Day: August 17, 2018

USA: Visit To Learn More About The Asian Dog Meat Trade.


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We have kindly been contacted by Olivia Williams – Editor
–  in the USA regarding an excellent post on the ugly truth of the dog meat trade in the Far East.

If you click on the following link you should be given access to the article – ‘the ugly truth behind the dog meat trade’.

Please check it out and gather more info on the Asian dog meat trade.

Please take time out to view all the rest of the site, which we know you will find interesting.

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The Best Veggie and Vegan Eating Places In The World.


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  1. Wild Food – in Granada, Spain
  2. Grassroots Health – in Edinburgh, Scotland
  3. AtayaCaffe – in Berlin, Germany
  4. The Butcher’s Son – in Berkeley, California
  5. Dosa Bar – in Tel Aviv, Israel
  6. Piante Pizzeria – in Breckenridge, Colorado
  7. Vegan Beat – in Athens, Greece
  8. Veganeats Caffe – in Lisbon, Portugal
  9. PickyWops – Fulham – in South West London, England
  10. Arashiyama-kan – in Kyoto, Japan
  11. Plant – in Asheville, North Carolina
  12. Hoi Banh My Chay – Food Stall – in Hoi An, Vietnam
  13. T’s Tantan – Tokyo Station – in Tokyo, Japan
  14. The Cheeze Factory Restaurant – in Baraboo, Wisconsin
  15. Reform Kafe – in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  16. Urban Orchard – temporarily closed – in Madrid, Spain
  17. La Tecia Vegana – in Venice, Italy
  18. The Wala Room – in Torremolinos, Spain
  19. All Chay – in Salt Lake City, Utah
  20. Comet 984 – 50’s Diner – in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
  21. Cafe Thrive – in Southampton, England
  22. Dall’Albero – in Rome, Italy
  23. Sova Vegan Butcher – in Dublin, Ireland
  24. What The Pitta – Shoreditch – in East London, England
  25. Vegab – Starowiślna – in Krakow, Poland
  26. Caju – in Nice, France
  27. Ao 26 – Vegan Food Project – in Lisbon, Portugal
  28. Sweet Theory Baking Co. – in Jacksonville, Florida
  29. Offbeet – in Wickham, England
  30. The Vurger – Calle Quart – in Valencia, Spain
  31. Ma Ma Wok – in Charlotte, North Carolina
  32. My Vegan Sweet Tooth – in Virginia Beach, Virginia
  33. Bamboo Vegan Mini Market and Cafe – in Athens, Greece
  34. Arvore do Mundo – in Porto, Portugal
  35. Gnome Cafe – in Charleston, South Carolina
  36. Lime Bistro – in Athens, Greece
  37. Spiral Diner & Bakery – in Fort Worth, Texas
  38. Gioia Plant-Based Cuisine – in Marbella, Spain
  39. Chef Tanya’s Kitchen – in Palm Springs, California
  40. Peloton Supershop – in Bali, Indonesia
  41. Phuc Quang Chay – in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  42. Zad’s – in Manchester, England
  43. Berben and Wolff’s Vegan Delicatessen – in Albany, New York
  44. GustaV – in Salzburg, Austria
  45. Le Corail at Latifa – in Essaouira, Morocco
  46. The Pitted Date – in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
  47. The V Factor – in Lanzarote, Canary Islands
  48. Morpho Cafe – in Kyoto, Japan
  49. Vegan Junk Food Bar – Staringplein – in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  50. Purezza – in Brighton, England
  51. Green Point – in Cusco, Peru
  52. Veggie House – in Las Vegas, Nevada
  53. Simply Green Cafe – in Ramsey, New Jersey
  54. Portershed – in Christchurch, New Zealand
  55. Virtuous Pie – Main St – in Vancouver, British Columbia
  56. Trivoli Vegan Kafeneio – in Athens, Greece
  57. Dona Flor Cafe – in Lisbon, Portugal
  58. Falafel Corner – in Coventry, England
  59. Anastasia – in Tel Aviv, Israel
  60. La Palanche d’Aulac – in Paris, France
  61. Picnic – in Glasgow, Scotland
  62. Edamame Vegan Sushi – in Warsaw, Poland
  63. Ain Soph.Ripple – in Tokyo, Japan
  64. Vegana By Tentugal – in Porto, Portugal
  65. El Vergel Veggie Restaurant – in Tarragona, Spain
  66. Men Impossible – in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  67. Thuc Duong Bao An – Bao An Macrobiotic – in Da Nang, Vietnam
  68. Cheeky Yam – in Cairns, Queensland
  69. Momencik – in Warsaw, Poland
  70. Avo – in Nashville, Tennessee
  71. Bonita Cafe and Social Club – in Bangkok, Thailand
  72. Brammibal’s Donuts – Maybachufer – in Berlin, Germany
  73. Balans Bistro – in Bratislava, Slovakia
  74. Spiral Diner and Bakery – in Dallas, Texas
  75. The Very Good Butchers – in Victoria, British Columbia
  76. Mitasie 3 – in Huntington Beach, California
  77. Fox & Fig – in Savannah, Georgia
  78. Tasty Vegan – Seminyak – in Bali, Indonesia
  79. Peas – in Athens, Greece
  80. Plant Power Food – in Copenhagen, Denmark
  81. The Greyhound Cafe – in Malvern, Pennsylvania


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An Insight Into Vivisection.


Vivisection has been defined as “The act of cutting into or dissecting the body of a living animal, especially for scientific research.” (The word is derived from the Latin, vivus, for alive, and the English section, which means cut). The term has come to mean any harmful or invasive technique used on animals in experimentation or dissection.


Failure of the Animal Model

The Issue

The use of animals as stand-ins for humans can give rise to misleading results because of the intrinsic differences between humans and other species. Human disease and human response to drugs and other chemicals should be studied in human-relevant systems.


Animals Used in Product Testing

The Issue

Each year, millions of animals are used to measure the safety of household and personal care products. These toxicity tests were developed in the early 1900s and have been criticized for their extreme cruelty and inability to provide reliable data that can be extrapolated to humans.


Animals Used in Cosmetics Testing

The Issue

People trust that the cosmetics and personal care products that they purchase are safe for all their family members, including their companion animals, but object to the use of animals in toxicity testing to assess the safety of these products and their ingredients. Polls have shown that most consumers would prefer to use products from companies that do not test on animals. And innovative alternative testing methods are now available that are more humane, faster, less expensive and better able to predict how these products will affect people. Despite this, the use of animals to test the safety of cosmetics continues in the U.S. and throughout the world.


Animals Used in Research

The Issue

Despite the inherent limitations with the animal model and advances made in technology, it is estimated that over 100 million animals are used every year by the research industry, which includes universities, pharmaceutical and diagnostic laboratories, as well as military, agricultural and marine mammal facilities.