India: Some More Great Videos From AAU. Sad Starts But Always Great Endings.


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Rescue of heart-broken dog dying alone in sewage

We got a call on our helpline that a dog was lying in sewage water and that he couldn’t move. Our rescuers found a skeletal dog with flies swarming around his eyes, disoriented and very near dying. We didn’t have any information about what had caused him to be so close to death, so we rushed to stabilize him and hoped that he would recover, believing we were giving comfort and a last chance to a dog who very likely would not survive. But Shyam was determined and showed us that he was not ready to go!

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Car accident victim learns to walk again

After being hit by a car, this little sweetheart collapsed in a factory, and might never have walked again but for receiving weeks of hydrotherapy, and massage. The pain caused him to take tender little footsteps with an arched back and stressed brow. But this little wonder of a puppy came oh so good–and his sunny disposition forged his name in all our hearts: Sunny.

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Calf slowly choking from embedded rope rescued

We found beautiful little Jimmy with a rope tied around his neck cutting into his flesh and as he grew, he was slowly choking to death. Born in a Dairy, he was abandoned because he was a boy who could not be used for milk.  Neighbors didn’t see that the rope was buried in his skin until the wound became huge. After 6 weeks of daily treatment, Jimmy nestled into the warmth of the other cows and the people who cared for him.

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Starving street puppy’s beautiful transformation

Buttons is his name–because his eyes are like black buttons and they are almost the only way you’ll be able to see that the frolicking lad at the end of this video is the same shattered little someone when he was found laying in factory trash. Rescues like his make us realize how much energy and life stir within the profoundly emaciated frames of some of the animals most devastated by the curable condition of mange. Let’s keep curing it.

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Sad little puppy with mange in need of urgent help rescued

This little guy’s sheer confusion and a hysterical level of itchiness made this tragedy particularly heartbreaking. He had been deprived of the life of play and happiness every puppy needs and deserves. But the sweet little tyke who had gone into his shell of hurting simply thrived with treatment Watch what the happiest healing looks like now…in darling Jamie.

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