Day: August 27, 2018

Australia: Note The Date – Make This The Biggest Human Chain Against Live Exports.


human chain aus

In just six weeks, we hope to see the most people we have ever seen on Fremantle’s Stirling Bridge for our eighth annual Human Chain event.

               SUNDAY 7 OCTOBER AT 10.45 AM

Back in 2012, after the events that took place and were exposed in Indonesia in 2011, the public rallied to our second Human Chain in droves, and we had 1,200 people attend. Sadly, the numbers keep dropping as people get complacent or lose hope. Last year we had “only” 600-700 people 😦

This year we MUST make it HUGE again.

Yes – Emanuel Exports have lost their licence, and that does include their subsidiary company EMS Rural Exports, but they are appealing that decision, and their Kuwaiti shipping agent Kuwait Livestock Transport and Trading (KLTT) has applied for a licence to carry on their dirty work. We also know that the second largest exporter of live sheep, Livestock Shipping Services (LSS) is buying up sheep as I type, readying to try to send a shipment in September.

BUT WE HAVE NEVER BEEN CLOSER! And we must use this political momentum to our advantage and keep the pressure on. We have never seen any Liberal MPs speak out against the trade, now we have at least three who were ready to cross the floor to see a Bill to end the live sheep trade passed.

The Labor Party, which has always supported the trade, has committed to end at least, the live sheep trade.

Animals Australia is threatening to seek an injunction against any permits being issued to ship sheep by sea, to the Middle East during the months of May to October.

Hinch and Rhiannon have a Bill ready to go for the Senate, and the numbers suggest it WILL pass!


PLEASE be at Stop Live Exports’ HUMAN CHAIN on Sunday 7 October, no later than 10.45 AM.

WEAR BLACK, and please DOWNLOAD print off and wear your “I AM A ________  STILL OPPOSED TO LIVE EXPORT” sign.

live ex ship


Australia: Abattoir Workers Drown Pigs In Boiling Water And Aggressively Throw Sheep Around On Killing Floor.


Horrifying footage shows abattoir workers drowning pigs in boiling water and aggressively throwing sheep around slaughterhouse

  • Shocking video footage has emerged from inside a South Australian abattoir 
  • Workers are captured killing the animals in inhumane ways
  • Pigs and sheep are poorly stunned and pigs drown to death in their own blood
  • The video from Strath Meats abattoir was obtained by anonymous activists 

Click on the link below between photographs to enable video access.

aus slaughter drown

watch the video


aus slaughter 2



Again criminals at work!




I received this petition today:

Dear friends of the rainforest,

Indonesia is trying a dirty deal with the EU. “We buy Airbus aircraft only if they fly with our palm oil”, so you can bring the demand to the point.


Zerstörung des regenwaldes


Indonesia’s Trade Minister Lukita demands that the EU support the production of palm oil gasoline. More importantly, the aircraft should be designed to fill up with palm oil kerosene. These are the conditions for the purchase of Airbus jets – or its US competitor Boeing.

“This is again a crude attempt to put the EU under pressure,” says Reinhard Behrend, chairman of Save the Rainforest e.V. The Minister apparently wanted to boost the sale of palm oil by all means.

“Palm oil is a major cause of rainforest destruction. Millions of people and animals are displaced, “says Reinhard Behrend:” The EU must not buckle in the interests of the aviation industry and put back on palm oil to secure the sale of aircraft. ”


Affe, der aus Regenwald getrieben wird


The background to this is that the EU Commission has decided to phase out palm oil for biofuel in 2030. After years of campaigning, the Commission appears to be beginning to realize that the biofuel policy has failed, with the 2030 deadline far too long. Indonesia insists at the same time on the environmentally harmful, non-future-proof technology and wants to enforce the environmental killer biokerosene in air traffic.

The EU is currently negotiating a free trade agreement with Indonesia. Palm oil plays a central role in this. Indonesia is the main producer of palm oil and the EU is an important market.

We demand: There must be no free trade for palm oil!

Please sign our petition.



We do not need to mention again the catastrophic effects that the deforestation of the rain  forests cause because of palm oil.
For humans and animals, for the ecosystem, for nature, for the future of all of us and our children, we have the responsibility to stop it.
We have to try by all means.

Please pay close attention to which products you buy in the supermarket.
Pay close attention to the ingredients, and where it says “Palm oil” don`t  buy the product.
It takes time and patience to find something without palm oil, I know, it’s the same with me, but that’s what the criminal destruction industry of tropical forests wants: that we lose our nerve, patience, lack of courage.
We, who want to preserve life and its future, must remain consistent and active.



My best regards to all


England: Abusing Sheep Shearers To Now Face Criminal Charges ?



Regarding our recent post on UK sheep shearers abusing sheep:

Now, and quite rightly; it seems that these same people could be facing criminal charges; something which we welcome.


Read the full article here:

The RSPCA is considering whether to prosecute after an undercover investigation revealed horrific cruelty and abuse behind the scenes as sheep were sheared on British farms.

Animals could be seen writhing in agony as they were violently hit, punched and stamped on, and had their limbs twisted.

sheep rule

India: Some More Great Videos From AAU. Sad Starts But Always Great Endings.


animal aid unlimited india

animal aid unlimited new header.


Rescue of heart-broken dog dying alone in sewage

We got a call on our helpline that a dog was lying in sewage water and that he couldn’t move. Our rescuers found a skeletal dog with flies swarming around his eyes, disoriented and very near dying. We didn’t have any information about what had caused him to be so close to death, so we rushed to stabilize him and hoped that he would recover, believing we were giving comfort and a last chance to a dog who very likely would not survive. But Shyam was determined and showed us that he was not ready to go!

Please donate today for street animals waiting for a miracle


Car accident victim learns to walk again

After being hit by a car, this little sweetheart collapsed in a factory, and might never have walked again but for receiving weeks of hydrotherapy, and massage. The pain caused him to take tender little footsteps with an arched back and stressed brow. But this little wonder of a puppy came oh so good–and his sunny disposition forged his name in all our hearts: Sunny.

Please donate to relieve someone’s pain today.

donations 3


Calf slowly choking from embedded rope rescued

We found beautiful little Jimmy with a rope tied around his neck cutting into his flesh and as he grew, he was slowly choking to death. Born in a Dairy, he was abandoned because he was a boy who could not be used for milk.  Neighbors didn’t see that the rope was buried in his skin until the wound became huge. After 6 weeks of daily treatment, Jimmy nestled into the warmth of the other cows and the people who cared for him.

Please donate to help rescue animals from pain.


Starving street puppy’s beautiful transformation

Buttons is his name–because his eyes are like black buttons and they are almost the only way you’ll be able to see that the frolicking lad at the end of this video is the same shattered little someone when he was found laying in factory trash. Rescues like his make us realize how much energy and life stir within the profoundly emaciated frames of some of the animals most devastated by the curable condition of mange. Let’s keep curing it.

Please donate for street animal rescue. Someone precious is waiting.


Sad little puppy with mange in need of urgent help rescued

This little guy’s sheer confusion and a hysterical level of itchiness made this tragedy particularly heartbreaking. He had been deprived of the life of play and happiness every puppy needs and deserves. But the sweet little tyke who had gone into his shell of hurting simply thrived with treatment Watch what the happiest healing looks like now…in darling Jamie.

Please donate for sweethearts who need to be saved today.

donations 3

Please donate if you can – thank you.

The slaves in modern society!



The beginning of the slavery of the human species was in 1444, when the first Africans were deported to Portugal to exploit their labor power.
In the following centuries, until the 19th century, Europeans exploited some twenty million Africans.
They were kidnapped from their villages and their homeland, they were sent to North America or brought to other ports for eight weeks by ship.


Sklaventransport.5jpgSchafen Transporte

They were chained on board, huddled together and dumped overboard when they got sick or had problems. They were sold in markets to white slave traders, they were just considered goods.

In the 1960s, the civil rights movement in the US began to make an important progress for people’s rights and was a decisive blow against apartheid.
Interestingly, when the United States ended slavery in 1865, every freed slave not only got a piece of earth, but also a donkey as a slave!!
Animals are until this day the “legal” slaves of the world.





Because humans beings have a self-interest (but also an advantage) in taking on the role of the oppressor, the abolition of animal slavery seems to be a task that is not as simple as it was the abolition of human slavery.
Moreover, animals can not express themselves and their desire for freedom, life, joy and hapiness  in our language, wich was possible for the human slaves.
That is why today we often hear the phrase “many peoples have been treated as animals” as if torture, exploitation, sadism, mass murder would be acceptable if the victims were “only” animals.


bild mit Sklaven 1Angeketteter Stier


Animals are therefore today the Lawless, they are the modern slaves.
And to understand this analogy between human slavery and animal slavery seems to be an enormously difficult task, because humans are far from recognizing animals’ full moral status and granting fundamental rights.
Rights that all living beings have.

And above all the right to life, the right to be free from slavery, torture, suffering.


Äffin und Indianerin mit toten Kindern_n

The robbery of the homeland, the chains, the months of ship transport, the brand on their body, the sale to auction markets, the brawl.. all of that belonged to the life and everyday life of the erstwhile human slaves.
People have freed themselves.

Animals remain the victims, the slaves of modern society. All over the world.
The animal liberation is and remains the mission of the animal rights movement.

This is our mission!

My best regards to all, Venus