Sea Shepherd clean up garbage from human animals

4.4 tons- 8 people- 5 days

Australia: During the Cocos Keeling Island clean-up on Home Island, our “Trash Bash Crew” ventured beyond Pulu Gangsa and tackled new stretches of beach towards Kampong Atas.
During the three-day cleaning of this stretch of beach, the team removed 2,719 kilograms of plastic waste.

Most of the time, styrofoam, flip-flops, plastic bottles, threads, hard plastic pieces and large discarded suspension lines were removed.

When the team walked along the cleaned beaches at the end, they were all proud of their successful work: they had collected a total of 4.4 tons of rubbish on Home Island within 5 days.

4.4 tons of garbage that no longer poses a threat to the turtles, hermit crabs, rays, sharks and fish that the team observed during their time on this special island.

An indescribable reward for those tough days, carrying heavy trash (376 bags plus ropes and nets), and some of the harshest weather conditions we’ve encountered while doing a cleanup.

And my neighbor grumbles about the dog shit that can sometimes be found on the trail.
As if humans weren’t the most harmful animal on the planet, but the dogs!

We sincerely thank the Sea Shepherd activists

My best regards to all, Venus

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