Day: August 18, 2018

USA: After 17 Days Holding Her Dead Calf Above Water, Orca Tahlequah Returns To Her Pod. Take Action Against Trump For Failing To Provide Her With Protection.



Hi Mark,

After 17 painful days, a Southern Resident orca named Tahlequah has rejoined her pod. It’s a sign of hope for her survival after she spent more than two weeks using her diminishing strength to hold her dead calf above water.

It’s for Tahlequah and the other 74 West Coast orcas that we just sued the Trump administration.

Please give to the Trump Resistance Fund so we have the funds needed to see this fight through. All gifts till the end of August will be matched.

It’s impossible to imagine the cool waters of the Pacific Northwest without these beautiful, social whales. But that reality could be just years away if we don’t act swiftly — they’re among the most gravely imperiled animals on the planet. Because of a lack of food, no new calves from Tahlequah’s pod have survived since 2015.

That’s why the Center’s new lawsuit targets the Trump administration for dragging its feet on protecting the critical habitat West Coast orcas need to survive.

And it’s why we launched another legal action earlier this month to give these imperiled whales safe harbor from underwater noise that muffles the sonar they use to communicate and find food.

Support these lifesaving actions and secure a future for West Coast orcas. Please give an urgent matched gift to the Center’s Trump Resistance Fund.

Just as the news broke about Tahlequah’s devastating loss late last month, Trump and congressional Republicans launched an unprecedented attack on the Endangered Species Act.

Trump and other far-right politicians are determined to make it harder to designate critical habitat for endangered creatures like these magnificent orcas. Without protected habitat, without enough food to eat, these whales could be extinct in a matter of years.

We can’t let that happen.

For these intelligent, family-oriented mammals, there isn’t a moment to lose.

Please give now to double your gift to our Trump Resistance Fund.

For the wild,


Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity

P.S. We’re fighting for endangered species day in, day out. The best way to support that fight is by joining Wild Uprising and starting an automatic monthly donation.

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Take Action For Mohair Industry Goat Suffering.


We must not let the mohair industry cause goats such suffering!

The labels on jumpers, hats, and other items made with mohair don’t mention the absolute terror of an angora goat kid violently shorn for the first time or reveal that workers plunge live goats into tanks of cleaning solution.

The mohair industry doesn’t think you’ll ever find out that shearers handle goats so roughly that the animals sustain cuts to their faces and necks – or that workers sometimes remove hair from the rotting corpses of dead goats. It assumes you’ll never discover that thousands of goats will succumb to exposure or predator attacks this year – or hear about the backyard slaughter operations where animals will be viciously butchered with dull knives.

All this suffering is woven into all those mohair jumpers and balls of yarn – and PETA is determined to end it.

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PETA’s first-of-its-kind exposé of the South African mohair industry has pulled away the veil, informing millions of unsuspecting consumers about this cruelty. Nearly 300 brands have committed to banning mohair – and the list is still growing every day.

Now, some in the fashion industry are fearful that they’ll soon have to change their dirty habits – so they’re trying to downplay the evidence in PETA’s exposé. They want to keep profiting from the exploitation of gentle, vulnerable goats rather than using the animal-friendly materials that compassionate consumers demand.

We must fight back against these groups, and we need you with us. Will you make a donation right now to help PETA expose – and stop – the abuse of goats and other animals?

PETA and our international affiliates are a force to be reckoned with. We’ve persuaded major designers and retailers to go fur-free, called on large fashion shows to ditch leather and other animal-derived materials, and exposed the intense suffering of animals. And since clothing giants from H&M to Zara are banning mohair as a result of our exposé, the abusive mohair industry may be doomed.

But right now, our opponents are determined to continue their cruel business as usual, and we can’t let that happen! Please strengthen PETA’s vital work for goats and other animals by donating generously today.

Thank you for your compassion.

Kind regards,
Ingrid E Newkirk

Canada: Acts To Ban 2 Major Bee Killing Neonicotinoid Pesticides.

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On Wednesday, Canada announced that it will ban two major bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides.

This means that the most commonly used bee-killing neonics will be off Canada’s fields!

This victory was all because of members like you and the bee-loving organizations that have been working tirelessly to stamp out bee-killing pesticides on our fields.

Since the start of the campaign to save the bees in Canada four years ago, hundreds of thousands of you have signed petitions and chipped in to support in-person actions all around the world.

SumOfUs members living in Canada were responsible for a record-breaking number of public comments calling for a ban on neonic imidacloprid. And just a few months ago 20,000 of you signed the petition calling for a ban on the major bee-killing neonics in Canada.

Your hard work paid off! This week’s victory could not have happened if not for your continued support throughout the campaign.

Help spread the good news about your people-powered win by sharing this news!

But the fight to save the bees isn’t over.

Canada’s ban won’t come into effect for another three to five years. You can be sure big pesticide corporations Bayer and Syngenta will be working hard to overturn the ban by any means necessary — and they have a track record of using dirty tactics, like their lawsuits in Europe, to do this.

Bayer and Syngenta will also be busy in their labs testing new pesticides to replace their bee-killing products before the ban is in place.

Together, we need to put pressure on Health Canada to enforce this ban more quickly. Both France and the EU have neonic bans coming into effect this year — and we shouldn’t have to wait a whopping three to five years for Canada’s restrictions to be enforced.

That’s why we’re going to continue to fight to call for a complete ban on all bee-killing pesticides. And the sooner we can get the ban, the more bees can be saved. But we need your continued support.

Can you chip in £24 to make sure we beat the pesticides industry as soon as possible?

Donating just takes a moment – use Paypal or your card.

Yes, I will chip in £24 to help secure a complete victory to save the bees in Canada!

Thanks for all that you do,
Angus, Rebecca, Wiebke, Amelia and the team at SumOfUs


More Information:

Canada to phase out most uses of pesticides linked to bee deaths, Globe and Mail, 15 August 2018

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USA: California Burns; Yet Nestle Continue To Draw Millions of Gallons of Water Illegally – All For Profit.




One of California’s wildfires has just been declared the ‘largest in state’s history’, with thousands of firefighters struggling to bring an area bigger than New York state under control.

The drought-stricken state has had the worst start to the fire season in a decade. Yet Nestlé continues to draws millions of gallons of water illegally from the San Bernardino National Forest — and sells it for millions in profits

The California Water Board has directed Nestlé to limit its water-taking to what it is legally permitted to draw. Instead, Nestlé is taking almost 10 times that amount — often over 60 million gallons a year.

The Water Board has the power to enforce its directive and stop Nestlé’s illegal water grab. And it opposes Nestlé just as much as we do. A huge wave of support for the Water Board right now could be what it needs to finally stop Nestlé from stealing California’s precious water.

Tell the California Water Board to stop Nestlé’s illegal water grab in California.

For all the water Nestlé takes from the San Bernardino National Forest it pays a laughable $624 a year. Then it sells the water for millions in profit — while sucking the state dry.

This water is critical for Strawberry Creek — home to 71 species of threatened wildlife — which is running ever drier as Nestlé steals the water for its own greedy profiteering.

California’s wildfires are getting worse every year and are compounded by the dry conditions killing off large amounts of vegetation. California’s water is a precious resource that helps to mitigate the effects of drought and wildfire and must be protected not stolen by multi-billion dollar corporation.

Tell the Water Board to stop letting Nestlé suck California dry.

SumOfUs has been fighting Nestlé – and winning. Earlier this year, when Nestlé sued a small township in Michigan, thousands of SumOfUs members like you chipped in and raised $50,000 USD so the township could fight for its water. Together we have the power to take on greedy corporations like Nestlé and protect our water for future generations.

 Sign the Petition 

Thanks for all that you do,
Amelia, Angus and the team at SumOfUs