How WWF becomes a traitor to the animals


The Christmas 🎄clock is ticking. And with it the question: What should we eat?

If you want meat, then please organic from the region or game from the area. We have a guide for conscious meat consumption.

Please read:…

Photo: WWF

The WWF advises you to buy meat consciously and recommends that you choose meat, the production of which has as little impact on the environment as possible.

This basically includes meat that has been produced according to the criteria of the EU organic seal, the organic cultivation associations and the Neuland production association, as well as so-called “pasture meat”, which comes from animals that have been on the pasture all year round.

The main criteria for “good” meat are:

– No synthetic nitrogen fertilizers are used for the production of the animal feed. A material and energy cycle that is as closed as possible should be aimed for.

– No synthetic pesticides are used in the production of the animal feed.

– The use of genetically modified forage plants for the production of animal feed is prohibited.

– The animals were kept animal-friendly. This includes, among other things, that the animals have sufficient space for movement throughout the year and that they are given access to exercise or grazing all year round. Fully slatted floors are prohibited.

– Painful interventions on animals are only carried out with anesthesia or pain treatment. In addition, the usual interventions in conventional animal husbandry, such as cutting off the tails, pinching the teeth in pig breeding and docking the beaks in laying hen husbandry, are prohibited.

– The use of conventional medication is only permitted in exceptional cases. The administration of antibiotics as fattening aid or preventive medication is prohibited. The use of synthetic substances that promote growth or increase production is also prohibited.

– Cattle, sheep and other ruminants spend a lot of time in the pasture and their feed consists largely of green forage (grass, hay, silage, clover). The meat is known as pasture meat.

-The live transport of livestock does not exceed four hours.

Our answer..WWF and animal consumers have signed a tacit agreement: We lie to you – We let ourselves be deceived.
This has advantages for both sides: Undisturbed maximization of donations against a clear conscience.

Organic attitude

With this clever organic philosophy, the product – meat – can be saved elegantly and, above all, “ecologically” on morally safe grounds using arguments: Meat from animals that had a happy life!
Meat from animals that lived in the wild until their death is simply the ideal solution!

But behind the organic-lying fairy tale of beautiful words – “organic”, “eco”, “respect” – and beautiful pictures – on the packaging and in the advertising – there is pure horror, pure horror: absolute lawlessness of animals, absolute ruthlessness of their tormentors.

Organic attitude

A company that works according to “organic” and “eco” guidelines is not an idyllic farm with a few happy animals, but here too you will find the same factory farming with hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands of animals as in the “conventional” ” Area.
The desolate life of the so-called “eco-animals” is consistently propagated as “species-appropriate”: the “happy animals” are “gently transported” and treated “humanely”.
Because that makes the conscience easier.

Organic attitude

The reality: breeding sows in the crate, lethargic calves without mothers and far and wide no green meadow.
Tethered dairy cows, fattening pigs in defecated stalls, “organic chickens” that are just as torn as their female companions in barn housing.

Meat, milk and egg producers here in Germany who, under the eyes of the “German Animal Welfare Association”, are committed to “animal welfare”, “limits” animal husbandry in the affiliated companies to a “manageable” 10,000 (!) laying hens 6000 broiler chickens, 2000 broiler ducks, geese and turkeys per farm, as well as 650 fattening pigs or 500 fattening pigs plus associated breeding sows.

Organic attitude

A fattening pig weighing 100 kg does not become “happier” because it is given 2.3 square meters of space as a so-called “organic pig” instead of 0.65 square meters (“conventional husbandry”).

Such an “organic pig” also has no right to actual free run in the country and, like its conspecifics in the “conventional husbandry”, usually never sees a meadow.

“Eco” and “Bio” are not a happy pig that can splash around in the water to their heart’s content.

“Eco” and “organic” deceives and simulates a healthy world of livestock that does not exist.

Organic attitude

What is the meaning and purpose of “organic” then?

The same sense and purpose that Rip and fraudulent labeling always has: to calm the conscience of the consumer and to pull double and triple the money out of his pocket.
Not more.

Conclusion: “Bio” = cruelty to animals, a huge consumer deception and easy game for the criminal companies who like to cavort under the same dirty blanket with the ministries of agriculture.

We forgot another winner: an organization that loudly claims to be one for animal rights, but turns out to be nothing other than the loudspeaker of the food mafia.

In order to be an ethical and decent human being, one must be vegan. There is no gray area here. You are either vegan or you are complicit in the war on animals.

Even WWF must know that too!

Venus Reichenbach

3 thoughts on “How WWF becomes a traitor to the animals”

  1. It’s similar with so-called Compassion in World Farming, so-called American Humane, etc. There’s nothing compassionate or humane about consuming animals!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Many of these “welfare” organizations absolutely rely/depend upon animals suffering to continue getting money from “concerned” ppl who don’t want to change their violent ways either. CIWF was started by a “small farmer” whose profits were being eaten by big anag, it wasn’t started on any principle concerned with animals, that’s just the spin. It has always been about making money from animals. Indeed, on the CIWF website, they actually promote who can be consumed (“veal” for one).


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