Murder as a delicacy!!




First case of a killed blue whale for 40 years

It is controversial, cruel and forbidden – and yet they did it: Icelandic whalers killed and slaughtered a blue whale. This is reported by the US environmental organization “Sea Shepherd”. Blue whales are threatened with extinction, killing them is strictly prohibited. The outrageous incident is the first in 40 years.
Blue whale hunting has been banned since 1986!



Here the whale is brought ashore, slaughtered and dissected (Photos: Sea Shepard, Hart to Port)

It came into the public eye because volunteers of the environmentalists made videos and pictures of how the whale was dragged to the factory of the company “Hvalur” where it was killed and disassembled.

Blue Whales are the biggest animals of our planet. They grow up to 30 meters long and are threatened with extinction. Worldwide there are estimated to be only 10,000 to 25,000 animals. The hunt for the animals has been banned since 1986.
The hunt for a blue whale 40 years ago was the last to be proven, reports the World Conservation Union IUCN, an international non-governmental organization and umbrella organization of numerous international governmental and non-governmental organizations based in Switzerland.



blauwal-vor-island-getoetet-und-geschlachtet-grausame prozedurjpg

Here the cruel procedure takes its course.


Industrial whaling dramatically reduced stocks of large whales in the first half of the 20th century. Many species have been or are threatened with extinction.


The whalers do not seem to be aware of any guilt.

Despite growing international criticism whales are still hunted, their meat is considered a delicacy in some countries such as Japan. Whaling is today only operated by a few states.


Yes! it is and remains a murder.
And this murder is practiced every day on millions of living beings. All over!!
Because the animal with the two legs, the human animal, despite evolution, despite civilization, regards culinary satisfaction as the highest level of its species development, that makes him an icy killer.
If one – because of education or conviction – can enjoy and eat the body of an animal, though one is well informed about its suffering and torture processes, we speak of a moral problem.

Best regards, Venus

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