Day: August 1, 2018

Massacre as folk festival!




Like every year, the fast boats circled like precision weapons on innocent suckling animals, on whales, in the Danish islands of Faroe Islands. And begins a senseless massacre!

You hear and read often that the “Grind” belongs to culture and tradition, and that this massacre in the Faroe Islands is a very old affair.


Faröer Schlachtjpg

While most of the islanders apply the stupid food-buying argument to this massacre, there are also some others, much more honest, who openly acknowledge that they took part in the grind because they found it exciting. They said that the Grind gives people the opportunity to interrupt their daily routine and meet friends and neighbors (according to reports from a She Shepard activist).

Faröer Schlacht mit Sea Shepart Aktivistjpg

From press reports we learn too, that … “The event happens whenever a group of whale’s swims near the archipelago and is noticed by the islanders. From that moment on, it becomes something that puts the 50,000 Faroese peoples into the state of frenzy. Hunters, while using a traditional hook to cut the whales open, turn the bay waters into red”…

Tötungswerkzeuge für Walen.jpg

And even though this criminal act is being condemned by the whole world, the Föräer hunters (the passionate swimmers in blood) keep on this brutal slaughter, and sell it as a “cultural heritage” to the “handful” of tourists they meet.

kinder sitzen auf Walenjpg

I find it horrific, when people massacre hundreds of sentient beings to find a change from their dull everyday life.

Because, this “culture event” has no other meaning!!

My best regards to all, Venus