Day: August 30, 2018

Switzerland: referendum on hunting!




In the canton of Zurich, a vote will be taken on 23.9.2018 on the initiative “Gamekeeper instead of hunters”!

Because killing should not be a hobby!


Jäger im Hochsitz


The initiative briefly explained:

“Today’s hunting is counterproductive!

Due to the intensive hunting of the wild animals their fertility increases, as the animals become sexually mature due to the hunting pressure. This leads to an inventory increase. Hunters cite this artificially generated increase in wildlife populations as a justification for killing wildlife.

Experience and studies have shown that wildlife is largely self-regulated even without hunting (Wild Sanctuary City of Zurich, Canton of Geneva, Luxembourg with ban on fox hunting). In the canton of Geneva, the hunt was replaced in 1974 by a plebiscite in a referendum that proved its worth. This model is to be introduced by the initiative in the canton of Zurich.

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