow–a mother watching her baby dying.But her worried posture alerted neighbors to look more closely at the grey mound in the soil and saw the little one still breathing. He twitched unconsciously.

The little one was in critical condition and we hurried him to our hospital and treated him for life-threatening hypothermia (cold), pain, and gave him IV fluids to stabilize him. He had no fractures but we cleaned and dressed several puncture wounds on his neck. He was still comatose when we lay him bundled in a basket, and he slept through the night. In the morning, we were delighted to find his eyes open: he had woken up from the coma! Now the next task would be to get him to eat–if he would eat we knew he had a good chance of surviving.

Watch life return to little Snuggler, and his return home to his busy siblings, and his beautiful mom and dad.

For injured puppies, a happy ending is a new beginning… Please donate today!

Holiday giving can mean more than cool stuff.

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Regards Mark

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