38509 From Stacey. Disturbing but True.

Thanks as always to Stacey at ‘Out Compass’ for sharing.

Regards Mark

38509 by Stacey

Source Pathless Pilgrim, Medium

I don’t normally do this, but I need to start this post with a WARNING.

The shocking viral video I’m about to share is harrowing to watch. It shows upsetting scenes of violence, cruelty and abuse towards vulnerable animals.

However, I believe it must be watched. I believe it must be shared and viewed by as many people as possible in order to expose the horrific cruelty which is inherent within the animal agriculture industry all over the world. Because, as terrible as this footage is, what is most upsetting is that these are not isolated incidents. Thousands of hours of undercover footage from hundreds of random farms and abattoirs in dozens of countries show that this kind of abuse is inherent throughout the industry. Animal agriculture is rotten to its core and this video shows why. I know how hard it is to watch but I beg you to watch it if you can and to share it with as many people as possible, because we can only tackle this abuse if we are aware of it.

After the video, I’ll drop a link so you can take action to help stop this abuse. For the animals in this footage it is too late, but with your help we can prevent millions more from suffering the same fate. So for now, please set aside a few minutes, brace yourself, and prepare to expose these horrors to the world… Once you’ve watched the video, there are three things I want you to do: Share this page like crazy with everyone you can think of — this cruelty needs to be exposedIf you’re not already vegan, take the 22 Day Vegan Challenge — this horror show will only stop when we stop paying for it.

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