It is not only a victim…




Stier und glotzende Arschlöcher


The crowd looks around, a bunch of bloodthirsty idiots gather around the one, as the rules of cowardice demand.

The victim, alone, as always, alone against the barbarian mob and its weapons to facilitate tracing, surrounding and impaling.

It is a recognized crime. It is a legal lynching and is therefore called tradition.

Is that only a photo with a victim? No! it is an exemplary sacrifice of morality!

Because on this day, the day of execution, there will be corpses of compassion, ethics and progress on the street.

After all, the bull, like all bulls, is not killed by steel, but by the cruelty of the executioners, by the madness of those who have given them power, and by the dulling of a society that makes it possible.

Maybe one day the same mob will remember this day with horror, and under dignified governments we will call it by its real name – a murder.
To this day, we will fight for the abolition of one of the most barbaric acts of human cruelty.


Regards, Venus


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