Canada: Acts To Ban 2 Major Bee Killing Neonicotinoid Pesticides.

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On Wednesday, Canada announced that it will ban two major bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides.

This means that the most commonly used bee-killing neonics will be off Canada’s fields!

This victory was all because of members like you and the bee-loving organizations that have been working tirelessly to stamp out bee-killing pesticides on our fields.

Since the start of the campaign to save the bees in Canada four years ago, hundreds of thousands of you have signed petitions and chipped in to support in-person actions all around the world.

SumOfUs members living in Canada were responsible for a record-breaking number of public comments calling for a ban on neonic imidacloprid. And just a few months ago 20,000 of you signed the petition calling for a ban on the major bee-killing neonics in Canada.

Your hard work paid off! This week’s victory could not have happened if not for your continued support throughout the campaign.

Help spread the good news about your people-powered win by sharing this news!

But the fight to save the bees isn’t over.

Canada’s ban won’t come into effect for another three to five years. You can be sure big pesticide corporations Bayer and Syngenta will be working hard to overturn the ban by any means necessary — and they have a track record of using dirty tactics, like their lawsuits in Europe, to do this.

Bayer and Syngenta will also be busy in their labs testing new pesticides to replace their bee-killing products before the ban is in place.

Together, we need to put pressure on Health Canada to enforce this ban more quickly. Both France and the EU have neonic bans coming into effect this year — and we shouldn’t have to wait a whopping three to five years for Canada’s restrictions to be enforced.

That’s why we’re going to continue to fight to call for a complete ban on all bee-killing pesticides. And the sooner we can get the ban, the more bees can be saved. But we need your continued support.

Can you chip in £24 to make sure we beat the pesticides industry as soon as possible?

Donating just takes a moment – use Paypal or your card.

Yes, I will chip in £24 to help secure a complete victory to save the bees in Canada!

Thanks for all that you do,
Angus, Rebecca, Wiebke, Amelia and the team at SumOfUs


More Information:

Canada to phase out most uses of pesticides linked to bee deaths, Globe and Mail, 15 August 2018

bees win monsanto

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